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for a pendulum on the antworten

> "Gave us a pot of ice before rain finest charge it," pointing tea Qilian pass a name on the list says. Www! QuanBEn! COM this pot of tea, priced at one hundred and twenty thousand, although this money is just a tiny fraction of the Qilian pass, there was nothing, but to drink a pot of tea to spend hundreds of thousands, it is indeed enough people distressed it. But no way, Who boast of his earlier under the sea, said this evening by themselves to pay for it? "Yes! Gentlemen wait!" Xia Qingqing smiled, put away tea alone, and turned to the back ready to go. See this opportunity, Raymond also went to stand up, facing the trio said: "Lin went to look easy, excuse me!" Immediately, Raymond went into the preparation room, where Xia Qingqing positive smiling face waiting for him. "Forest brothers, these are what people ah? So much money? Drink a pot of more than ten million do not care?" Do not just Xia Qingqing poised performance, but turned around, Xia Qingqing he showed his immense horror on his face. Had afternoon when Raymond called me, so that my tea quickly do a single, Xia Qingqing really not expensive standard price! A pot of tea one hundred thousand, which is where ordinary people can afford to? Even those wealthy businessmen, officials, large and small and his ilk, and few people can drink from this cup of tea? Even the occasional drink once or twice it wants, and who long to drink? If really so drink a few times, it might ruin the? Listen Xia Qingqing say this, Raymond did not mind. "The clear, while you use this pot of water tea." Said, Raymond magically out from behind a charming little bottle, filled with water. The water is naturally among Lingquan a small world, Raymond purpose of this is to give these Lingquan Xia Qingqing. "You are where did you get that pot of water?" As soon as he took the bottle and gently sniffed a sniff, Xia Qingqing felt this jug of water an extraordinary place, as to what is extraordinary, but Xia Qingqing half past one would say that is not clear. Raymond smiled and said: "This you do not have control. Later our family restaurant, so the tea are used to cook is like water, but every time it just a little bit of water in it can be. Looking back I let SPLM Some come! "" Lin Brother, you will not have any inside this water problem, right? "Xia Qingqing see Raymond secretive way, are not vigilant asked. For the tea ceremony, Xia Qingqing love like his own life, is naturally not tolerate any slack in which the. See Xia Qingqing so guard look, Raymond could not help smile: "the clear, imagining what? But this is I stumbled on Long Zhe sihou Hill discovered a pit next to the spring fills the water quality of this spring excellent, is the most suitable for tea. simply not spring, not so much for the springs we use, so each time only against some ordinary water. "Left, Raymond only coined a saying, or else to Xia Qingqing's character, does not clarify the origins of this water problem, it really could not have tea, and if that's the case, the customer can be really necessary to drink tea smashing shop! Fortunately, this lie Raymond, Xia Qingqing 1:30 would have no way to find out, the mountain danger, Xia Qingqing not easily go check it out. And even Xia Qingqing go, can not find the so-called spring, they can be said Xia Qingqing Raymond did not find the right place, if you go one way or another with Raymond, then better to do, Raymond at least a hundred ways, hiding Guo Xia Qingqing's eyes, the small world of the Lingquan guided to the outside world come! "So this is!" Xia Qingqing heard really no doubt. "Do not worry, I'm a senior, everything to me! But a little later that a few people refused to give money to how to do?" Anyway, Xia Qingqing tea money or worry too expensive, the other party refuses to pay. Raymond Lingquan this nature will not tell Xia Qingqing precious place, the moment just smiled and said: "Qingqing you worry! By the time you do not need to be, that person will surely send the money to dry your hands! "With that, Raymond's face smiled even more, regardless of the Xia Qingqing look of dazed and confused, Raymond turned and walked toward the outside, while walking his mouth while said:" I'll go out,UK Nike Air Jordan, do not bother you! " Looking at Raymond disappeared back, Xia Qingqing gently sighed, her heart did not know what to think? Then, gently shook his head, began to organize the occasion of tea while the tools needed. Awhile, Xia Qingqing everything is ready, should be an instrument to get outside and see four people are sitting at the table, I do not know were talking about. "Several, Excuse me, do a small woman of few tea!" Xia Qingqing sound ethereal, elegant movements, should be a tool for a pendulum on the table. Then, in the eyes of four people, Xia Qingqing impassive look focused start warm pot,Coach Bags Outlet, hot cup, the tea, high red, covered foam, cream top, tea wash, washing of cups, and cup, low pour until Bong tea. Xia Qingqing This set of actions like smooth, skilled occasion, which also contains infinite charm and aura, people of view is not only enjoyable, but also a spiritual sublimation and relaxation. For a time, four perfect tea ceremony steeped in Xia Qingqing among even the Qilian pass, also temporarily forget that one hundred and twenty thousand oceans pot of tea things. Four Spirit took Xia Qingqing offer tea, can not help but put the cup in front of the nose gently smell a smell! Suddenly, a surge of cool people Heart fragrance nostrils! This is different from the previous stock fragrance smell any kind of aroma, smell after just feel refreshed mind earthquake, even the power of the body, but also has a faint hint of a sense of volatility! "Huh?!" Three Shengjing Hu, almost simultaneously rang! It came from at Hanjin Quan, Qilian pass and white cedar mouth! Upon seeing this, Raymond smiled, noncommittal, the cup to her lips, gently goods of one! Without prior aroma, but is a faint aura as spiritual tea slid throat into the stomach! The next moment, the body functioning spiritual element, that faint aura instantaneously absorbed without a trace! Raymond So, the other three into it not so? For a time, Qilian pass and white cedar pubic region among the forces felt what seemed to be activated in general, just around the corner! Hanjin Quan is a sense that his body's ability to vary even a faint hint enhance meaning! Although this wire to enhance very faint, very trivial, but enough to make Hanjin Quan shocked! Because,Coach Bags Outlet, causing all this, it is just a cup of tea! Just Hanjin Quan, Qilian pass and white cedar trio feel their body changes when a voice suddenly sounded: "tea!" (To be continued) <

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