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but it is hated for these antworten

> Raymond is now an honorary director of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the medicine has been recognized by the leadership, no longer suitable for night shift, so the yard decided that Raymond mainly work in general surgery, if traditional Chinese medicine have incurable diseases, you can contact Raymond, Raymond will be the first time, rushed to the traditional Chinese medicine, for the treatment of patients. wWw, quanbeN, cOM so Raymond finished today on a colon resection, under doctor's orders after they decided to go home refining immortality. But before alchemy, Raymond needed materials, but fortunately is where Raymond Integrative Medicine Hospital, and the required ingredients are common, so Raymond make a telephone call to the pharmacy, so they will need their own herbs ready directly back home after work. This time, the large number of medicines purchased by Raymond, Raymond spent about 30,000 yuan, in the end finished off later, Raymond found Han Ying give yourself over fifty thousand, leaving less than fifteen thousand a. Looked at the hands of herbs, Raymond some heartache, paycheck to paycheck, but he is now, finally get the point of silver, this time it took a half, this can not go on, how to find a way Zhengdian extra money is. But before alchemy, alchemy Raymond need to purchase a vessel. Refining immortality of the essential thing: materials, utensils, red fire, Dan cited. Dan is cited among senior refining immortality thing that must now ask Raymond refining, pulp washing only the most simple cutting hair, gluten fitness level of the class of people immortality, so no Dan cited. As Dan fire, would have more than is needed to build the base of the repair before using geocentric of the fire, but because Raymond is a moon of the body, you can use the lunar natal fire, so the fire Dan problems have also been solved. Materials have also been to complete the acquisition is needed now is a vessel used in alchemy. Utensils largely determines the level of alchemy and the probability of success out of the immortality of the refining level. The same material, the same conditions, the use of ground-level containers and utensils day level, refining the immortality of the grade will be different. Using ground-level containers refining immortality, the general situation will be refining the prefecture-level immortality, bad luck or improper use of fire when Dan, who is also refining the level of immortality, of course, if the character is big outbreak, it may also occur day level immortality, but the probability is very low. If you use a day-level class vessels refining immortality, the basic problem does not occur Dan burst, but there is the chance of immortality day level to take on a lot. "Of course, your kid if you can find the legendary Emperor Shennong Shennong tripod,Coach Online Outlet, that even if you are cast into the most common herbs are likely to refining Need immortality!" Qi Lu Yi said with emotion. According to Qi Lu Yi to say, people want to refining level of immortality, the most common purple utensils can be done, but in order to be able to find a high level of some of the vessels, Qi Lu Raymond Yap it is recommended to take a turn to the antique market turn, maybe you can find something good instead. So just what classes, Raymond went to the bus station, boarded a bus straight to the antique market. Fountain City antique market, located in the northwestern city of springs in a downtown area had been called, although the city because of the need to develop, the downtown area be transferred, but this once bustling downtown area is still quite , where the main pedestrian street and the antique market, there is a relatively large wholesale markets, wholesale all kinds of things, including agricultural products, building materials and so on, but also because the wholesale market, many foreign population here to work,oakley sunglasses online, so this area is relatively confusion. Raymond bus stop-go, and finally to the antique market this station, Raymond get off, going through the wholesale market, to the antique market. Therefore geographical reasons, you want to reach the antiques market has two paths to take, one is along the road, but it takes time to be more, and the other one is directly across the wholesale market, so you can save three-quarters of time, so most people would choose the back of this road, unless the person driving, that's another matter. At this point there is the bustling wholesale market, cries, cries, bargaining voice, and some traders took the children crying sound, play slapstick sound, some of the stall vendors selling food sounds, in short, a variety of filled with the sound all around the air. Raymond rarely come here before, this time not by some curious eyes looked around, gone. At this time, Raymond ** suddenly found a ten-year-old young boy, would sneak into his hands working with a woman's bag bargain stall inside! The boy keep three inches long, short hair, sticking out of the upper arm carved with a snake tattoo. Raymond frowned as he keen to discover, in this young side, there is another suspicious person, this time is look around, eyes from time to time down the tattoo teenager and the woman in front,Air Jordan 11 Sale, presumably should be a teenager accomplices, are on the lookout! "The thief?" Raymond eyebrows a challenge, heart secretly think! For year-old thief Raymond hated it and Raymond before a personal experience of a great relationship. That was the time in college, when Raymond like a girl, after some assiduous pursuit after the girl finally agreed and Raymond first intercourse for some time, if two people together appropriate, to continue contacts, if inappropriate , then it is separated. The news for the time Raymond is tantamount to the sounds of nature, after very excited after Raymond in Shen Congwen's suggestion, decided in a beautiful moonlight night, eat your favorite girl, and watching movies. But unexpected things happen all come to eat at the hotel, when Raymond all the money stolen by thieves to come, until checkout the occasion, Raymond distress does not take money, hotel staff meal being ridiculed, made Raymond anxious to find a way to seam drilling! Later, the girl will still pay money for dinner, and only after this thing such a farce, as the film did not go back after the girl refused and Raymond never been dating. Raymond often Mindful of the matter, do not mind the dark by the hatred born, sometimes thought, if it is not the thief, maybe the girl is now himself a wife! But good luck, Raymond is no way, but it is hated for these thieves! Plus a lot to all hospital patients are at home and selling land, finally save some money to treat the disease but did not see, he was a thief to steal the money, wasted patients the best treatment time, have led to a lot of human tragedy. Gein case, Raymond described for thieves hated! Therefore, today saw a thief was holding forceps ready to steal the woman said to the woman on the bag to start when the first reaction is Raymond right must not let that damn right thief succeeded, we must stop him! Think of it, Raymond a stride rushed the thief on the side, one to seize the thief on the wrist, shouted: "What are you doing?!" Raymond this a cry, immediately alerted the people around, especially that shopping woman and found just that someone wants to steal their stuff, are not alarmed, frightened of I immediately screamed uncontrollably! "Come, ah, come people catch the thief ah!" The woman screamed loudly, sounds very penetrating, far pass out, people around are attracted to the sound over, far from onlookers . Raymond thief is caught, then it is no fear of color, looking at Raymond, his eyes showing a trace of ferocious, ferocious, said: "Who are you the TMD? Tube I dare to stick your nose in children? Quickly put you dog paw take away! Otherwise I polite! "Raymond heard nuji anti-laugh, cold voice said:" Now the times have really changed! Are you a small thief was caught, even without fear of color, dare So talk to me? If I hold you how the? "sodium furious thief heard not help, then his right hand was Raymond caught, but it is left out of a homeopathic sharp dagger, pointing Raymond loudly:" Fuck! TMD you quickly let go, or else I may polite! I in the hands of a knife is not a vegetarian, be careful I White Knives, red knife out! "Raymond heard suddenly furious, harshly scolded:" You TMD really act recklessly! dare me Dong Daozi! not properly teach you a lesson today, you little bastard went after not turn Heaven! "Raymond said that, hands shoved a force, the thief suddenly felt a burst of wrist pain, not a "whoops" scream! ! <

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