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05.06.2013 09:26
far saw camp outside of hazy antworten

The horses trotted through a meadow, not met any barrier, around the woods, built in the valley at the entrance to the camp near Fort peng. The swordsmen formed close four or five rows, the dragon king horse standing in the front, back knife waiter holding black flag, others are looking at the surface by the robe and flags, only he,Oakley Oil Rig Online, should firmly follow the Dragon king. The horse restlessly snorted, emitted a cloud of white gas, are digging,Air Jordan Play In These 2 UK, trampling of soft soil, they have adequate rest, is looking forward to the owner with loose reins, try to run. The swordsman who spent two days in binge drinking, remote villages in this place, only joy can only come from the mellow a fine,oakley sunglasses sale, delicious wine, the enemy was still far away, why not enjoy it? Desperately, didn't it? Several Daoke hangover early solution not awake, far saw camp outside of hazy one people, "Hey, another person, don't they pour, not a hero." A thin layer of mist shrouded Shino, in the morning breeze gently flying flag is neither fish nor fowl, "this is what people, unlike the city swordsman." Gu Shen is folded narrowly knife, this knife is too short, not suitable for riding combat, he the waiter from the back pull out a knife behind Dharma knife, a total length of five feet and four inches long, handle nearly a foot, one-handed and two-handed. He glanced back at his warriors, no matter how flawed the Musketeers, they are born fighter, eager to fight, craving, desire to honor, to them, without the use of language motivation, need only point to the direction of the enemy. He used the blade Ma hip patted, his hooves of horses, gradually accelerated, chi to the enemy. More and more of hooves finally woke up several early swordsman, even pants are not tied, desperately ran to the tent, tore heart crack lung sounds waft across the camp, "Dragon King kill!" "Kill --" Gu Shen is a loud roaring over the camp scream, tail long, gradually become a clear whistle, the swordsmen to spit out the whip, suppresses in the heart cry of pouring, integrated thunder crash. Sleeping Daoke suddenly woke up, hearing the noise, just think from all sides are the enemy, you have in the bag, most people even didn't take knife, rushed out of the tent, confused and disoriented to people. This is the official rules, when the crime rob crime, danger must run, dead knife will not get money, live swordsman matter what cowardice, later also someone hired. Gu Shen is on top of them. With the cavalry like a giant spear, deep into the tent camp, Fort, just like the skin is torn, be confound at groups such as blood like splash. Rushed all the way to the camp at the end, Gu Shen is immediately turned his horse, this charge is very perfect, the swordsman and the Dragon King, basic has not left behind, only a few horses stumble, is wielding the sword, the enemy killed, came to the Dragon King black flag. The first round of charge will camp tore is divided into two parts, a U-turn after second rounds of charge choice is right on the west, the more dense the a tent. In front of the tent out of a group of Gu Shen is a familiar figure, a full set of black, a small number of people covered her face, each hand holding >

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