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> Lu Yongfeng ability, Ma Chao is very clear. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM not say Lu Yongfeng that distinguished lineage, its strength is Lu Yongfeng, Ma Chao know of people in there that's definitely the most powerful! This time, his sister invited Lu Yongfeng either attend tonight's activity, with Ma Chao's identity and status, how to please move Lu Yongfeng? Even, even, and Lu Yongfeng had no chance to speak together! In the eyes of Ma Chao, Lu Yongfeng is simply unattainable exist, it is precisely because Ma Chao Lu Yongfeng know the ins and outs and strength, so you want with hundreds of party competence make! Unexpectedly, Ma Chao appears to be no suspense in a game, there will be even and had expected to completely opposite results! This allows Ma Chao surprise, but also secretly happy hearts! Yes, Ma Chao is now feeling nervous, scared plus happy! A person can be such a mood, it sounds a bit bizarre, but at this moment we have students from spoon Ma Chao, has indeed of such a feeling. Tension and fear, because Raymond was joking with an eye to look at yourself, Ma Chao know, the next he was definitely missed a beat fat meal! And is likely to also suffer much more than the last time! However, the upcoming Ma Chao is not much worried about the tragic fate, not that beating you? What's so great? But not useless before being punched! Hit double or even ten times the compensation after it wants to come back! And let Ma Chao happy thing, Raymond to this SB stunned even the Lu Yongfeng! Lu Yongfeng What kind of people? Lu Yongfeng stood behind what some people? How these people can easily overlook this into Raymond's killer? Even if you Linfeng Wu then high power but also how? Lu Yongfeng behind but has a very strong background and strength in Ma Chao opinion, you want to kill Raymond, Jane is really easy! So, in the beginning it had a few seconds of tension and worry, the Ma Chao immediately let go of the voice, loudly exclaimed: "come ah! Someone kill! Quickly come ah!" Qin Suya listen such a call to Ma Chao, eyebrows help a slight puckering, took Raymond's hand, whisper asked: "That man okay?" questioning when Qin Suya also pointed to the Lu Yongfeng lying on the floor. Raymond smiled, looked at Qin Suya, said: "Do not worry, nothing is lost consciousness later, a break that is good." "That's good! That person may seem simple, not really out of the something, then trouble. "Qin Suya worried since spoon said. In Qin Suya family background and have seen people, it was obvious Lu Yongfeng is a simple figure, most likely the military families of children, or which itself is a soldier, because Qin Suya from Lu Yongfeng's who saw some soldiers temperament. But in the eyes of Qin Suya, Raymond is only a small doctors can fight it, and how to work with these people against? A careless, do not know how to die! Most likely, their bodies after death can not be found, directly reported a missing trouble! Raymond Qin Suya has in mind which knows these things? But from the Qin Suya's eyes, Raymond was able to see each other fears and concerns of color, mind could not help slightly moved. "Do not worry, nothing wJ! Touches on this guy, the tragedy from a spoon, annoying! Let me go to him to pass the!" Raymond said, smiling. Qin Suya is hated for Ma Chao, heard nor blocked, but said: "Do not start too heavy, not out of life." In the eyes of Qin Suya, Ma Chao is a beaten decoration only, as long as Raymond in the past, is certainly This situation could not run! In fact, not that of Ma Chao Qin Suya intercede kidding? Ma Chao Qin Suya anxious to go out one day this bastard son of a bitch knocked the car itself fail, lying in bed together Never go! How will he plead? Have to say, many times, we Qin Suya classmates, is a heart Henla sister. However, all this is forced out, do not you? Qin Suya reason for saying this is totally afraid of Raymond accidentally, killing the other side to the crippled, that Raymond to escape the legal responsibilities of the! Ma Chao bigger sound more shouting, to the later, Ma Chao himself confused by his own words to do it, it seems to kill Raymond really put Lu Yongfeng general! But here is the bar area between K seven V package,Oakley Sunglasses UK, sound noisy, corridor and almost no one, so Ma Chao This is equivalent to doing a few wasted effort. Raymond Ma Chao's time has come in front, looking at Ma Chao, his face showing disgust expression, voice Senleng said: "I hate people in front of me Debating! Give you seven MD I remember, after I see, I rushed to Go to hell! If I see you let it, I'll break your legs! "" see a play once, see twice struck twice! till you are crippled so far! listen understand or not? "" You, you want to do? "Ma Chao's voice trembled, it is involuntary trembling legs, could not recede toward the back. At this moment,Oakley Sunglasses Sale, Raymond Ma Chao face when the heart in the end is still a bit scared. "Allows you to shut up!" Raymond Ma Chao nonsense no longer directly a punch in the nose Ma Chao! "Ah!" Ma Chao issued a scream, nosebleed long stream! "Damn! I make you shut up, how do you just do not listen to it?" Raymond ferocious cursed, then another punch, hit the left mandibular Ma Chao! "Bang!" Bang! This time, Ma Chao did not sound again, but went to Zhang vomited out two teeth! "Huh? Are you hurt it? How not call it? Seems I play lighter ah!" Raymond mouth smile suddenly emerged, then another punch hit! Ma Chao heart cursed, it's not you let me cry for you? Now they complain that I do not cry? There is no justice in this world? "Bang!" And look! Raymond Ma Chao's fist hit the eyes, Ma Chao suddenly became a black eye green. Next, Raymond Ma Chao is facing stepped Phosphatfilter, each punch, each foot, Raymond did not use the spiritual element and their own strength, only lightly marked a little lower, but this is the case, to Raymond tough body, Ma Chao, how can bear? Qin Suya see Raymond playing so cool, hearts intolerable, also conspire front, and Raymond together, carry on Ma Chao kicked! Hold anger in my heart more than a month,Nike Jordan 14 Sale, at this moment, finally got to vent! "Let your aging mother to eat tofu! Aging mother today on the waste you!" Qin Suya teeth angry, and heels, and bitter toward Ma Chao's crotch kick in the past! (To be continued) <

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