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05.06.2013 05:28
Gu Shen to say two words antworten

On entering the room, Gu Shen to feel wrong, upstairs downstairs have no living signs, heart an earthquake, fast search again. Xu's brother fled, slightly value money to take away something gone, only the Gu Shen for the short sword is still used, put in the dying fire. Gu Shen is self-effacing to sit down, don't understand the elder sister younger brother two people can escape to where, in the city, will soon be found, jade jade city around not mountains, is the Gobi desert, the recent people gathering place is beyond number R ì journey, in this season, out of the city to travel to Dutch act. And then he knew, he was wrong again,Coach Totes Sale, the man in the mantle is not Jinpeng Fort watcher. Gu Shen for jumped up, ran out of the house, want to find someone to ask one thing, also want to find a horse, he ran to the "wall" pub, even if Tie Hanfeng wasn't in, the shopkeeper also can meet the needs of his two. Just run over the wall gap, Gu Shen to see Master is coming out of the pub. Iron cold front walk to the disciple, "how to engage in, as if out of order." The city fire and killer apprentices looking for the old faucet that spread throughout the south, iron cold know the time of day, natural heard. "In case of emergency, I need a horse." Iron cold believe that disciple, and turned back to the pub, a short while people out, and after a while, have led to two horses have a drowsy look. Are you coming with me. Of course. Gu Shen to think this way, and then jumped onto the horse, "which is the way to the stone house?" "Bi Yu City two road, the East, one west, the stone country in the south, which way are possible." Gu Shen for a stay, mind flashes, "west." He remembered that handle sword,Nike Air Jordan, hilt falls in the stove, the sword point toward the west, this must be Xu Xiaoyi to his information. The master and apprentice two people drive a horse to run to the west of the road, iron cold front finally time to ask, "what to do?" "Save." Gu Shen to say two words, toady to run faster. Iron cold frowned, he doesn't like "save", the killer's duty is to kill. The sun rises high, in a vast expanse of whiteness of the field, any object in motion can easily be found, Gu Shen is far away to see a slowly moving the carriage, and the car with the knight, the knight was dressed in a long black s è cloak, was supposed to cover other's eyes and ears, but now appears particularly glaring. In front of the vehicle to hear the rear hooves, parked on the roadside, Knight waited at the front, Gu Shen and iron cold rushed to the front, to see the car curtain opened, revealing some two siblings. Xu Xiaoyi lowered his head,Sunglasses Coach Cheap, little red face, smoke a look of surprise and anger, "how are you? We owe you money?" Iron cold front see the two, frown deepened, but he is more concerned that knight, cloak apparently hidden with a sharp knife. "You owe me two lives." Gu Shen is said coldly, "so I can't let someone take away." "You want to save people, we can not for you." Smoke micro blunt. "This time? Two the prince to kill both of you, you don't speak, I never came to the rescue." Smoke tiny one Leng, haven't open, next to the Xu Xiaoyi beat, "joyous elder brother, the two Prince is to take us to the stone country, >

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