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05.06.2013 08:46
access to relevant documents two years antworten

Gu Shen was severely reprimanded myself. The destruction of more than two years, he was killed in the king family goals into Jinpeng fort, but so far no kill any a true master. Forgotten quietly played a powerful, Gu Shen was found himself already imperceptibly have been accustomed to killer life, to kneel for master, master to come very naturally, the stone fort interests in the first place, as Tie Hanfeng says, "habit is no burden", but the juvenile need this burden, this is the purpose of his survival in the world. He can't wait any longer, eight finger force and "dead" is the light up, leaving less and less of his time. With a killer angle's family care a lot, which doubts. The first is Jinpeng fort, Gu Shen in the castle for more than two years, what one sees and hears the assassination of less and less, mostly occurs in the Jade Jade City, the purpose is to safeguard the security and stability of their own, Jinpeng Fort too much fame, killer feature is obvious, the assassination is only a means, almost not to cover other's eyes and ears of the role. Jinpeng fort was transformed by killer organization to the local despots, suppressed the aria hall camp, Shangguan anger LED is more like an army. Gu Shen out Central Plains Gu's reasons for not find Jinpeng Bao Tu, on the outside, it's a little thing, but Gu Shen to read so much information, very clear, perhaps this is a commonplace assassination a few decades ago, today's Jinpeng fort, never the unusual. The second is Gu,oakley sunglasses sale, Gu Shen to feel more and more that father Gu Lun was over a great distance from the Central Plains to the western regions without reason, which is equivalent to many "relationship" to cut off the family, the whole family will be at risk. In fact, after the family Miemen, only to stand up for rough is only a young marshal. To explain these questions, there is only one way, access to relevant documents two years ago, it will keep a record of all involved in the action of killer, the reasons may also specify the action. The only king of the historical data are retained in the white college study, this paper study the sovereign is Mr. Guo, Gu Shen is impossible to get help from him. Gu Shen to several plans, mostly around how to buy the paper study fatigue to steal a copy out, finally gave up,Nike Air Jordan 8, going to steal documents to X ì ng too obvious, anyone would doubt, he can also specify a particular month instruments, but no specific x ì ng theft the same will arouse suspicion. He decided to take a hands-on. Gu Shen was once a month in Tibetan study jobs at the Academy, understanding of the internal situation in white house, also know the specific location of the study. Kill the division that day in the evening,Jordan 13 Sale, Gu Shen for night white hospital, revenge enthusiasm to rise again, he won't day etc.. Long before the internal promotion, he can escape the castle in the night watchman, now more be nothing difficult, white home guard than in other places a few more severe, Gu Shen for the middle of the night has been posted on the wall after listening, generally understand the night watchman rounds, the rapid climb over the wall. This study is one of the most important institutions in occupied East Hospital, a row of the room, but their defense is imprecise, the door locked, the windows but only inside a horizontal >

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