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Natural circle again antworten

> Mass graves being produced such a powerful soul, but also in such a dense population, yang so powerful place, where it is worth pondering the reason! In general, the mass graves because more people die from the spoon, chi too heavy, not suitable for the construction of residential buildings or parks, roads a kind of building. wWW. QUanbeN. Com because these buildings on popularity thin, hid the powerful chi, may often be the occupants bring some trouble. If it is the case of residential buildings, the light because the yin and yang imbalance sick, heavy likely would have died! If the road is built, the day is still good, if it is night, it is quite likely to cause trouble because of strong chi, causing all sorts of illusions, such as the illusion of the people driving the confusion, accidents will inevitable. The same as those for this reason, not repeat them. Therefore, in general, but all mass graves or mass graves where a class of more dead will build more schools, hospitals and other places, because these places very busy popular, strong yang, yin on the subsequent reduction , ghosts difficult to longevity, no ghosts, haunting chi may be minimal. This is an unwritten rule, China several thousand years of history down, all is so. But that said go, sometimes longer built on what school or hospital, the same supernatural events have occurred. Here we insert a small episode its population, one is we personally experienced, the other is Men school thing. At that time in junior high school, going to night classes every day, and just one year four classes, you only need to open two classrooms enough to use (there are some non-commuting on the study). That night, I and three other brothers dorm classrooms on the study in four classes, recess is wanted to return to their classes (class, each of the two at the end of the corridor) to pick up some things, so four people laughing walked toward a group of classrooms. In front of the four of us, there is another one of the students behind us, there are another way students holding a flashlight. Because the corridor no lights, so some girls timid,Oakley Polarized Online, he took a flashlight road. When approaching a group in front, flashlight lights flashed, I saw two kids, one wearing a red dress, wearing a green dress, flashed in front of us, a group of fleeing into the classroom! This did not much care, because township middle school, evening study hall, there will be some students with their own brothers and sisters at home together for easy care. At that time the idea of ​​the four of us are all that, it is estimated that two children who bring up. No two words, we have a line several people walked into the classroom mighty, the first man into the classroom desk is located in the first row,Air Jordan Big Ups UK, took things turned to go, and no lights mean. At this time the four of us went in, from curiosity, suddenly asked the first person, just come in two children Whose? But first comes the students simply do not find any kids come in! We certainly do not believe, immediately turn on the light around looking for someone, but inside the classroom was empty, except for tables and chairs outside, there is only five of us, which also came sixth man? For a time, the four of us secretly scared hearts, always feel just will not look at the anchor is! Just at this time, holding a flashlight behind the female students also came in, an opening to ask, just those two little 7 Hai Whose ah? A phrase, the remaining five people Jujie shocked! Obviously, just that scene, the female students have seen! At this time, female students flashlight still not closed, flashed by in the classroom, according to the the window, we saw outside the window (our classroom on the fourth floor), one red and one green, two figure flashed, and instantly disappeared without a trace! Was yet young, to see this and other strange things, no longer afraid to stay long, do not study up on, and we ran back to the dorm with four roommates, and then on a long time have not been going to night classes! Later, in retrospect, was probably due to the refraction of light flashlight produces all sorts of illusions also unknown. Just a thought to this, this illusion arises because the lights, look in the eyes you need a specific angle is. At that time the four of us in front, side by side and the line,Madison Coach Cheap, behind female} Hai angle is unclear, but the total can not all be able to see it so suitable light reflection phenomenon, right? Fortunately, no anything about the situation later, this thing will slowly forgotten. But in the end is what really occurred, or light reflection phenomenon, really that is not clear. Another story is the junior Dageng uncle happened to. Night after night classes, students have to leave, Dageng uncle locked the classroom door, ready to sleep. Natural circle again before going to bed every classroom visits, to see if the class has not been locked doors and windows. When the line to the fourth floor, when suddenly there came a sound of high heels! This voice Jihuan white, and rhythm and orderly, as if dancing general! Grandpa strange mind, who is not home so late, dancing inside the classroom? ! Followed the sound around, from the classes of the classroom is the sound coming out. Grandpa come near, while lying windows and saw the huge figure inside the classroom what can there be dancing? Clearly only a pair of red shoes in a constantly jumping on top of the desk! Scream, uncle scared soul flying, scratching and scrambling ran down the stairs, never to return! This true, circulating in our school for many years, said second class there was a little girl, very talented dancing, jumping is also very good, but the home opposition, and finally died of suicide. Meanwhile all, are all indicative of a sense of mystery. Words Reformed topic. All three know something tricky, whether these two powerful soul is itself generated inside the school building, or later to go, did not so simple! Silent for a moment, Raymond suddenly spoke and said: "History of Big Brother, this four parents of the students and social relations do you have investigated? Can have anything unusual place?" Shi Jinlong old as a member of the protoss, these Raymond does not need reminding of natural things, has long been thoroughly investigated. Listen Raymond asked Shi Jinlong think about it, directly spoke and said: "This four students' social relations are very simple, in addition to some friends and relatives outside, without any special social relationship as their parents, but also ordinary people are small staff. "" One of the first that the two missing girl's parents are farmers, and later the couple disappeared, the boy's parents is also very common, and his father was a Japanese translation! "" Japanese Translation?! "Raymond Getting remark, heart not a move, Ling-tai on a flash, a question emerges faint at the sight! (To be continued) <

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