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05.06.2013 08:24
looking somewhat antworten

> You know, some of the master's temper are quirky, Lu two little not sure, make something yourself if you really come, the Lord will not sell land home to deal with their own. But this is a crazy world, weak flesh strong, even if the surface looks again how peace and tranquility, but secretly but as a rough, murderous hidden! Whether between countries or between the family and the family, and even among family members inside, the same is the case. Have the ability, then you can be more than bits and can show their strength and talent to win respect,Coach Satchels Online, win money, get status, capture the beauty of the heart. No strength, then I'm sorry, even today still high above,Oakley Sunglasses Holbrook Cheap, sitting clouds, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow will be to knocked down, broke into serious injuries, or even a group of mud, from disappearing in the world, no one can no longer think of . This is survival, with survival, will have a life, with life, will have competition and take over! Living in the children of ordinary people, perhaps only as a piece of bread, a square meter house and work hard, hard, but not too many intrigues, murderous hidden, can be obtained in a few real friends, and even a true lover , lived a simple life, is the real happiness. But life in these large families among children, every moment thinking about climbing, not just for a bag of milk, not just to a villa, in order, but larger forests, more money. At the same time, they also have to be careful at every step, can be described as murderous everywhere, frightened, this life, though growing, but too little human ignorance, happiness and a bit less dull. Lu two little small to large is life in such an environment! In order to seek the place the Lord every family land, over the years, Lu two little effort to upgrade their skills, but also did not forget to practice martial arts, although Lu Yongfeng than not, but the strength is obvious, in the age of twenty-five, he reached the ground the early stage of the realm! Looking at the whole arena, but also counted on the character of a genius! But, in the land two little above, there is an even more dazzling genius Lu Yongfeng, but still Lu Jia Lu Yongfeng grandson, the first heir, Lord beloved native land great grandson! All this pressure in the land two small head, the weight of his breathless, the weight he had a wish to BS-ing impulse! However, the BS-ing helpful? If the BS-ing the position to win the master of the house, then the land has long been criticized on two little ten million times! Therefore, Lu two fewer chose himself, and secretly enhance their capabilities, and by all means, to grasp lujia important part in all important figure above! These will be competing Lu Lu two little later the family was the main place of powerful tools and important bargaining chip! "Now, you should know what I mean, right?!" Land two little saying these words before, goes almost flirtatious face showed a hint of morbid bright red, it looks more charming, not just a woman, including some men. Of course, this is no longer within the scope of Raymond. Raymond nodded, among these large family intrigues, infighting, Raymond only seen on television there was just thought it was film and television works, never mind, that is, after reading smile Bale. But did not think that such a thing even today live in front of their own! Moreover, an important figure in the story being .... One in the film and television works among the plotters sentenced to villain who is, surprisingly, is also invited to join the rebellious among the team, that it is somewhat funny! "So, I need your help!" Land two rare Raymond nodded, his eyes shining with blazing light, then continued: "As long as you can help me win the Lu family was the main of the place, Lu Jia will follow your unconditional decade commanded! I think this condition you should be very happy now?! "" Ha ha! land two small, your handwriting can be really big! This exchange is indeed very attractive, I listened very tempted! "said Raymond truth, unconditional obey their orders, although only ten years, but ten years later, Raymond Lu Jia probably already do not like such men for their service of the! By Raymond largest capital, plus Raymond now practice speed, ten years later, in the end be able to achieve what the point? Dacheng is a saver, or Yuan Ying Venus? Even the realm of God? Raymond did not know, but one thing is for sure Raymond, that is, after ten years of their own, certainly far greater than the achievement now, then, tempting people now own or things that time I am afraid there is no appeal may made it. "So you're agreed?" Land two small Raymond heard these words, his face suddenly emerged excitement of color, quickly asked. Raymond smiled and shook his head, looking somewhat excited to land two little heart to know this kid waiting for this moment a long time coming, right? Otherwise it will not look like now! "Then what do you mean?" Lu two rare Raymond shook his head,Jordan 6 Sale, not help a moment, then his face sort of looking angry! "Do you mock me now 7 - while nodding, shaking his head while they?" Lu two little voice with a trace of anger, but not really angry, after all, he is now seeking a Raymond, if true Raymond angered words, they do not agree, that's not a big loss yet? You know, less land two of these years have been struggling to find one that can help their master, but a blind not forthcoming, today finally found one, how willing to give up easily? "Lu two less, I think you have to figure out a little!" Raymond's smile unchanged, but the sound was a little more into chill, watching Lu two goes pretty little face and said: "You just said to me the case of your home, but also tell me what you want to finding land every family of the place, then we must help me! "" But, I am now even your strength in the end do not know how to, but I wonder if you need me to do in the end What? how to do? how I can easily promise you? "" If you want me to go and national enemies, enemy of the people and the world, do I have to do it? "Lu heard two little hearts hanging large stone could not help falling down, looked at Raymond, face, smile more concentrated, spoke and said: "Mr. Lin can say, is obviously of great faith!" paused, Lu two less then said: "Previous somewhat excited, forgot to say something." "Now I have got one day mid-level strong willing to serve me, but my grandfather but late peak day level, you must need one day late master class help me against my grandfather, and this man was Mr. Lin You, so I hope to do is Lin, when the shot at suitable eJ deter my grandfather, my family was the main land of the place won when he Excessive use of force will not intervene! "(To be continued) <

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