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you have thought about antworten

> "Say you are a wooden club, did you wrong!" Raymond right Ping Longjiang scoff, ridicule, said: "What is the meaning clappers you know? In the northeast, clappers a mean ginseng, there is a meaning that refers to you such a person! "" two goods! "Raymond's not loud, but everyone in the room heard in the ears, but also hear please clearly! "You, you actually dare me?!" Ping Longjiang beard angry glare, of course, Ping Longjiang is no beard, so only do glare, but the tone was already tremble slightly, apparently by Raymond this sentence gas Debu light! You can not get angry? Being scolded himself pointed nose wooden club, but also the presence of so many colleagues in front, which can be is the Khmer ★ ★ bare naked on her face up! "Say you are a wooden club, really did not wrong you! I have been scolded Ma Wan, and what you say dare? You say you are not two goods, what you are?!" For such people, it is Raymond I could not get a little mercy, in Germany's interest under the mouth, hands constantly needling tactics, also kept his mouth said. Raymond Feng Longjiang is trembling with anger, since the Ping Longjiang became director of acupuncture after what time been subjected to such humiliation? Even when talking to the President and Feng Longjiang, are very particular about the strategy, but not so red ★ ★ bare naked mouth shout! People an excited, shaking the whole body would tense, sympathetic will be excited, blood pressure will rise, the heart rate will be faster, increased catecholamine release, this time it is easy to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as cerebral hemorrhage or something. Fortunately, Feng Longjiang not yet have reached such a point, so do not worry Raymond, if the Ping Longjiang gas coming out of a good and bad, but also the distraction to rescue Ping Longjiang! Have to say, sometimes, Raymond's mind is very evil! Raymond Raymond was angry without shivering Ping Longjiang, self-serving interface, said: "Acupuncture is our ancestors passed down the art of magic, through the stimulation of the body's meridians constantly walk the line and various acupuncture points to achieve the purpose of treating disease! This is so far the only study out Huaxia Guo ancestors, reached our hands, we are not only no longer continue to study, to flourish, to understand why and then walk the line and acupuncture meridians acupuncture treatment can be carried out on saving lives, and even Even our ancestors left behind to this point almost lost everything clean! Do we have enough shame of it? "Raymond said these words are directed Ping Longjiang, it is actually directed at the presence of these experts and professors say. Raymond is not a CD or CD West argumentative theory of Chinese medicine who appears in Raymond, director of Chinese and Western medicine offers, with Chiaki, there are some diseases that good governance can only Western medicine, Chinese medicine treatment, it becomes powerless. And there are some diseases, it is only medicine to heal, doctors can treat even the moment, after a while will repeat. All in all, only in the Western complementary means in order to play the best cure! All along, Raymond also do so! But, not everyone is the same as Raymond hearts capable of Medicine has an objective, fair and clear understanding! The vast majority of those who think that a career in medicine, Western medicine is a panacea, a number of rehabilitation medicine only as a means, such as for lumbar disc herniation massage and traction therapy, therapeutic treatment of muscle damage muscle strain and so will have results. It is precisely because Chinese State for a particular period of history, the Chinese nation faces internal and external, the big key national survival times, broke into the Huaxia Guo western line of sight, a time when the war everywhere, knife scourge soldiers, hardship, Chinese decline, so they immediately its western quick, effective, easy to learn, and many other advantages, the Huaxia Guo occupy an important position! And such a position has been inherited, and the vast majority of citizens are Huaxia Guo accepted! For this, Raymond and do not blame anyone, blame others, and there is no reason, after all, this is a historical legacy, Raymond no ability to change, even gave Raymond a chance crossing, nor be able to turn the tide, change established in history! However, Raymond thinks, Huaxia Guo career in medicine, especially those who are engaged in general practice in health care, did not do a study, inherit and carry forward the traditional Chinese medicine's responsibility! Which of course there are many reasons,Oakley Scalpel, but after all these excuses, omission, is one of the most important, is the most critical factor in the host! Is because of this, so Raymond spoken words can be so rude, to be so arrogant, a little face not to leave! "The art of acupuncture, although required in the surface looking for important sign, but in the end is finally landed needles where? Generated by what mechanism the role? These, you have thought about it? '" Needles from the body surface can play a healing role, then deep into the patient's body, it can not play the effect of it? "Raymond tight sentence, every word sharp, straight hear Ping Longjiang stunned, forehead sweating, heart completely shocked, Raymond discourse constantly in the minds Ping Longjiang roundabout, replay over and over again. "Do you think the needle in the patient line, you can not play the purpose of saving lives, it is because you do not understand, or that do not know,Jordan 9 Sale, walk the line the patient's body meridians and acupuncture points distributed!" "Learning caused by! but you just copy from old-fashioned, learn to get something without own thinking, therefore, will not understand that the human body itself is a whole, whether surface or, in vivo worth mentioning, there are rules to follow, just look for the location of the needle to the disease naturally, without discerning what the body surface! "Raymond eloquent, comes later, but it is somewhat reminding mean. Ping Longjiang listen to the words of Raymond in the ears, does not mind having a voice asking themselves if in the end this kid that right? Determined to deny Raymond wants to say, but there is a more minds another firm voice, constantly repeated: "He was right, and he was right .... Ping Longjiang caught in his own reflections,Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket, Raymond but already in the process of talking, six consecutive Shi needle, the patient's body and pierced six needles! "Whew! "Raymond long out of breath, and then look to the Tong Kai, smiled and said:" Tongzhu Ren, fortunately not Ruming! I have applied to the needle end, and now the patient's bleeding has slowed down! "Has been sitting next to Raymond Shi-pin devices looked small nurse heard, are not surprised a moment, then the probe to the operating table to look, not surprised, cried aloud:" My God! Patients do not really bleeding! "(To be continued) <

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