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05.06.2013 04:49
it is hidden deep in antworten

> Words of Brother Bear with infinite emotion, dingy get out, but this time do not know brother bear, waiting for their own, what would? ! Xing Bin armed forces soon after the child personally to make a telephone call, the phone contents can be imagined. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm result is Brother Bear cup. Just go back to their place to live, in shock, then let the child a call to armed forces called in the past. Apart from anything else, the Tri child will be angry at first Brother Bear beat meal, then yells a pass! Wait until the armed forces to fight child enough, after cursing enough, this kick Brother Bear kicked his door in the wall, after the spring urban underworld, never such a One character of Brother Bear! This matter, for the entire spring city underworld is a sort of a small storm. Brother Bear is the Commander of a child for many years quite discouraged men, work effective, responsible usury this together, no less to the armed forces son to make money. But I do not know why, overnight, Brother Bear is now being driven out of the armed forces son Stephen city, and threatened again in the spring after the city to see if the Brother Bear, they put him directly! Poor Brother Bear so with infinite emotion and depressed hurriedly left the spring city, as fate, but it is unknowable it. Not bear such a hurry to leave the brother Stephen cities, although her escaped unharmed, but the harm done to another person. Brother Bear aside whereabouts, in Brother Bear Springs City Hotel just left after Xing Bin will look apologetic against Raymond said: "Lin, things today I'm sorry, this bastard even dare me The name on the Lam rude, again in my hotel, this thing, how to say all my fault, but also hope forgive me ah Lam! "Raymond smiled,Nike Jordan Spizike Sale, then said:" anyway. matter with your business. Xing boss does not have to be too self-blame. "" Thank you, Mr. Lin magnanimous! "Xing Bin one, his face lighted up at once hint, had this thing to drink Xing Bin unrelated, but after all is happening in Xing Bin restaurants, Xing Bin mind could not help but uneasy. But see Raymond apparently did not blame meaning, Xing Bin hanging heart That put down. "Mr. Lin, Mr. Wang Lao, we certainly did not just Chihaohehao right? I'll re-regulation makes it a feast!" Xing Bin looked at Raymond and Wangdong Chun, smiles said. In fact, there are a few words Bin Xing did not say: "We Chihaohehao later, as we enjoy a relaxing moment, we are here girl, absolutely beautiful are the number one in the whole city and then can not find the spring second home! variety of services are, as long as you for like, want to do all right! "But, looking at his face gloomy Wangdong Chun, these few words to the mouth, and finally to life and let Bin Xing Bie go back. "Thank you, boss XING kindness! But today even a bar, have the opportunity to come back later disturb Xing boss!" Raymond mouth with a hint of a smile, refusing Road. If this was for a person refuses the request Bin Xing, Xing Bin inevitable furious mind, not necessarily even personally attack, but this time standing in front of people Xing Bin Raymond, even for a more daring Xing Bin, Xing Bin also not directed at Raymond angry! "Good, good! Rustic hotel is ready to welcome Mr. Lin and Mr. Wang Lao of you for coming! Bound to sweep the couch when Xingmou pending, look forward to hearing of you!" Xing Bin's smile still bright, laughing. And a few pleasantries, Raymond and other personnel in the Bin Xing Quan left under the escort of City Hotel. Start to finish, the Royal crowd did not speak, and now is not the same identity and status, there is Raymond presence, but also fail to get what they say in the side, which is whether or Wangdong Chun WANG Jian brothers, hearts are very clear. As Xia Qingqing has always been indifferent, but not good at these polite words of the communication. "Lin brother, older brother that I tried to get back, Wang Jian and Wang Cheng to stay and listen to Lin brother commanded it! Have anything directly to do is let him duo! Over time around I will arrange some distinguished royal children to the Springs to develop, to the time these people are driven for Lin brother! "parking lot Wangdong Chun Raymond took the hand, said, laughing. Raymond nodded his head, nor rejected, smiled and said: "So thank the kindness of the king brother! Or old brother to the thoughtful ah!" To find a few helper, Raymond is now really need, after all, the main Raymond identity is a doctor, who will long soak in the hospital wards and operating rooms inside, there will be no time to do a lot of things, a few more helpers to help, then relaxed. The two men left Wangdong Chun, WANG Jian is a master-level peak period, some of the next plane can not solve, or need to force to resolve the matter, handed down to Wang Jian,Air Jordan Flight The Power UK Sale, should be no problem. After all, this world-class strong day too, as comprehension, it is hidden deep in the generation, all right,Oakley Juliet Online, where it would run out stroll? Another King City, is in the business is quite proficient, and his sleek, Raymond just can help take care of the upcoming opening of the restaurant. Wangdong Chun Such selection and arrangement, has taken great pains, and its only purpose is to please Raymond it. "You two, later followed by Lin brother, we must work hard! Whether Lin brother what to say, you have to honestly obey! According to Lin brother meant to do! If dares defy, see I do not interrupt your dogleg! listen to understand no?! "Wangdong Chun look stern, toward the city WANG Jian and Wang cried! "Yes, master of the house!" Wang Jian and Wang Cheng duo said in unison. WANG Jian Needless to say that, personally experienced the Raymond's strength, even give him a courageous, dare to defy Raymond meaning. As for the king of the city, not the slightest martial arts, just a sociable and do business businessman only, boundless loyalty from the urine of the family, naturally not defy Raymond meaning. Wangdong Chun already know this, but still say, the purpose is to say, listen to Raymond, so Raymond understand: "We are loyal to the Royal for you, but ah!" Raymond smiled, how can we not understand? Just some things bad enough to see to understand, but it is not necessary to point out. "The hour is late, the king brother, little brother on the first leave!" Raymond said, laughing. "Well, I'm walking my boy!" Immediately, Raymond took Xia Qingqing, turned toward the parking lot outside, where there is a parked taxi. Just looking for a taxi, Lakaichemen, let Xia Qingqing sit inside, and then Raymond was a bend, drill into it. This scene immediately fell not far from the eyes of the royal line, the crowd could not help seeing Wang looked at each other, half the same care for nothing! "He did a taxi home?" (To be continued) <

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