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> With a loud cry to the extreme misery, pain Ma Chao classmates finally fainted, and finally no longer suffer from Raymond and Qin Suya with these two demons tortured. WWw! QUAnBen! Com Raymond looked quite mean look to their own eyes, Qin Suya withdrew his pair of flat sandals wearing white jade feet, his face showing a touch of crimson. "I was so angry, so I do not care ......" Qin Suya whisper said, only comes later, some do not even believe in themselves. "In fact, I usually was a very gentle girl, the notice of management, considerate, amiable, your future will slowly understand." Qin Suya quickly said, you know, is like a man who behaved obedient, gentle woman Xianshu , especially as Raymond so powerful, they can play a man, more like such a small woman, at least, Qinsu Ya think so, so of course she had to demonstrate their job is such a woman. Raymond smiled, Landelikuai mind these small daughter at home, lying on the ground unconscious looked Ma Chao, heart secretly sigh, this kid does not know how many lifetimes poured mold, and she ran like a female Fiends Qin Suya ! Poor Ma Chao after the rest, we may have to say goodbye and sex. "Let's go back." Raymond did not want to stay here, if someone passed by, and saw two people lying on the ground, do not know will think it! Perhaps directly on that Raymond is a culprit, it was estimated that nothing will be said, can only be pretending saw nothing, quickly fled the scene, and then the police, let the police to clean up such a culprit! Or, heaven and earth bars are people who see the situation here, either they did not care, or they will intervene! Raymond can not seem to feel able to afford to open such kind of a large-scale integrated entertainment, would not a few thugs like the look wherever he goes? Even those who just want to deal with their own, they will certainly want to do in advance to find out their identity and background, no blind shots. But neither that case, Raymond did not want to participate, and more-less attitude, or a stable back to drink, not better? "Ah!" Qin Suya nodded politely, and Raymond had just finished expressing himself is a good girl, and now naturally obedient, or else himself in the eyes of Raymond is not to fall a "Sassy Girl" in the title? At Raymond and Qin Suya just left the scene less than a minute, lying on the ground and Ma Chao Lu Yongfeng duo were found! "Perfect Match" compartment inside. Seventy-eight men around a variety has one to two dress sexy voluptuous woman, the woman wearing a bold one exposure, almost every half a woman's breasts are exposed, legs wearing sexy stockings, miniskirts or open fork great short knee dress, face makeup, revealing smile. Needless to say, these are heaven on earth bar escort girl, this is a project to make money fast,Air Jordan 13 UK, almost every bar or night club will have their presence, Merry merry men come out, come out to talk about work, out to relax boredom, out seek excitement, natural and ultimately help these women. Many people have to say about these escort girls, appraise different, different opinions. Criticism if we do not say, we can say a big push to. Praise, then, we also embarrassed to say, for fear the book is crab, that time with a cup. But much to,air jordan store, but also worth thinking about. Since ancient times, societies laugh poverty but not prostitution, escort girl's presence, in a sense, is to relieve some pressure on the society, but also to avoid some of the crime rate. I remember Uncle Guo Degang said a word: "A lot of actresses for acting and directing sleep, they are not prostitutes do? They do not make money is to be famous before selling their body? Do not look down on prostitutes, many filled with lofty woman, their work and prostitutes almost. "And the community is also popular with this sentence, you may wish to look,Nike Air Jordan 8 UK Sale, win smile. "One does not steal, do not grab two, three do not oppose the ruling party: no land, no occupancy, but with a bed; not born female, not male Tim, do not give political ★ government trouble; no noise, no pollution, only occasionally shouting a call; no capital, no loans, own equipment to engage in production; laid girl, do not cry, and I went into a nightclub: although comfortable, fatigue, stimulating domestic demand, a foreign exchange; disaster do not move, do not mess with disaster resolutely improper third party; one do not steal, do not grab two, focus on reputation grasping the market; never too ugly, the old fear, the training of cadres great responsibility; a split-phase, a sub-price, genuine fixed price. "No doubt, these are now escort girls are doing is such a thing. Just keep these men and women in white spoon lingering happy occasion, "Perfect Match" private room door was suddenly pushed to the! "Dragons, you seven MD doing? Fuss? Land two small and did not see that chick is happy to play it? Disturb less land two consequences Do not you know! Your kid do not order it? Damn, you also do not die We pulled together! I rushed to get out! "a bespectacled, middle-aged man looking pale and abruptly rushed toward the young man that is called dragons whisper cursed. "Third, the third brother! Big bad!" Dragons flustered, big mouth panting, looking glasses men said tension. "Your kid is how is it? There is anything said slowly! There is less land two could happen here?" Glasses men called the third brother, said some unhappy, but the sound has been low, not dare to play the next few positive H is heard. "Third Brother, large and small, and super brother Lu was a stunned, lying between the outer bag near where!" Dragons hastened to say what they had seen, dragons just go outside to the toilet and saw lying on the ground two personal, like Lu Yongfeng and Ma Chao, positive self strange how the two men lying on the ground right? Could this be the year New popular leisure? The beginning of time, came to see one actually dared dragons, dragons, after all it is a small fry, or whether it is Lu Yongfeng Ma Chao, he can not offend onwards, two such kind of embarrassed by their own see, can have their own right? But later, dragons or boldly stepped forward and saw two are actually found passed out on the ground, called a few times after no response, this panic ran back and told it, even the toilets have refused to go on! "What did you say?" Third brother heard this, his face could not help "brush" sank, the whole people stood up from the couch! (To be continued) <

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