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05.06.2013 08:52
I will be a personal survey." antworten

There are many signs of internal Ji ā n Kun club, and is important in Ji ā n. After being in the waste village, Shangguan hijacking, Gu Shen as has been concluded, the Ji ā n are very familiar with the ten childe and Huan slaves, will know that two people, a large gap. Next is the rouge forest duel, poachers obviously know Huan slaves tactics, has been kept in the neighborhood. The assassination of the knife gods yellow Shian action less people know, still can be in the enemy's trap, if not Gu Shen for last moment decided to cancel the action, the dead will probably not just a killer. Gu Shen was the first suspect was Shangguan rain. The rain son naturally do not want to hurt or kidnapped ten childe, her goal was to Huan slaves committed unforgivable mistake, thus using the remove stone fort force he, or let him lose the trust of law such as. The only thing Gu Shen to don't understand is, why the rouge forest assassins to kill leaf seishiro. These things mixed together, as if there is correlation between each other, but have opposite purpose, Gu Shen to explain, so he did not say to all guess ten childe. "Let me go and get n out of Ji." Ji ā N and traitor is Shangguan as the most hated person, but now she is a bit hesitant, Gu Shen to understand with their heart, like the slave in the ten position in the eyes of the son is falling. "Okay, but don't let it out, I don't want you to suspect each other." Gu Shen for and life support, "I will be a personal survey." Back to the Nancheng, Gu Shen to bring all things to it several times,Coach Bags Store, found in the hands of the clues are much less, he doesn't even know where to start. The Iowa women Xugu and siblings have been privately survey high Hou ye and cycle of death, but the heard a lot of information, but they do little to find the murderers, who even cannot determine whether there. Beautiful pet is very popular in the Jade Jade City, North City most wealthy keeps one or two such plaything, peripheral ring a bit out of the ordinary,Jordan 12 Shoes, he is more than twenty, as beautiful pet is too big, but the relationship with high Hou Ye is very strong, even the Hengsheng meters shop is also high Hou ye help in an acquisition. M the shopkeeper said two people had contradictions, real, they like ordinary couple often quarrel,Coach New Arrivals Sale, the main contradiction is high the Hou ye bring not only love, men love women, the last argument is fierce, occurred in the day the twelfth lunar month bottom Hou Ye secretly into nancheng. In fact, high Hou Ye is to visit a peripheral ring after a quarrel, only to find the J ì female. The fight did not see, but there are a few personnel backward Hengsheng meters shop found throughout the shop like robbers ransacked like, debris everywhere, rice scattered everywhere, zhouhuan sitting giggle in migang, see the guests after fly, will all out. So, because of love to hate a peripheral ring of murder and Dutch act more like a story. Gu Shen to still do not believe, he had seen weeks ring body, neck wound very deep, doesn't seem like a Dutch act people can get out, but he had never seen the other Dutch act of corpse, so also not sure whether accurate. He needs to do something. Xuncheng Wei Zhong Heng received Yang Huan's invitation, to R ì noon to smoke a home, as usual, with two name >

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