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when they could scrounge antworten

> "First do not worry, you have mink cashmere store it?" Raymond said lightly. WwW,Coach Classic Sale, QunabEN, coM but the words, listening ears in the presence of everyone, but it has a different effect! "What does he want?" Tang Chang-hui mind first thought was doubt! This is a look at how ordinary Raymond Bale, wearing clothes, foot wear shoes are the kind of mass consumption, at best, but two hundred oceans only, now Shen Mei have already selected a mink fur , this kid has been estimated to cost savings of a few months,oakley sunglasses store, how now even dare to mink velvet? You know, mink cashmere and mink, but two distinct concepts, though they are made of mink fur body, but compared to mink mink cashmere to be refined, but more expensive, the price is several times more expensive, Of course, quality, etc., should be higher on a grade. Tang Caohui heart secretly wondering, if at the same time buy a mink and a mink cashmere, then, even if he could not bear to those who have some money, after all, this is not a small sum ah! Shen Mei's heart is also full of doubts, but Shen Mei mind to think of what seems to be like, look to Raymond's eyes also had some faint expectation. As for the female boss a fur shop Raymond words, his face already become more radiant smile, like flowers in general, a blanket mouth to the ears, the eyes also laughed flowers, then she looked at Raymond The eyes are not the same, and where is an ordinary young grudge? Even a distinct give money for their own God of Wealth Well! "There, there! Gentleman your way, please! Our store fur is our spring city best, quality assurance, fashionable and reasonable price, the most important thing is no fake!" Female boss while fur shop then talking cited Raymond walked toward the side, Shen Mei also followed. "Sir, how about you do this one? Purebred Las mink mink cashmere made you look at this color, this feeling, this style, there is this ...... fur shop gushing female boss explain it, these pieces of pure white fur mink cashmere boast seems to be the best under the sun, like leather. Raymond fur shop will know quite a lot of moisture into the female boss speech, but this really is an excellent mink cashmere coat, terms of texture, color, texture, style or grace, are unique. "Good! It also helped me a loaded up now! "Raymond do not hesitate, immediately said with a smile." Well, well! Snow, hurry to help this gentleman to put two bottles of fur! "Female boss a fur shop, his face a smile even more quickly directed around a female clerk told Road." Yes, boss! "Saleswoman look of frustration, usually the boss is not very good in the store, most are in their custody this fur shop, sell the clothes themselves have a commission can take. But who knows the boss actually came today, came it when the key is today also come such a God of Wealth! suddenly bought two fur, which if placed in peacetime, to say himself how to put on a few thousand dollars Tiwi! but Today ...... hey, who let his boss today to Nick? depressed, some snow hearts the joy of not to sell clothes, but is depressed by a deep sense of affection to fill full. female fur shop boss naturally not going to pay attention to their hands an employees' ideas, when her heart is filled with deep joy. two fur, but in the more than two hundred thousand worth ah! deducting costs and various consumption alone These two pieces of fur, there is a net profit of tens of thousands! excited female boss how to prevent this? "If every day for more than a few such suckers the more wonderful? ! "Female boss hearts secretly thought in her eyes, Raymond is simply a poke. Imagine how an ordinary person will suddenly bought two fur? And where there is a velvet mink fur? That is not being taken advantage of and What?! but fur shop female boss is apparently hoping a little more like being taken advantage of, so that he may send up! not to mention fur store clerk hands her female boss and thoughts from a spoon, but rather said Shen Mei hearts was anxious to Raymond aside and whispered: "Raymond, what are you doing? You just pick that piece of fur mink cashmere worth you know? More than one hundred and eighty thousand! Two together is more than two hundred thousand ah! How do you find so much money? Besides, you buy so many furs do? "Shen Mei's face looked anxious, Raymond smiled and said:" The money thing you do not worry, I can handle that. As for why to buy two, now you know! "" You will not do anything illegal things, right? "Shen Mei suddenly move the hearts of the whole body can not help but hit a Jiling, asked, worried. Wonder Shen Mei would ask to Raymond's income when they could scrounge two hundred thousand? Say it is Raymond bought lottery prize, killing Shen Rose did not believe, to say the lottery prize is so good, then we do not have to work, buy a lottery ticket lottery point directly squatting forget. "What am I you do not know? How likely do illegal things? Do not think of! Do not worry! "Raymond Shen Mei hand patted the shoulder, comforted. See Raymond does not seem fake, Shen Mei's heart is not put down by a little of this time, the snow has two fur are packaged well, fur shop female boss took two fur, Raymond and Shen Mei went to him, smiled and said: "This gentleman, a total of two pieces of fur is two hundred thirteen thousand five hundred eighty-eight yuan, today I would no longer Chi Diankui, give you a discount off the resort, you gave a total of two hundred and ten thousand on it! Even if we make a new friend, after Mr welcome to our store often come around. '"Well, thank you boss." Raymond faint smile. "Do not know sir you are credit card or pay cash?" Female boss seems to smile, then asked. "Swipe it!" Raymond out to buy things, the body is brought some money, but do not be crazy enough to be out shopping with a twenty degree of tens of thousands of, say, who would in the consumer when it comes with hundreds of thousands of cash? Therefore, after Raymond finished card, fur shop female boss Raymond quickly guided to the POS machine on the counter next to the cashier schematically receivables. "Haha, the original is wanted installment ah!" Tang Caohui see Raymond swipe, I suddenly thought now can pay in installments, could not help laughing, verbal ridicule. But Tang Caohui laughter has not landed, the people like to see what incredible things in general,Nike Jordan 7 Sale, Raymond looked straight in the hands of the bank card! "Black card? How would a black card?" Tang Caohui looking at the hands of Raymond bank card, the people could not help stunned! (To be continued) <

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