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05.06.2013 08:57
not far from the noble Park antworten

Dirty snow accumulation in the corner, shining in the pale moonlight, as a highly decomposed body, CH ū n days will be born this decay. Youth in Wangcheng Lane on the walls, finally understand why not own to see Peng fairy. He will be the new cast sword in his arms, as if just love has long been the lover, he also don't know how to love, have felt the love sword of truth, the sword is all his. He just learned to speak of children, to be sound in all cases, to prove their pronunciation. He suddenly realized, Peng fairy let Xu Xiaoyi conveyed is not predicted, but about, a swordsman on another swordsman reservation. Gu Shen went to station, like foraging feral cats on the wall jump, it didn't take long to get himself behind the building, looked outside the wall, not far from the noble Park Taolin faintly visible. The one or two floor of a proud black, three layer was a single light flash. Juvenile killer is pondering how to climb up, the third floor open a small window, the window once had to stop the Sun King and the young than the sword. The window out of a face, with potholes, eyelid valgus,Nike Jordan 7 Sale, nostril missed half, as if the whole person fell in the water of the scalded, ugly even the moon is one of shock. "How do you come?" The ugly man jumped out, light fell on the wall, legs slightly bent, arms outstretched, showing two dagger. His house had many strange people, Gu Shen as already seen, "Peng fairy?" Yes, I am. Peng Xianren turned out to be such an ugly person without good manners, Gu Shen was surprised,Air Jordan Take Flight UK, he imagined the magic gentleman should be SAGE-like type flavor. The killer is than the sword, so no more bullshit, be absorbed in to the sword, since Xian Hito is Hashi Ro, the sun king master, martial arts can not be, Gu Shen to step on his body, then a layer of fencing. Dutch girl posted on the wall like a spider, the Huan slaves and her hands,Oakley M FRAME, which is decided two people after consultation, one in the Ming Dynasty, one in the dark, at the same time hunting master. They are killers, but kill each other and enhance the fencing, so use unscrupulous divisive tactics. You're no match for him. Upstairs and talk to people, show a similarly ugly face. Second were people jump out, fell on the killer behind, as like as two peas showed two dagger. Your excellency. Gu Shen is a little confused, also began to j its ng sleep, if this is a trap, he and Dutch women will perform second sets of programs -- comes into Taolin decamp. "Peng fairy." Second were the tone a bit impatient, like killer like asks, but already knows. As more and more be very much puzzled by Gu Shen, did Peng Xianren intentionally tease him? But what's the point? Fortunetelling tricks? A series of thoughts in Gu Shen for his mind flashed, then suddenly wake up, be confronted with a formidable enemy, this kind of thinking how stupid, so he used the most simple way. A sword scabbard, stabbed the first were people, ugly people "the breath of life" is clearly visible, more apparent than leaves, two people rips, Gu Shen to grasp the strike will, the Iowa women didn't even need to help. He will head from the first were over, stop second were people with each other's body, he obtained moment >

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