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these wealthy people naturally antworten

> Who has such feelings can not just Zhao Yanhui a man! Tan Jie yes, Han Ying case, Xing Bin, so is! Tea entrance in the spirit of the moment, everyone felt an unprecedented sense! Everyone looked shocked, haggard expression, Raymond's face suddenly showing a hint of a smile is quite interesting to! Xia Qingqing looked back and saw Xia Qingqing and his face is a general expression! Perhaps, this time among the restaurant, it was only Raymond, Xia Qingqing, King City, and that several hostesses able to maintain the state of sobriety! After a few moments, but like a long time, these people leisurely recovered! "What is this tea? So tasty? Back I must drink every day!" "This tea tastes very special ah! Oh this is the first time I have tea! Called spiritual tea, really worthy of the name ah!" One Shujia Bin reaction come after, the reigning have began. "No, I have to go back to do a membership card in order to later be able to make a cup of tea when a discount! Hey, NIE, you know where the tea price how do?", "How can you like a pot of tea prices ? at most, a few thousand pieces chant! to your boss's position in the construction industry, you want to drink tea benefits, but also care about one thousand eight hundred? "" Haha! talk of the town, your kid is laughing at me ah! who You do not know the talk of the town is a real estate tycoon! "previous visit, then that Zhang boss laughing and hear his jokes, while tunneling hand pick up the price on the table corner table. "Let me see here the price ......" Zhang boss while visiting the words, while eyeing a price sheet. As soon as he landed just above the eyes, Zhang boss behind the words to say come! Just because the price on the price of a single, big surprise since his spoon expected! "This is, how is this possible?" Zhang boss stared, mouth fell open, looking at the incredible 171! "Haha, how the embittered? Is not the price too will be straight, and make you feel to come here to drink tea beneath the face n heir?!" Li Zhang boss grabbed the hands of a single price, then smiled and 151: "But here, the taste is really good,Oakley Holbrook, cheap and handy straight points chant! do not need everything feisty, to face!" Li said, as he looked at a symbolic price. "Ah? Above is not to write a zero ah?" In the talk of the town to see the price of the first time, he even thought of making sure that the price of a single person to engage in the number of zeros behind the anchor! More out of a praseodymium empty! But, then, talk of the town discovered that the anchor may not be the person making spread table, but their own! Without it, just because, in the back of a string of Arabic numerals, plainly marked with the English do,Outlet Coach Bags, meaning both are the same: thousands of people with disabilities credits! This look, Lao Li Zhang boss finally really why this is so panicked! Any who first saw a pot of tea, then the price value of hundreds of thousands, probably will not calm acceptance! "This is the boss of the restaurant will not be crazy, right?" An idea, and instantly the talk of the town's heart to take out! And Lao Li, Zhang boss has the same idea in, and a minority. This price is only talk on the table the name of more than ten kinds of tea, atop placed there, but people who come here are suddenly head, face, figure, no one note at the beginning of the balcony level. But when we tasted the taste of tea after the Spirit, for the Spirit Dove are greatly attracted to, I naturally wanted to find out the price! This look does not matter, straight let everyone stunned, heart ideas pour! Shocked those who have, lamenting those who have, those who disagree with them. Field and only a few people,Coach Bags Store, so the price will be on a slight frown at first, then the child will be a 无可无不可 configuration. Raymond expression of the people are looking in the eyes, naturally understand everyone's ideas. This restaurant is just the beginning of the positioning is not an ordinary citizen, nor a general audience, but the high-end crowd, so the nine such cases, Raymond also be psychologically prepared for drought. Although among the most powerless people in this consumption, but this one is free tasting will not miss the opportunity, plus this Spirit tea taste really different, the effect is extraordinary, people naturally much fun a few drinks it. As time goes by, the restaurant's opening ceremony Lingquan also come to an end. After the ceremony, Lingquan restaurant's reputation at the same time, the spread among the rich off! A pot of tea and one hundred thousand, so the price, even the whole country, I am afraid it is difficult to find a second home, right? You have your truth! As people continue to participate in the opening ceremony of friends and colleagues publicity, chat, Lingquan restaurant's house sound is more and more big, mysterious atmosphere is more concentrated! In everyone's psychological adventures, these wealthy people naturally no exception, although the price Lingquan ridiculously expensive restaurant, but simply did not stop these people want to try fresh ideas! Therefore, the ability of people to come alone, no ability or lack of people, it is about three to five people together, a total of operculum pay, in short order to be able to drink tea spirit here, can think of a way to want out! For a time, things Lingquan restaurant in the upper social legislation yeast caused a chain reaction, more and more wealthy people came to spiritual seven restaurants, the purpose is a spiritual goods The Taste of Tea! Lingquan restaurant business is getting better, rising popularity, and even some people who come here from other provinces. The matter, then, for the time being does not form. Guests dispersed, the lanterns. Among Lingquan restaurant, but also to restore its former calm, leaving only one person in the silent Xia Qingqing pack up everything here. Raymond looked Xia Qingqing busy, my mind to trace apologetic. According to the meaning of Raymond, is to ask a few odd jobs cleaning staff to do these things, but Xia Qingqing strongly disagreed, the original district is at this time the restaurant has not yet profitable, until earnings again later when false. Naturally, these chores fell on Xia Qingqing a weak woman who has. Gently shook his head, Raymond turned to leave, King City is followed. Out Lingquan restaurant, Raymond That stopped stature, looked around King City, said: "You have done well! Hard hurt!" Steep Wen praised Raymond, King City, very happy, excited to be able to voice sounded: "Thank you, boss praise! can serve as a boss, is the king of the city's blessing!" seeing Raymond nodded, mindful that King City is indeed a going astray. "Yes, boss, master of the house today to hear Lingquan restaurant opened specially ordered sent a gift, but also hope the boss kindly!" King City suddenly remembered, blurted! "Mouth me?" Raymond one, are not to the interest! (To be continued) <

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