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05.06.2013 09:03
about to start a decisive battle antworten

Two men, both think they see y ī n of each other and, believe oneself to think a step, not be see. Shangguan such as the return of Kun agency, Gu Shen is still wondering if the whole plan was flawed, the Iowa Women stood on the sidelines, felt the need to remind some of the most basic problems like slaves. "I don't know about nine less,Coach Handbags Sale, I just don't understand, he knows that you set a trap, why should accompany you play, why must Nancheng? He was always very careful." Gu Shen shook his head, there are many things that he regarded as normal, in the eyes of outsiders do not understand, he thought for a moment before answering questions female charge,Nike Air Jordan, "nine little Lord is a Y ī n insurance fraud,Nike Jordan Spizike Shoes, courage is very small, he said not afraid of his mother and sister, in fact heart scared he did not dare to attack, ten son, he has been waiting for this opportunity, let ten childe first moves, so that his riposte to be perfectly logical and reasonable, well, he was probably already have a good idea of how to explain to her mother and sister died, 'is the younger sister to kill me, I can not.' He wanted to dress up as a victim." Gu Shen to imitate the voice of the Lord is nine less vivid, half lie, half is pleased with his usual person, the Iowa women couldn't help chuckled, initial Nanping but be quite at a loss, even hold the hilt. "Nine little Lord always thought he was the victim, feel sorry his sister." Gu Shen to continue to say, good will straighten out their thinking, "like the rain's death, he liked by surprise way, through this game, he hopes will ten sons, his teeth and I all can kill, so" Gu Shen as more and more feel through the officer to fly idea. The next day, Qiu societies continue to recruit the swordsman, money slowly yield lasting and powerful forces, trouble increasingly weak voice, Mustang stop Qiu service enhancement efforts seem to fail. Gu Shen to sit for a while in the pub morning, then went to the Kun agency, such as a piece of assignment and shangguan. Kun agency has a total of seven killers, fifty hands, two men and women servants, compared with Qiu agency weak and pitiful, killer Mustang were not seen, only like slaves, with female, Liuhua, most of the elderly, because hear two agency war rumors and abashed. The whole plan is this: the meeting is Kun agency, a "trap", three servants put on a cloak, packed into ten childe, killer Yang Huan and Dutch woman, the other three swordsman as Tuo to teeth and hands, Taolin inside the ambush is nine little Lord "trap", by ten of the leading ten servants to "fall into a snare", the two is really no danger, is purely in acting. The real "trap" in the checkpoint near Qiu agency bought the house, ten CHILDES will personally led to the battle with his brother. We only accept the task, do not know the details, but they all understand, is about to start a decisive battle. On the afternoon of the same day, long time no see horse back, bring one hundred J ī ng defended the strongest swordsman, this let Kun agency J ī ng God does it one brace up, the heart is most afraid of people feel more confident, not going to run away. Everybody like killers, black masked, wore a red belt. Same evening.

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