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no matter how you look antworten

> Raymond put down the phone, the phone hides up, mind is wondering today, there is no way to market Amoy alchemy antique utensils, but Raymond is also clear mind, even to the antiques market, may not be able to Amoy traded, After all, this kind of thing is goodly. Www, quanBEn, cOM "according to Qi Lu Yi to say, people can use the market level immortality is the most common kind of purple utensils on it a while back in Jia Cheng district near market wants to buy a purple casserole." Raymond mind this idea, so without incident, could not help eyeing collapsed to the ground unable to issue a "whoops" sound of the two thieves. "You two guys, not whining! I did not under the heavy hand! Whines you what? Do not wearies you?" Raymond naked eyes flash, the two of them stared fiercely one. Thief and his cohorts mind could not help secretly crying, could not help while thinking: "This is also called the start is not heavy? We both have dislocated wrist, hip was severely kicked you, and now stand up! Which also not called ruthless? Does not have to be called ruthless was beaten into disability do? "But this duo Although he Fufei, mouth is afraid to speak out, the moment can only tolerate the pain, silent. Raymond idle boredom, see the two of them do not speak out, determined to get them baited. "How? I say wrong? What do you mean you do not speak? Lu Xun once said, silence is not broke, you die in silence. Ye are like the former, or do you want the latter?" "My God Which, this plague you want to do? "Two hearts while secretly crying. "Well? How do you not speak? Disregard for what I say is it?" Raymond pretended to look up, and hand rolled up sleeves rolled up one, seeing that the two thieves are not shocked, that Raymond also To get involved, including a brain somewhat active, that is, the thief's accomplices, quickly smiled and asked: "hero Lord, I grew up did not read the book, I do not know what these words mean. Choose the former and the latter is what is the difference do? "The thief heard also immediately said:" Yes ah, we did not read the book, do not know the meaning of these words hero Lord, tell us how to answer it? "" how? your words mean what I'd ask There are wrong? "anyway idle boredom, according to Raymond impression, such a thing, how should the police arrived on the scene a very twenty minutes, waiting for their dry, it would be going round the two thieves. "No, no! Hero Lord how it will be the wrong thing? We do not mean that, we mean ......" These two thieves themselves are a bit do not know what to say, and cold sweat on his forehead, in this weather,Jordan 3 Shoes, cold sweats, but a strange thing. "Humph! Forgive you dare!" Raymond nose cold voice heard, the mind is funny: "Heroes Lord, this name is not bad either! Jin Yong's martial arts warrior little meaning!" "Since you do not know, I'll talk to you! "Raymond bumbling cleared his throat, then said:" What is the meaning of the original two words you do not have to know today used on you, if you choose the former, that is, you want to take the opportunity to revolt, and then severely beat me out! "" No, no! our hero Lord how dare hands?! We chose the latter, choose the latter! "These two thieves one, quickly said, for fear of a say slow, Raymond and hands-on, to eat when there is bitterness. "You sure you is to choose the latter?" Raymond look weird watching two people, two people watching sweat fly. "The latter is, what does this mean ah? Hero Lord?" "Quack, which means that in the silence of death, that is to abandon ** survive, and even the survival ** since you are not, then I can take you to practice your hand, and just a few days hand a little itch! "Raymond said, and stood up again for the potential. After listening to the two men, forehead help fly the black line, the hearts secretly crying: "Mom, today how to encounter such a plague?! Dear police comrades ah, how do you not come, we quickly put away it, we would rather go with you, go squatting chant, do not want to be tormented in the hands of the devil! you quickly come ah! "This is the first time two small thief discovered that the people's police is so cute ! At this time, a burst of rapid siren sound, followed by a light police car pulled up! "Ah? Today come soon ah, less than five minutes!" Raymond subconsciously looked at the time, to complete the police did not even now, after less than five minutes. At this time, the police car door was opened, stepped down from the driving position a policewoman. I saw the policewoman a fit of uniforms, the whole body off