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05.06.2013 09:31
these are not mo old cohorts ambushed antworten

A total of ten female Archer, suddenly appeared, each arrow has hit the target, sh è strike two, more than a dozen Ambusher the whole army was wiped out., Gu Shen to even catch a live. But he was quickly checked, and prior to imagine not the same, these are not mo old cohorts ambushed, unexpectedly is Jinpeng Fort trap, Jinpeng mark them as not in the coat's shoulder, but hidden in the collar below. "The Dragon King, please come with us." The lead female Archer said, take off a roof. Gu Shen for silent behind,oakley sunglasses sale, heart more doubts, these women to Jinpeng Fort plan understanding too detailed, each time all can wait in the periphery. They came to a house nearby, female archers down arrow, quickly put on a full set of black, covered with faces, picked up the narrow knife. Some people throw Gu Shen is a set, he also wear, five peaks, narrow blade type knife, as like as two peas, no need to change. Soon, eleven people become Jinpeng killer, Raglan on Jinpeng signs that are not poor, Gu Shen to even get a real killer waistband. The dress, plus the waistband, any time walking in the jade jade city will smooth operator. The lead female Archer nodded, "Dragon King, please." Gu Shen walked, suddenly come from her sword,Nike Jordan Superfly Shoes, ranging from daughters reaction, he had been transferred to the head behind, narrowly knife in her neck. Nine female and simultaneously pull narrow knife, he was surrounded by. "Put down the knife, the Dragon King no malice." Female leader ordered, his nine orders received knife, but is still a siege. "No harm? That may not necessarily." Gu Shen is never follow the missing people walk, especially obviously these people there have all kinds of connections with contact and Jinpeng fort. "The master said that this can happen." Female leader was not a bit nervous, "I have token." "?" Gu Shen to hand a little harder, female head to head up. "Well, token. ." Female leader does not dare to open mouth, can squeeze out a few words from the throat. A woman walked to come over, his hands a sheathed sword. Gu Shen is not let go, he had no impression of the sword. Women as Dragon King's face, slowly pull the sword, a fine and short sword. Gu Shen for heart an earthquake. "The Dragon King believe me?" Female boss asked. Gu Shen heart still have many doubts difficult to explain, "how could she" "dwell on it at greater length, the Dragon King is to wait until a safe place again, or to go?" Gu Shen was removed five peak knife, he doesn't trust anyone, but female Archer produce dagger his familiar, that is when he was a child he obtained from the hands of the father a gift, first by eight main Shangguan anger away, as if to Shangguan, Shangguan and returned to him,Kristin Coach Online, when he fled from Jinpeng fort, abandoned in die cliff arrow tower. Shangguan if sent to save him? Gu Shen to feel incredible, Shangguan as it should be the mother of house arrest that took a long time, even the Kun agencies are back to brother shangguanfei hand, when creating such a female Archer team? "Is the ten son?" He could not help but ask. "Ten childe. The Dragon King here should not stay long,, please." Gu Shen was still skeptical, but decided to follow them. This trip walk very far, from >

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