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simple surgical operation antworten

> At this time, the operating room, the door was pushed open from the outside came a man, who we have not seen, but to accompany the people around this man, we know ... but it is. WWw. quANBEn. Com Zhao Yanhui! "Zhaoyuan Zhang!" Shouted the operating room where people cried. Zhao Yanhui should be a cry, punch everyone nodded, then pointed to the side of the people, to the people around introduction said: "This is the center's deputy director of cardiac surgery hospital physician, director Xiao-day!" This Xiao days, impressively is that hair graying of the central hospital doctors conversation disapproval two little old man! Upon receipt of the emergency coordination Hospital Medical Center after Xiao days just do not go on rounds in the hospital, so let Xiao-day Medical Services immediately decided to participate in the Second Hospital emergency surgery. Xiao-day the man, low key easygoing, but on the entire cardiovascular community, but it is Weiminghehe, even domestic dean of Fu Wai Cardiovascular Hospital in the experts, but also admire Xiao day! And Xiao-days have been to the United States, Germany, several postgraduate education, learning its advanced technology and experience, and in the United States and Germany, it was done independently in several cases it was extremely difficult for the virtues of the heart surgery, a time of deep attention, causing an international sensation! When the United States and Germany out of the extremely generous treatment, Xiao-day requirement to stay, it can be said, as long as Xiao-day stay in the U.S. or Germany is willing to any one country, then the future is limitless! However, Sun-day, or declined, resolutely returned to the country. When its time, Sun day was widely reported as a typical figure and publicity, and even national leaders have personally met someone, be commended and encouraged. Fu Wai Hospital, it is an olive branch to Xiao-day, able to bring hope Xiao Fu Wai Hospital, worked day and promised to favorable conditions and treatment. Xiao days, or simply refused, he did not hesitate to choose to return to the Springs Central Hospital worked! Many people do not understand, do not stay in a foreign country, is still to be understood, explained Xiao-day patriotic Song of the motherland. But since it has been back home, so why even Fu Wai Hospital, Mount Rushmore domestic general hospitals do not go? That so many people find it difficult figured out. In fact, Sun day back to the central hospital for the simple reason, it is because Xiao-day instructor, which is currently the center of the Hospital director of surgery for Xiao-day expectations of profound hope in his retirement, Sun day be able to play from the center of the hospital's cardiac surgery to and bring out a truly elite team of cardiac surgery! Therefore, Sun day hesitate to choose to return home, and unshakeable, dedicated cardiac surgery hospital in the center of the work. For Xiao-day stories, spring almost all cities in the industry know that we have more choices for its people appraise and so forth, but if talking about loyalty Xiao-day right mentor, that no-one can not say two words, the only extended a thumbs up to, like the sound! At this point, the crowd heard turned out to be an expert to Professor Sun Xiaotian, one could not help immediately excited again, have toward Xiao days playing hello to! "Professor Sun is good!" "Professor Sun! Hard!" Xiao day smiling, though with a mask and hat, can not see his face, but from the point of view changes in facial muscles, can still be seen amiable smile. "Well, who can I talk about the simple and the patient's condition? Imaging studies where?" Xiao-day crowd greeted one by one, this looked at the crowd said. Raymond faint smile, stood up and said: "Director Sun, I speak with you about the patient's condition, right! '" Late today, ten o'clock, the patient drunken altercation with others, is a folding knife piercing the left side of the chest, causing the left pneumothorax suspected cardiac injury ...... "Raymond quickly and simply put the condition that again, At the same time, Sun day is holding the patient's imaging data in carefully watching, listening to Raymond then, nodding from time to time. Just at this point, the operating room door porter little nurse ran in, said: "Patients love coming!" "Ah I my wife to go and explain to the patient's illness!" Tan Jie heard once said, then strode out. Before surgery need to sign various consents, power of attorney, transfusion consent. If it is a real emergency, can not find their families, then no way, can only be carried out surgery until after saying these instruments is. The patient is also extremely serious injury, but fortunately their families in the shortest amount of time to drive over, so would also like to explain to the families of the disease, and signed consent of all kinds. Xiao-day moments after watching the film, on the introduction of Raymond and emergency handling is also very satisfied. From Raymond's appearance, Raymond is nothing but a twenty-year-old young doctor only, so doctors are often just a small graduate work a few years, a solid theoretical knowledge rich, but