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05.06.2013 04:49
believe to use several words antworten

> five different color s è, baby fist-sized ball placed in the edge of the disc. WWW. QUanbeN. The Com disk is leaf maple see in markets of the disc. Originally leaf maple think this disc disappeared, did not think of this disk has been present in his body. Disc exudes a strange force. Ye Feng knows it's the force that he has the ability of telekinesis. But this power is too weak, believe to use several words, the force will disappear. Disk gray,Oakley Sport clearance, can not see what is. The five balls were green, red S è s è, black s è, gold and blue s è s è. On every ball has light Guanghua from the shed. Ye Feng could feel each bead above the atmosphere is different. Take the red S è beads, feel leaf maple from above to be fiery breath. While the black soil s è beads above feel really breath. Five beads each breath, from their breath and Yan s è, leaf maple guess they should be corresponding to the world five lines. Each bead represents a five line of X ì ng. He claims x ì ng will this disk named five disc will consciousness from the body out, Ye Feng opened her eyes. Having found the source of the body that force, Ye Feng has no special static under heart to feel to feel the force of the. Now as long as he is slightly hard, just five lines can and in vivo disk connection, and can draw beads from the power. A very small fire in leaf maple left forefinger. The fire is too small, the lighter gas amplification, than the flame to. The formation of the fire force is Ye Feng from the red S è beads were extracted. The flame extinguished, the leaf maple right index finger to coagulate a little water drop. These droplets are all Ye Feng condensation from the surrounding air. Though few in number, but also illustrates that blue s è sphere was the power of water five. After some attempts, leaf maple identified five is the five beads represent the strength. Only now exist in the power was too weak. Just like the kind of telekinesis behavior,Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses, also can be three or four times, it will run out of five lines of force the disk. As for the single five line strength is weak. Now also fire belongs to X ì ng strength can help leaf maple at the root of tobacco,Nike Jordan 3 Shoes, the other is useless. Now know that there is a five row circular their body, which contains five rows of beads. With the help of beads you can control five of the force. But such a weak force, no use ah. Ye Feng is now the most worry is how to be five rows of beads, strength. "Don't like those fairy as closed-door practice for a few years? Or eat a few thousand year ginseng Bubu body?" Ye Feng himself said. At home wondering for a long time, also don't understand what can enhance the strength of beads. It is delayed leaf maple work time. And when Ye Feng arrived at the company, he has been late for one and a half hour.

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