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blood oozing out round antworten

> Raymond touched his nose, before looking at these soldiers did not face the expression of tension and fear. WWw. qUanBen. COm "I am a person to deal with, you need to use so many guns pointed at me while you?" Raymond said with a smile, as if in general and Xu unsolicited homely chatter: "Xu commander is a little overkill?" "Well! Against you, more ten guns not too much! "Xu unsolicited cheeky sneer, but he knew the horrors of the strong level of degree days. "It seems very clever commander promised!" Raymond smile unchanged, this is no more than twenty soldiers cold, face them those terrifying weapons, but there is no trace of fear meant. "However, Xu Sir, if you think that by virtue of these guns will be able to put me to stay?" "I do not know." Xu unsolicited no fake, shook his head and said: "one day class strong, does fit with their own Gangqi and speed, dodging bullets hit! but I'm here, after all there are more than twenty of the weapons, but the space here is also very small, in the event of a conflict, you are also likely to be shot and wounded! Even, come to grief on the spot it is not impossible! "Xu unsolicited strong level of understanding on the day of or the deep, in which case said these words are also the truth, for one day early stage of the Warrior, is indeed an attack can dodge bullets,Coach Bags Outlet, but want to In a short time while avoiding hundreds of rounds of attacks, which have great difficulty of! After all, people die prematurely strong level is impossible to truly become Granville Superman! Unfortunately, Raymond is not a simple sense of day-class strong, not afraid of it only a few rifle threats. But Raymond'd appreciate Xu unsolicited candid moment with a smile: "Xu commander said pole yes. But if I want to leave here, you and your soldiers, there is no way stopped me!" Xu unsolicited nodded, frankly said : "Maybe you're right, but you can throw you one of these friends who run away? If you dare to do so, I would dare to put your friends are arrested, said they affray, assault soldiers, you should know that such charges have multiple! fighters if they attacked me, when a soldier accidentally cause injury, we also have the right to the summary execution! that, surely you would not know it?! "" Are you threatening me? "Raymond looking sank, threaten their most hated by others, not to mention still a threat on their own without the slightest power of small minions! "Just how do you think!" Xu unsolicited indifferent shrug, looking at Raymond said: "Now you'd better listen to me, otherwise the consequences will be very serious!" Raymond looked Xu unsolicited, his eyes flashed Murder, eyebrows gradually inverted up an invisible murderous slowly diffuse away! "If you have the guts, then they can try it for yourself my friend!" Raymond voice low, his eyes shining with people aghast Jingmang, mouth tone is Senleng Titanic: "If I had friends who So be a little hurt, what are you people here will worse than death! "" Especially lujia will completely from this world disappear! "" Do not doubt my words, if you do not believe it, you may try on a try! "Hear the words of Raymond Xu unsolicited livid, Bengqi a vein on his forehead, his eyes shining more light you want to kill! But, Xu and Raymond did not dare to challenge unsolicited, even if they have so many soldiers around, still did not dare hands! Seeing some of the conversation between the two deadlocked, go on like this,Women's Nike Jordan, then who knows what will happen in the end. At this time, Guo Changqi stepped forward, landing two for less whispered: "two small, this Raymond is extremely powerful, we can not easily provoke! Promised since you are still on speaking about it, I worry that it really angered Raymond , this kid really possible to make something, that time may lujia passive! "" This ...... "Lu two little heard not help burst pondered, eyebrows furrowed, his face difficulty with color! If you follow Guochang Qi, then do, then it means that Raymond was wounded Lu Yongfeng do not apologize for the things, and even Raymond Lu Jia also owed three conditions! After Raymond unconditional ordered to be three times! But do not fulfill it, Guo Changqi not Raymond opponents to the current situation, there is no way to solve this thing! In the end how should I do? Lu two little hearts grew more and more tired, could not help secretly angry, fists clenched, as much force, long nails are caught in the flesh, blood oozing out round after round! Just two little hesitant Lu occasion, Xu unsolicited suddenly sneer, exclaimed: "I usually are not afraid threat!" Immediately, Xu unsolicited Schmidt, facing men soldier said: "These people affray, gave me all arrested, brought back to battalion headquarters! "" Yes, commander! "more than twenty soldiers cried uniform sound far pass out, scream as if hundreds of people in general, massive! "Why you arrest people? Fights with the police to manage, and when ye turn to the army? '" Is the, ah, how can you arrest people? Here you anything? "" I want the police, I am looking for the police! Who knows you are not really soldiers ah? maybe is that kid got helper! "Qin Suya loud opposition to the students, and even some of this out of cell phone and dialed 110 for help. Shali Li and Qin Suya looking at the front of the scene, had not spoken,Coach Handbags Sale, but the duo's mouth, but the mouth faint sneer, as if in the same theater, observing the developments. Raymond hearts of micro-pondered, I thought it could not become significant, or may not be beneficial to myself! Lujia among the powerful in the army, this time to say we should be closing for their own use, even if this is not possible, but also lujia fulfill the promise before the three conventions! Moreover, there are a lot of ordinary people, Raymond want us to know our own strength is too much, in that case, nor is it an easy thing to explain, once passed out, after Raymond wants another ordinary life, it is simply is impossible. Think of it, Raymond looked Xu unsolicited, broke and said: "I can go with you! But my friend but you have to put them away! This matter and had nothing to do!" "Ah?" Xu unsolicited one, mind could not help one move, I thought if your friends are put, how do you make trouble for us? But one day we can beat the strong level of ah! Raymond Hsu unsolicited worried look out, followed and said: "Do not worry, I promise to go with you, no thought to run! Wildly I'm not like some people, have gone back!" (To be continued) <

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