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05.06.2013 08:15
tomorrow is salsa cousin's antworten

> Back Jia Cheng district after their rental, Raymond sat down on the couch, picked up a can of beer in front of, "bang" about to open, and then "plump, plump" drink up. wWW! Quanben! CoM heard a voice outside, so Shen Congwen from his room came out and saw that Raymond, also sat down,Nike Air Jordan 10 Sale, picked up another bottle of beer drank. "Feng brother, you are now really big favor, I have not seen you!" Shen Congwen sipping wine, while said. Raymond saw Shen Congwen one, smiled and said: "Is not it? I'm busy? Almost every day I go home to sleep, unlike you wildly, days half see you go home to live once! I see o heir, you are busy Nick, this loss of rent post are dead! "" Hey, you are not do not know how busy emergency department over there? sometimes too late to sleep directly on the inside of a section, so come back to bother you rest. "Shen Congwen a quickly chuckled a few times, but how to listen to the sound a little guilty. Sure enough, Raymond one knew this kid lying face immediately be mercilessly exposed, said: "You little kid and my bother me! I do not know you do? Afraid to disturb my rest? Met almost ten years, and I really did not find that you have such a good heart! "Raymond Staveley, drank a beer, then said:" Besides, the emergency department is busy, but not as busy every day, so you die to live right? but more than one person you work! you live is dry, and others do? hospital give you two copies of the wages you? "" in all likelihood, your kid is with salsa together, you will not be outside they rented a house, right? If true rented, then here you are on the back of the bar, spend two cents, it is not worthwhile. "" Hey, brother or peak know me! "Lin Feng Shen Congwen is to uncover the lies and tell your, did not feel embarrassed, he and his brother Raymond is good for many years, and this thing count ass ah? I saw Shen Congwen stood up, took out from the fridge to four bottles of beer and a bag of peanuts, these things on the coffee table in front of the sofa, and then pick up the bottle opener, "Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! ", and the four bottles of beer are all open. Raymond and Shen Congwen have a great amount,Nike Air Jordan, usually also often together with a bag of peanuts, and on the bottles, only recently two people are busy, but less so of the time. "Salsa that roommate recently a business trip, I used to live for some time." Shen Congwen caught a few peanuts thrown into the mouth, chew a few times and said: "I earn so little money a month, which is a working salsa , but also earn some money, it could then renting an apartment ah? If really so dry, we can only lived two houses, drinking northwest wind up. "" salsa were good, you also dead, and you do not have anything to do? "Raymond laughing, Shen said is the truth, the two had just a few years into the society of young people, very little money, a lot of places to spend money, plus another love, time, nature spending relatively large, Shen Congwen from current students also owes a debt ass Raymond will be able to see out. Raymond heard asking, Shen sighed helplessly said: "Salsa man is really good, the two of us liked each other. Simply said that if Sarah's family want to get married, then we would buy a house in the Springs! As you know, buy a house in the Springs, how should one million or so, my family is an ordinary family, followed by a sister is in college, but where's the money to buy a house? even the Ministry can not afford the down payment! countries are now has introduced a series of shit policy is to curb real estate speculators say, in fact, I do want people who really want to buy a house to the curb! "Speaking of depressed areas, Shen Congwen help grabbed a bottle of beer just getting over , looking upward, "plump, plump," the Kuangguan down. Raymond knew the amount of Shen Congwen, did not say much, this is a very egg pain thing, if it is before, Raymond same will tangle in the above, but now things have changed a huge, Raymond would not depressed this again. In fact, Raymond wanted to help Shen Congwen buy a house, but Raymond knew Shen Congwen is a strong self-esteem, they themselves do so, it will certainly hurt the hearts of Shen Congwen. Well man, there are self-esteem, we must learn to respect, otherwise the consequences could be very serious. "Well, you do not depressed! Lane Piedmont Road! I am now learning to do business, that time may be able to help you a favor!" Raymond give Shen Congwen hit a shot, so if need be, also good reason to help one! Shen did not say anything, pick up the beer in the beer Raymond severely touched on, and then looked up and drank. Raymond also will bottle bottle of beer to a dry. "Yes, tomorrow is salsa cousin's birthday, invited me to attend her cousin's birthday party, no matter if you please, then, but also with the past, right?" Shen Congwen the empty bottle down, looking at Raymond said. "Well, tomorrow I'm just nothing to do, on the last play." Raymond immediately promised down, since it is the opening Shen Congwen, it will certainly be the last, to say the relationship between Raymond and Shali Li is also good, we often drink together before party or something. Because Shali Li special name, so sometimes we call her Lily, while others called her salsa, Raymond was named as Shen Congwen here, anyway one name only, code Bale. "Let 's mouth heir! Seven o'clock tomorrow night,Oakley Radar Online, heaven on earth bar! Do you know where it?" Shen Congwen asked. Raymond nodded and said: "I know, I came back from the hospital from the center on passing there." So, two guys who will continue to forward a packet pathetic peanuts, drinking beer. Raymond drink a lot, stood up to go toilet, Shen suddenly pulled Raymond, laughing: "Feng brother, your body there was a woman's taste D heir, is not have a girlfriend?" Raymond surprised a moment, What a long time I thought this kid a dog nose? Actually able to smell me a woman ignorant? Really amazing! Raymond came back although there is no bath, but has been drinking beer, alcohol smoked him early days, say two people drink so long, Shen did not smell, but now they smell, how can you not let Raymond surprised? You know, before, but did not find Raymond Shen Congwen and talent in this area ah! "Where's the feminine? Booze touches one!" Raymond ignore Shen Congwen, walked toward the bathroom: "You are not a kid and salsa together a long time? Nose a problem -)" "Hey, Feng brother, You do not deny! quickly attracted from the real, is not have a girlfriend? "Shen Congwen directed toilet loudly. (To be continued) <

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