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05.06.2013 05:09
Raymond heart has give birth antworten

> "Things turned out would be like this ......" After listening to the narrative of small ghosts, Raymond playing quite ignorant of his face showing a trace of a smile. WWw. quANBEn. Com Immediately, Raymond looked lost consciousness in the corner on the affair which men and women, heart hissing endless. It really is a wonderful world it is, some special hobby, will actually lead to a peculiar, is really a drink a pecking, all doomed. At this step, Raymond mind has been thoroughly understand things. This is a small Japanese mass graves left after killing, which the ghosts of small Japanese resentment only normal, but why these four individuals and Japan have some more or less implicated, this angered the two ghosts, leads the back of the case. Originally a large soul according to the meaning of this pair has a direct betrayal of the men and women killed trouble to vent my hate. Why this time, Shi Jinlong appeared, showing impressive strength, directly to the small ghosts overawed, and later still great soul shot, the Shi Jinlong evicted. But with such a small episode, the size of the soul mind on some drums, and half past one would not dare to start. Then tighten a Hanjin Quan notified immediately rush over, and Shi Jinlong together in the research building and sizes among ghosts had the first fight, though defeated enemy, but the size of ghosts clear mind, this time I am afraid there is a trouble, both personal strength are impressive, fear is unwilling to let go. It is also because of this concern, this betrayal keep this little life of men and women, is the size of ghosts temporarily imprisoned here. Sure enough, one day less than two Querfufan Shi Jinlong, and brought back a new helper Raymond, Raymond although young, appearance is not surprising, but the strength is among the three most powerful, and more will Using spiritual device, messengers lunar fire, soon as he grips, they hit the big ghosts! Little ghosts haunting strength far as large, see the big soul lost, little ghosts quickly coming to Raymond yield, so with just that scene. "An expert, looked at us in front of poor people's sake also, to spare us!" Little ghost spoke these words, "plop" sound knees, constantly kowtow mercy toward Raymond. The size of the ghosts who decades ago, when most of the generation that followed the main heritage gift, so will kowtow to Raymond mercy. Raymond looked at the size of the soul, the heart ups and downs! These two ghosts, lifetime miserable, were killed and died. Turned into a ghost, then generate awareness, but has encountered and executioners about people and things, greatly stimulated their nerves, this has to kill a man, imprisoned two practices. True if speaking, these two ghosts miserable life experience, experience is even more tragic. Moreover, the size of the ghosts that female students killed,Air Jordan Flight 9 UK Sale, is itself a murderer, although it is manslaughter, and will not betray the death penalty, but the best time of his life in prison being bound doomed to spend,Coach Classic Clearance, which is a beauty and but also in the golden age of the female} Hai, perhaps more terrible than death! However, these two ghosts, after all, is to kill the living, but also sudden, so much movement, if not some of its discipline, I am afraid there is no way explain ah! For a time, the idea of ​​two distinct minds flashed in Raymond, hearts raise uncertainty, not knowing Zensheng choice! "Brats, thinking about it? Yin yuan is not got beads, put your kid to bad music?" Just when Raymond secretly scratching incessantly, Qi Lu Yi's voice sounded in the minds Raymond. A bitter laugh, Raymond helplessly said: "Let the old, you do not cancel the juniors!" "Oh? Looks at you, it seems difficult decision of what happened?" Qi Lu Yi seeing this, the hearts of a move, already guessing a 7788, but did not say so, but asked. "Let the old, do you think these two ghosts how to deal with? Kill 7 or put?" Raymond, after a moment of silence, suddenly asked. "Hey, brats, you obviously have to make a decision, the old man asked me what? Are not looking for a scapegoat ah?!" Qi Lu Yi heard Hey smile, said. "The amount ......" Raymond suddenly silent a while, I thought in the end,Coach Bags UK, or ginger is the old lady ah, such a moment to look out the hearts of the decision of Raymond. As Qi Lu Yi said, Raymond indeed has made a decision. Although these two ghosts killed a man, but so what? In this world, killing more people go, some legitimate means, some illegal means! Nevertheless, both legal and illegal, in the end not all kill you? There are a few people by the discipline? What's more, it was just two soul only, but why do you want to be treated in accordance with normal? Therefore, Raymond heart has give birth to the idea of ​​no longer pursue the matter, or direct them to the Hanjin Quan deal is, and he do not have to try so hard effort. At that time, Hanjin Quan is left is to kill, and Raymond could not the slightest relationship, after Hanjin Quan is head of his soul to the head is also reasonable. Since Raymond no such intention, it has been described Raymond ghosts do not want to make things difficult for these two. Just from this point, Qi Lu Yi will understand Raymond's mind. As Han Jinquan duo woke up, how to be accountable, and that could not be easier, but to say that two ghosts to extermination by their own spot, without leaving anything presumably Hanjin Quan duo also would not believe! But there is another idea Raymond mind, but it is Qi Lu Yi never guess that is the main reason for this decision Raymond! Without it, Raymond need help! And this is undoubtedly the best two candidates ghosts, at least for now this! Among the secular world, there is Wang Jiawu forces and resources to support a mighty group membership as amulets, but in the dark, Raymond is also an urgent need for a helper, after all, a lot of things, not the clear surface can be solved! Would not it be that these two ghosts, but at this stage the most suitable candidate for the? Think of it, Raymond mouth flashing a smile, looking at the size of the soul, faint asked: "Look in your sub is not easy, I'll spare you time, put you on a horse!" Size ghosts a mind not help Sarkozy Qi a move quickly toward the bow Raymond Tse said: "Thank Supreme mercy!" "However, I have a condition!" Raymond smiled and interrupted the size of the congregation of the dead words. "Ah?" Size ghosts shouted a moment, I do not know what is the condition called Raymond, Raymond look to help kick off the eyes. "Allegiance to me, after only my life is! Do not know, you may be willing to?!" Raymond flatly, but an invisible but with the cold murderous! Size similar to a haunting look, eyes shouted from the other side to see the answer, then bowed toward Raymond, mouth and said: "Master in the last, please accept my wait a worship!" (To be continued) <

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