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but in front of that figure antworten

> Raymond's phone buzzed Wangdong Chun rushed quickly to stop talking, wait for Raymond to answer the phone. WWw! QUANBen! COM made an apologetic gesture, Raymond took out the phone, the name on the caller ID Raymond immediately catches the eye: "Xia Qingqing." "It seems that this little girl is that some can not stand it ah!" Raymond heart smiled, then press the answer key. Just one phone connected, I heard the phone came a crisp and full of anxious voice: "Lin, where are you? I have to Springs Hotel, where it is said that bears on the second floor of a private room, called Tonight the stars. Lam When are you going to go to? "sound at the background, it is the sound waves busy from time to time there are several pedestrian incoming voice calls, obviously, Xia Qingqing time is standing Springs City Grand Hotel's doorstep. "Summer Miss, I had come to the hotel, while on the past, about ten minutes." Raymond said simply. "Well! That after tonight I'm ten minutes waiting for the stars in front of Lin!" Xia Qingqing help calm voice heard a lot, just like Lin Fenggang only say is a reassurance in general. "Yes, Mr. Lin, I do not know how many people you come? Bears they seem to a total of seven or eight people, do you want a little more than people?" Xia Qingqing suddenly remembered something, some concern said. Raymond suddenly heard his face showing a trace of a smile, but Xia Qingqing not see nothing. "Do not worry Miss Xia, no matter how many people they come tonight,Air Jordan Outlet, things can be solved!" "Oh, so much the better, so much the better, but the bears but ruthless ah, Lin You'd better be careful." Xia Qingqing Raymond clearly hear the dismissive tone among the bears, hearts could not help secretly worried, but it is not good too confessed, had to wake some point beating around the bush. "Yes, I know! Miss Xia, then I'll see!" Raymond finished speaking, hang up the phone. Listening to the phone waves coming from the other end, "toot toot" busy tone, Xia Qingqing but do not feel how afraid. Can easily come up with one million young people to buy their own restaurant, not a business genius is the official second-generation, second-generation rich, but no matter what kind of people, have a strong background, black bear, though powerful, but in the end but a group of punks usury Bale, can not wait for countertops, and said several people than it would even close. Obviously, Xia Qingqing consciousness inside, is just confined to ordinary people know something, as to what the family martial art or even comprehension of the class, it is simply not appear in the Xia Qingqing so pure, indifferent girls minds The. Hang up the phone, and before opening Raymond, I heard Wangdong Chun smiled and said: "how, Lin brother is there any trouble?" Just a conversation between Raymond and Xia Qingqing, though, is through the telephone communication, but at Wangdong Chun and Wang Erli, how would hear? Just Wangdong Chun Raymond knew the powerful, while Xia Qingqing verbal expression among some of the information clearly is not on the table of the generation of the minor, Wangdong Chun Raymond naturally not to worry, but is pastime from Raymond came. Raymond smiled, then said: "Let the king my brother to see a joke! Younger brother took a fancy to a restaurant, had negotiated the acquisition matters, did not expect a pop halfway Cheng Yaojin, you want to insert a horizontal bar! Today and the other is to negotiate too late! "These things, for Raymond and Wangdong Chun and his ilk who are small, so Raymond not conceal. "Oh? There such a thing? Then I'd like to see what people so without opening the eyes? Dare you this tiger in the forest brother mouth seize food? Lin brother, referrals as you do not mind older brother went to see? "Wangdong Chun said, laughing. Wangdong Chun said so naturally you want to settle the matter for Raymond. No matter what difficulty, help Raymond get this, it can be considered a little goodwill Raymond won, in order to survive and develop future royal,Air Jordan Play In These 2 UK Sale, lay the foundation only. Can easily make a prefecture-level post-Warrior ascend into the sky of the strong state, such a figure, the hands of the powerful means less will do? Raymond just a little bit of charity, enough to eat a hundred years of royal! "Since the king brother are interested in, then go together! Let's not good to let people waiting not?" Raymond said with a smile, then got up and stood up. Wangdong Chun should be a cry, "good", and then stood up, and Raymond together toward "Meng Jiangnan" in the door, just faintly among Wangdong Chun body slightly side, faint meaning the former lead the way in which the hierarchy Tatemi. Wang Jian, Wang Jian and Wang City three royal children, have also followed behind with the Wangdong Chun, lips though silent, but in front of that figure, but it is increasingly in awe of! Arrived "Meng Jiangnan" in front of brisk walking quickly WANG Jian, came to the door, reached out to the rooms of the door open, and then stand to the side, Raymond King,Nike Air Jordan 11 UK, etc. through! As soon as he opened the door compartment, a figure out there in front of everyone! Xing Bin! I saw Xing Bin like ants on a hot pan, in the "Meng Jiangnan" in front of back and forth, his face still has a faint expression of difficult decisions, such as Xing Bin official second, his face can be such an expression, it seems What is really difficult decision thing! Ye see, "Meng Jiangnan" door opened, Xing Bin help face a joy, then looking at the scene, but it is not by leng Xing Bin! He could not help but not shocked! At this moment, as the doorman characters, shocking shortly before the eyes of the Xing Bin strong presence, even Xing Bin I, three things are very difficult to please move ground-level peak Warrior! The people who come out openly, even more than royal master of the house, as well as the handsome young man before! Ye see below, Xing Bin thought he dazzled, not by hand rubbing at his eyes on a vicious twist, and then set clear look! This look does not matter, it is directly seen Xing Bin hearts earthquake! WANG Jian called the master of the house is the old man, is certainly stronger than WANG Jian presence countless times, but this time, even in the young man followed behind! It looks as if the young man is the real master general! In contrast the young man, his face the color lightly, forgetting will occur no matter looked down at his side! Just in front of the strange scene, as well as Raymond eyes look poised share, let Xing Bin secretly startling endless! "This young man who in the end? WANG Jian could have let him open the door? Royal master of the house is willing to be his valet? Could it be that this person is the capital of the large and small from Yanei or not?" An order Xing Bin some idea of ​​suffocation immediately take out ! (To be continued) <

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