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05.06.2013 08:18
around and saw a man antworten

> Raymond hands shoved a hard,Coach New Arrivals Clearance, the little thief suddenly felt a sharp pain in his right wrist to upload! This is a terrible deep-seated pain, as if his wrist was crumbled in general, little thief suddenly out of the two lines of tears, mind could not help secretly crying! "Do not do that to steal a purse? Did not succeed, as you so cruel?" But this little thief is not fuel-efficient lights, already took the dagger in his left hand towards homeopathy Raymond abdominal stab in the past! Duo was very close distance from the small thief is anxious dog eat dog, so the knife fast, power is great! In this small thief appears that this will be one accurate knife stabbed in front of this bastard's belly, to the time his sword again inside on a homeopathic stir stir, will allow this love nosy kid does not know bragging well mixed The drink a pot! Just little thief secretly proud hearts, and succeeded, after wondering how to get out, to take shelter in the countryside where friends momentary escape the limelight at the time, little thief suddenly felt the dagger into his left hand suddenly not move! "Ah? How is it?" Little thief hearts moment, then set his sights on a dagger. I saw a big hand is firmly grasping the handle portion of the dagger, dagger under the barrier in an energetically no way to move forward nothing! The big hand of the master is the one that act recklessly, uppity, willing nosy bastard! "This is this how could?" For a time, little thief a little dumbfounded! So close, such a strong force, so fast, there is not even hurt each other, the other party will also dagger to block down! This does not meet the common sense of things too! For ordinary people, so close, so that the power and speed, there is no way to escape the knife, but Raymond is now not an ordinary citizen, that is close, and five or six police struggle, are not necessarily going to lose, Moreover, it is a small street bully? But these things, this street punks is impossible to know, otherwise it will not ask for it, they do the next thing. However, the beauty of the little thief multiple what emotion, Raymond hands of a force to seize the dagger, small thief suddenly dislocated left wrist, daggers never Naniebuzhu, hears "clatter" sound, fell on the bluestone road! "Ouch, kill, Come on people help ah!" Little thief mouth suddenly shouted, shook the people around leng leng! "Fuck! This kid is too talented, right?! Himself with a knife stabbed people and say that killing each other, so talented!" "I know that this kid is a thief, do not know yet that the young thief , now people are really NB, losers can get out! "one man said, speaking in Shandong accent. "Damn, this kid really well!" An onlooker suddenly emerge such a sentence. "What do you mean well?" That Shandong accent buddies heard not help a moment, then asked. Previously heard not help talking buddies surprise, surprised expression on his face asked: "Is not it, buddy, you're from Mars? Well What do you mean you do not know?" Looking at each other face the loss, which buddy help cleared his throat, a great lesson today, I'll give you a good meaning. Unfortunately, before he could be seen, next to someone with vagueness tone, said: "This has nothing to show off? Well mean that if they had two! Two you know what it means, right?" Shandong accent man heard a moment, then quack laughing. Laughing, said: "TMD really talented, which can be thought of!" "Damn, your kid is still down to one? I will let you call out!" Raymond heart suddenly rises an vicious, hands again a force, little thief's dislocated right wrist at once! "Ouch!" Little thief blurted screaming. Raymond and regardless, heels and towards the small thief gave him a kick in the crotch, little thief suddenly felt standing firm, uttered again "whoops" sound, and then fell to the ground! This time, the lookout accomplices see that something once among the forward, his mouth is and said: "Now the thief really hateful! Steal something bad enough, but Dong Daozi! Such a person should go to the police station ! "thief accomplices spoke, he fiercely heels kick thief kicks, and then turned to the Raymond said:" The brothers good skill! but we can not use the lynching, I think, or send him to police now! let him accept the people and legal sanctions! "said sounding words, innocent people could not help secretly nod, the hearts of the thief's associates say all agreed. If Raymond accomplices have not previously found them to be, then maybe he will be to confuse words, unfortunately, Raymond had already discovered the duo tricky. But Raymond'd like to see this guy in the end want to play any tricks, then smiled and said: "Yes, we should give him to the police station to go! But I still have things in the body, you see how this can do ah?" That's accomplices a heart coursing exact words of Raymond mind, so the thief's accomplices once said: "This ah, it does have some harder! but the brothers if there is something to be busy, then it would be busy go! I have nothing anyway things, they took him to the police station go! "Raymond a,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 Sale, smiled and said:" If so, please do that! thief I give you this! "Raymond finished speaking,Cheap Oakley Fast Jacket, release the hand, That little thief still on the ground whining barking. "Give me your kid up and pretended to be dead is not it?" Accomplices bumbling thieves kicked his kicks, and even pull with a pull of the thief to pull up and walked toward the crowd outside, while walking his mouth live The curse of the kind of thing unscrupulous thieves. Upon seeing the people around are gradually dispersed. That was nearly stole something woman could not help many thanks for Raymond, Raymond smiled and did not say anything, but Raymond's eyes are staring at the thief and his accomplices. Thief and his accomplices went out of the crowd, and found no one noticed the back, this release thief's hands, and then shouted: "You really TMD stupid, this is not good to do things, also were to seize! What a wimp! "" grass! I know what will pop up such a powerful SB? know you as I would like, ah, just start with the SB Intuit ruthless, my two wrists estimate is dislocated, and now severe pain ! Besides, you just kick me when doing with so much effort? "" I speak, I do not force people can believe it? That kid if they do not believe me, you went to the police station is now estimated to eat a free dinner! "This duo you made me a language said, totally did not find Raymond has appeared in behind them. "Next time he let me see this kid, I must find a few good brothers to pack him up, beating out the Today's mouth foul smells!" That thief ferocious said. "Do not wait for the next time, and I'm here, if you want to fight it out on me though Come!" "What people?" The thief and his accomplices heard not help surprised, quickly turned around and saw a man behind the positive face harmless to humans and animals hanging on a smile, but this smile look in the eyes of the two of them, but it is very scary. "You, how do you this? Do not you have things to do, go now?" Thief accomplices hesitated for a long time, suddenly react, said: "I am one who sent him to the police station on the line, you have something in spite of busy brothers Go! "At this moment, the thief's accomplices hearts are still praying, just did not hear the remarks Raymond. "Hey, I have things to do, but this thing is to put the two of you have to go to the police station!" Raymond sneered. "Dude What do you mean ah? How do I not understand?" Thief accomplices still fool. The thief is ferocious in the side, said: "Mom, do not, and his nonsense, look at the way this kid is definitely knows everything, let two people a man not afraid of him? Here just nobody, we put Boy did! "an own partners say, the thief also exposed cohorts face ferocious expression," wind "and look out a dagger from her, youleng light directed to stab Raymond come! At the same time, the thief also endure the pain of a dislocated wrist, rushed up together, you want to fit two-handedly will severely Raymond tidy! Three minutes later, Raymond hands patted the dust, and then pick up the phone and dialed 110. "Here is the wholesale market, uh, yes, there are two thieves, trouble you send someone to look at it! Good, good, My name is Raymond, right here waiting for you, right, that's my phone number. "Raymond reported after the police finished, looking down on the ground continue to issue" Ouch, ouch "sound of the two thieves, mouth hint sneer, mind is unfortunately not help thinking: "It seems that today is not the time to go antique market!" (sad reminder of what happened, shadowless detained more than 20,000 hits, because the point of pushing ratio imbalance, the system defaults click too .. shadowless sincere point tickets to everyone, I hope you will cast a few votes, Bese!!) <

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