the convex, tall, about seven meters five or so, a short hair, more valiant, his face with a hint of majesty, curved curved eyebrows, a pair of piercing eyes, face, fair complexion, facial features very nearly perfect combination, Raymond even suspect that, if the take off this policewoman uniforms to attend what is now increasingly popular fast women, models like the game , will achieve good results. The policewoman saw Raymond side of the scene, eyebrows slightly wrinkled, but then a look of frost on the restoration of expression, Kuaibu Xiang Raymond came over here, I saw this policewoman between gestures are filled with valiant and heroic , just look at this policewoman walking is a pleasure to enjoy. "Are you Raymond?" Policewoman looked blankly asked Raymond, after seeing Raymond nodded and said: "Did you just quoted the police do?" "Yes I reported the police! These two people are thieves and His accomplices, just wanted to steal something, I was caught up! "Raymond simply say what happened. That policewoman after listening to the words of Raymond, his face could not help have some ease, not like the beginning sound is so cold, just listen to her and said: "Lin Hello, I Jiao Yang Yuan, the headquarters just received your report, I am just in the vicinity, so he sent me over the headquarters! Thank you very much Mr. Lin's support for our police,Jordan 10 Sale, to social order and stability contribution! present society such as Mr. Lin will need a responsible citizen! "" Young officers flattering, it's just little things. "Lin Fengqian virtual said. Yang Yuan smiled, his face showing two cute little dimples, and she was just that serious expression opposite, just listen to her sweet voice said: "If everyone is like Lin think that society will be more stable! "" But also need to bother about Lin and I take a trip to the police station, do some record, I do not know whether to be able to spend a little time Lin with the look? "Yang Yuan finished speaking, a pair of wonderful projects on tight staring Raymond, Raymond wants to know the answer. Many parties were rejected because of the trouble to the police station for transcripts, which would also give police increased the difficulty of handling the case, resulting in a lot of people do bad things with impunity, Yang Yuan met such a thing is not once or twice, she fear this Raymond will be opening refuse, in which case, the two thieves have to go unpunished. But then I thought, Raymond since the two thieves to catch up, and the police,Oakley Fast Jacket Online, surely they will not refuse. And Yang Yuan uniforms for Raymond could easily these two thieves, but also the hearts secretly surprised, no matter how you look, Raymond is just an ordinary person only, even lets you combine two thieves armed with lethal weapons to uniforms, it seems a little skill itself The. Yang Yuan on the occasion of the hearts with himself, but it is Raymond spoke and said: "No problem, I'll go to the police station and Yang police officers, and I have to let that almost stolen Miss Qian De etc. next to a shop, and Let's get it over with her! "Yang Yuan a, look happy, handsome face adds a touch of charm, Yang Yuan said:" I did not expect Lin so careful, the first presence of the parties, and that things would be better to do! let this put her got together to the police station, right! "" Well! that lady on the side of the house wishful store. "Raymond pointed to a small choice not far from shopping malls, said. Subsequently, Yang Yuan out of handcuffs, and the two thieves to beat up, put on a police car. Just let Yang Yuan somewhat surprisingly, these two thieves saw herself, not only did not feel afraid, and even some joy expression, how is this going? The two thieves would not mind a problem, right? Actually like to be caught? Or your own eyes, what's wrong? Yang Yuan and what do know that two thieves were even playing with Raymond scared, really had enough torment, just as soon as possible out of the clutches of Raymond, into a bureau child what relationship? Then Raymond's guidance and confirmation under that almost stolen the purse lady was also found, and then together on a police car, Yang Yuan immediately mobilize police, went straight to the western suburbs of police away. (Click and detained a lot because too few recommendations, the system defaults directly to buckle, I hope you put in the hands of the tickets shadowless investing more points to it, to avoid the recurrence of such cups, and had everyone's support, shadowless yards word of power will be more satisfied, Oh, thank you!) <

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