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> Because the families of patients with a word, JIA Cheng Jin decided to patients for surgery! This decision is the only way to save the patient's life, although the success rate is less than one percent, but Jia into gold still hesitate to do a! Have to say, encountered such a situation, a large part of the physicians would not choose surgery because of the risk of surgery is too great, big likely direct patient died on the operating table, so that the surgeon must bear very great pressure! This pressure will come from the patient's family, from society, and from the hospital, from colleagues, from their own! Yes, once the patients died, perhaps only a handful of people know how it is, but the vast majority of people are not clear why patients will die? Because of their progression to the point of irreparable? Or because the surgeon causes? Obviously, the vast majority of people prefer to accept the last possible! Not as a doctor, the doctor is difficult to understand the pain and pressure around only to see the doctor's superior, but do not see a lot of hidden things! As a physician, the biggest achievement was the patient to pull back from the dead line, but it can really do, there are a few people? However, JIA Cheng Jin decided to do it, when his heart also made the most serious consequences of going! However, while agreeing with surgery, but still have to explain things to the account, and the performance of the instrument and the corresponding formalities still to do! Thus, JIA Cheng Jin repeatedly explain to the family the possible consequences of surgery, cure is certainly the one hand, only a very low probability, but more likely is that patients can not be directly under the operating table! But this time, the patient's family How can mind to listen to Jia into gold account the risks? JIA into gold in all medical instruments fed to fast on both sign the word, and then urging Jia into gold rush surgery! See everything has been ready, the patient's blood has also been collected out to a hematology, laboratory, biochemical and microbiological Branch Division for related laboratory and inspection. wWW, QUanbEN, cOM so Jia into gold immediately with the first line of duty, and called the chief resident physician, contact a good operating room anesthesia, emergency surgery! Wait until the patient into the operating room, anesthesia doctors a patient's blood pressure, there is simply not detected, the patient has been in shock this time period, does not need too much anesthetic, so anesthesiologists rapid intubation, ventilator-assisted breathing, while Jia, who is also into gold hand disinfection, wearing sterile surgical gowns, surgical stage! Quickly open the chest, a surge of blood out like a lever for the general injection, blow up one meter tall, the shadowless injection above the operating table on! This is because the patient's blood are out in the chest among the excessive pressure within the chest, when you open the chest of the moment, all blood gushed out along the crossing go crazy! See this scene, Jiawei gold theater inside face of all physicians have become more heavy up! Because, as we all well aware that this scene, in the end what was an accident! Patients with major vascular damage! Adjacent to the heart of the great vessels, is likely to be the location of the aortic arch! If once the location of the aortic arch is damaged, then things are more tricky! At this critical moment, the anesthesiologist must show its strength and resilience of the rescue, and immediately the cardiopulmonary bypass machine is installed and started on the management of patients with cardiopulmonary bypass surgery, also ordered Nurse open autologous blood recovery machine, the patient Blood for recycling! At this time the patient's blood type has not come out, there is no cross-matching of blood test results, can only rely on autologous blood transfusion to save the patient's life! Autologous blood from patients themselves, there is no cross-clotting problems, it is extremely safe, but also the most convenient and effective! As for the bypass machine, is to lead to the in vivo blood oxygenation vitro, and then lose back to the body, so the blood can not carry through the heart and lungs and the whole body circulation. No internal cardiac blood flow, in order to provide a cut cardiac surgeons performed surgery conditions, this method can greatly extend the operating time of heart. Make some complex cardiac malformation surgery as possible, but must have a good performance, safe and reliable artificial heart devices. Fountain Central Hospital as the city's largest hospitals of cardiac surgery in the country is quite prowess, this equipment and technology is naturally possess it. Connect the bypass machine and after autologous blood recovery machines, surgical vision will become clear immediately, as Jia into gold to create a relatively good condition! But when Jia into gold see internal situation after the wounded chest, suck down a cold lump! I saw the wounded heart of the left atrium with a stab wound, had penetrating aortic arch and they are not torn a hole! It is this two wounds, causing casualties to stop the outflow of blood,Nike Air Jordan 6 UK, cardiac function is affected, each of the major organs of the body lack of effective blood supply, leading to ischemia and hypoxia! Find the wound,oakley sunglasses online, the next thing would be much simpler, as long as the location of stab wounds to repair bad on it! This is the basic theoretical foundation, but the actual operation, it is necessary much more difficult! Jia Wei Jin is the heart of trauma experts to do these surgeries are naturally hundreds of times, so if things go on, then the patient's life is likely to be salvaged! However, things tend to happen always a surprise! At JIA into gold aides nervous surgery, when I heard the anesthesiologist in the audience anxiously said: "Oh, the atrial fibrillation patients!" Atrial fibrillation is an arrhythmia name, once the patient atrial fibrillation will need to be promptly corrected, otherwise it could lead to cardiac arrest. Patients with atrial fibrillation at this time, we can say worse, Jia Wei Jin is a high qualification heart surgeon, and heard these words will know what it means! Thus, Jia into gold immediately stop the operation, carried out by the anesthesiologist in the audience, emergency treatment, given large doses of amiodarone sustained, slow, high-dose bolus! Amiodarone drugs commonly used to treat atrial fibrillation, atrioventricular rate can be corrected to restore sinus rhythm,Totes Coach, but when the medication slowly, otherwise easily lead to other arrhythmias, and can cause poisoning! Unfortunately, atrial fibrillation has not corrected, a minute later, the patient's heart suddenly stopped! "Quick, for cardiac massage!" Jia into gold seeing this, quickly said a word out loud! Then hand holding a patient's heart, is pressed! (To be continued) <

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