the actual wave of people with limited capacity. Longer able to do the scene, such as first aid, like Raymond, it is very rare,oakley outlet store, so Xiao-day deliberately toward Raymond nodded and said: "Young man, do good!" That one, the scene suddenly a bit strange. Raymond heart smile incessantly, but the other did not know their identity and ability to speak on such a one, when the young doctor is a general praise, but also to be proud of. Think of it, nor too entangled Raymond, responded with a smile. Xiao-day in it will not waste any more time, at this moment, his eyes, only patients with a surgical bed lying! "Go ahead!" Xiao days after the finish touch of a word, turned and walked toward the outside, outside the operating room scrub pool, prior to surgery to be seven handwashing of hand and forearm, upper arm disinfected. Raymond also will be out today this surgery is cardiac surgery, Raymond is the best time to learn. The anesthetic side, have signed a good anesthesia consent before anesthesia induction begin work! Good anesthesia, is to determine whether the operation is a prerequisite for the smooth conduct. Especially the heart so precise surgery, the anesthesiologist's role will become increasingly more important. As the saying goes: surgical treatment, anesthesia life insurance. This point is not aimless, but indeed justified. A surgery, even failed to do, and that at most, the patient accomplishment for some time,nike air jordan, to see if there may once again it wants surgery, the patient will live well, or that you can live. But anesthesia is not the same. If Anesthetic what's the problem, then, is likely to leave in the patient's life on the operating table, without it it is because, in charge of the patient anesthesia breathing and circulation, respiration did not, and my wife for a few minutes will die, circulatory instability, the possibility of death at any time! Gein case, will have the above sentence, and invisible, in the operating room, anesthesia status and role is self-evident. In general, divided into general anesthesia and regional anesthesia anesthetic block. Anesthesia refers by intravenous or inhaled anesthetics, allowing patients to enter the anesthesia, the patient's oral or nasal or tracheal tube being inserted into an oropharyngeal airway, connected to the ventilator, control the patient's breathing, the patient's breathing disappear, which will help the surgeon's surgical procedure. General anesthesia requires the four basic drugs: sedation, anesthesia, analgesia and muscle relaxation drugs. Sedatives is designed to allow the patient to relax, to sleep, to reduce the amount of anesthetic. Needless to say anesthetic effect, but because almost all anesthetics have no analgesic effects, so they need plus analgesics. The role of muscle relaxants is irreplaceable. Its main function is to make the patient relax all the muscles of the body, including the respiratory muscles can not move, which is why intubation should be carried out before surgery, one of the reasons. Muscles can be relaxed, for the surgeon is a good thing, a relatively simple surgical operation to many, it is an extraordinary discovery. The regional block anesthetic is one shall be called, including anesthesia, epidural anesthesia, subarachnoid anesthesia, epidural anesthesia, nerve block and so on. We are most familiar with caesarean section, appendicitis surgery, the use of the basic unit of epidural or spinal-epidural anesthesia, while the fracture, it is generally used for nerve block anesthesia, the effect is not good, can be added with the meridians anesthetics and towns pain medicine, joint, assisted anesthesia. Today's heart surgery, without a doubt, the choice is the anesthesia intubation. However, cardiac surgery and general anesthesia is not the same,Oakley Sunglasses Store, not only need to pay attention because the human body caused by heart surgery hemodynamic changes, but also to consider anesthetic drugs on cardiac blood flow, it is generally applied to large doses of fentanyl Nepal anesthesia. See Xiao-day ready, anesthesia doctor immediately begin to start preparing. Although anesthesiology Lu Changrong not yet come, fear is still on the road to two yuan catch. However, patients with serious illness, ranging from people, they can only begin anesthesia. Meridians given midazolam injection of two milligrams of propofol bolus injection of one hundred milligrams, then given vecuronium injection eight milligrams, then intravenous fentanyl 0.2 mg. Then, buckle masks, oxygen nitrogen row, pick up the laryngoscope, endotracheal intubation successfully completed, connect the ventilator, began to press kilogram of body weight, such as anesthetics for intravenous infusion to maintain. The rest, to sit around and wait surgeon disinfection, shop list for surgery! Everything is ready, an instrument are to be brought from the center of the hospital, even equipment nurses are no exception. Raymond disinfection is completed, paved list after, Sun day standing position of the surgeon, I saw him looking up an anesthesiologist, anesthesiologist see nod license, Sun Days That deep breath, Chen Sheng said: "Start it! "(To be continued) <

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