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05.06.2013 04:36
eyes shining bright light. antworten

> Ouyang Jing passed away. WWw, QUAnbEN,oakley sunglasses store, cOM left when Ye Feng left to a time. From the words of Ouyang Jing, is to eat leaf maple will be interested in the place she said. To the beginning to the end, Ouyang Jing did not tell Ye Feng exactly is a what kind of place. Watching are missing Ouyang Jing, Ye Feng bielebiezui. Heart while wondering whether to go or not to go, and move toward the cave to go. If the other person to this invitation maple leaf maple leaf, certainly doesn't want to, direct will reject. Even if the place has many benefits, leaf maple will not and people together. The Ouyang Jing although leaf maple haven't seen her a few times, but leaf maple to see that person is not Ji ā n cheat people. And he should not play any tricks. Of course, does not rule out some unexpected. Back to the cave, sat cross-legged on the bed, will Ouyang Jing just said something a little bit of pressure. Close my eyes and breathing. Time is not long, leaf maple eyes once again opened. Want to control breath he found himself unable to calm down. Ouyang Jing just said something, has been in his ears, interfering with his practice. He did not think it would be so. Just feel that time,Oakley Fast Jacket, later want to go to the same. Now it seems to be the first to resolve the matter. The most let Ye Feng pay attention not to go or not. But why is because such a wagging his mood. Think it over and over again also just got an answer, that is his heart does not want to reject Ouyang Jing. The place is also very interested in. But because other people came to him, than he found the place. This let him have to associate to the last and Wu Zhongzhi and others to crack the caves of the matter. To make a long story short sentence, he was afraid. He was afraid the last time that happen again. He is afraid of danger to lose x ì ng. It is this silk fear, let his heart, for a long time can not be calm down. "If not the last thing, even if I refused Ouyang Jing, also won't have a trace of fear in the heart of the. If this time I do not really have to go. So whether is it right? I don't want to go, that a heart of fear will always be there. I'm afraid will cause very serious impact on my future." Ye Fengchui head, softly to himself. A moment later leaf maple carrying the head, eyes shining bright light. Looking at the cave of the outlet, said to myself with a firm tone: "you like a sail against the current, do not. Knowing that danger to oneself, can avoid. But because once things affect your judgment, will always be in my heart for a demon. He r ì if faced with a dangerous thing, I still didn't have the courage to face. I can't back because the silk frightened, absolutely not. No matter what Ouyang Jing says about the risk, they must. Will the magic for erase fear." After the decision, leaf maple heart gradually calmed down. Close to breath. Quietly waiting for the rest nine days R ì son arrived. The wind blows,Nike Jordan New School, again. The R is nine R

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