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05.06.2013 09:22
which are not only for the fugitive antworten

Owner Shen understanding lift billing curtain corner peeped, with the hope of three years of hard work to the end, not a half, you can return to the stone fort, to win the king's favour. The thought of the two fled before him young killer, Shen will arise a burst of anger, which are not only for the fugitive and yourself, there is also a point in the main body of the king, he snatched at Mrs Meng before surrounded the renegade killer, the harvest is a disaster. Who can think of Huan slaves could ride the bird fly away, this is beyond human control range. Maybe he should think of the Iowa women will jump to escape, the ghost called cliff area is the original rough-cut path disciples steal vast top,Oakley Fast Jacket Sale, carved in the cliff the nails were removed, but the nail hole is still there, but he thought the girl killer stalks can be so good, down a rope slipped down, then all the way to a nail in the eye down the mountain, when he come, already late. Afterwards, the stone fort sole remedy can do is to nail holes are blocked, while the ghost called cliff set arrow tower, send someone stationed. Shen dare to slightly make up their own fault, once tied with string, himself down to the cliff under observation, most of the nail holes have been dirt blocks, barely able to insert a finger, dodge again the good person, the face of the danger is frightened, as long as the breath without breathing, the consequence is be smashed to pieces. Therefore, in Shen understanding in mind, he also admire a person charged woman. This female killer not only make a prompt decision, and bold but cautious, she did not carry the Huan slaves, last time I alone and, obviously feel that he is a burden, it may be two people killed. Shen dare do not understand is, why betray the Iowa women, so a good killer, will never be moved by love. And she disappeared, no trace, unlike the Huan slaves, murderers, let the bird leave a unique logo: no eyes. Shen understanding will Huan slaves behavior as particularly open to challenge myself to Jinpeng fort, he went along with those without eyes bodies, in almost all countries of the western regions, sent a batch another batch of killer, often fail on the verge of success,Nike Air Jordan Womens Sale, let that boy decamp. Shen Lang had a kind of feeling, the mysterious disappearance of the Dutch women must hide beside Huan slaves, as long as the Huan slaves today fall into a snare, he will be able to solve all two renegade killer. It was early in the morning, the camp is very quiet, soldiers patrol footsteps and weapons sloshing audible, everything is normal, even the soldiers do not know this tent ambush Jinpeng Bao's top killer. Shen Lang put down the curtain, looked at the three men nervous. A black man face, arms, slightly some humpback, this is one of the most famous blacksmith of Shule country, especially made the sword, the other two are young apprentice, be embarrassed,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars, or even afraid to look up a glance at the door. Huan slaves in a flagrant way for Shule to surrender the blacksmith camp, shen you once thought it was a trap, until he saw the letter language is blunt arrogant letter: first, five peak king spake unto you: five R ì in retreat in three hundred, left the blacksmith dagal. No signature, no happy slave name, but Shen dare to know it was he, snowy mountains s ā o chaos of the news has spread Jinpeng fort. Seven or eight >

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