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05.06.2013 04:31
but also his idea for Yueyang antworten

> Zhao Hai angered the leaf maple. WwW. QUanbEN. COm he would not tolerate the behavior of Zhao Hai. But in the Zhao Hai too big for her skin to Ye Feng hand, leaf maple is going to kill Zhao Hai, hand through Zhao Hai's chest. The palm of the hand master,Coach Totes Sale, just behind Ouyang Jing in the Zhao Hai station. Bow hand looked across their chests, Zhao Hai did not believe this is true. Until the hand back, your body is a black s è hands to catch up, Zhao Hai still can't believe on his hand was Ouyang Jing. "For...... Why. Zhao Hai asked with a weak voice. Ouyang Jing looked to have been in control of his Zhao Hai, one face is cold to say: "do you remember I was in the cave, you tortured? When you are in Yueyang interrupted a leg. You want to Dutch act. I stopped you, and tell you that you can't die. We escaped from the cave when cornered, being chased, when you choose to give up. I also told you that you can't die in Yueyang. Do you know why?" Why. "Because you only die in my hands. Only kill you myself,Oakley Fast Jacket Sunglasses, to my hate. But to do after you get rid of Yueyang, will be able to pay for your crimes." Ouyang Jing said. Zhao Hai could not believe that Ouyang Jing had long wanted to kill him. In a feeble voice, said: "we go together now, how can you......" Why not. Ouyang Jing interrupted Zhao Hai. "When I first came to this world. I am helpless. Think your old classmates in the side, I will be safe. But did not expect, I just want to use me close to you. You brought me to Yueyang. You want to use me in exchange for the trust of Yueyang. But you did not expect. Yue this will not put you in the eye. And I, from the beginning to the end, did not want to go to Yueyang. Do you think Yueyang to an idea, let he tortured me, I can give to him? Didn't think "listen to the words of Ouyang Jing,Nike Jordan 10 Sale, Zhao Hai speechless. When close to Ouyang Jing, do not because they are old classmates. But to use the beauty of Ouyang Jing s è. And he brought Ouyang Jing to the front of Yueyang, but also his idea for Yueyang to torture Ouyang Jing. But he did not think Ouyang Jing would rather endure R ì R ì night beat, have not surrendered to Yueyang. Had not thought that Yueyang didn't know bawanggengshanggong, not to play any deep. Not after Ouyang Jing yield before it. He did not think Ouyang Jing actually took him out of the cave. Did not think of to be driven into a corner when, Ouyang Jing took his into the black gas. Not to think of the black gas, Ouyang Jing dragged the dying body, pulling him to found a slim chance of survival. Before Zhao Haidou could not understand how Ouyang Jing in the dark gas found that a slim chance of survival. At this time he knew. Ouyang Jing want to live. Her heart hard to keep her alive. She not only is Yueyang and the cave her tormentor. She hurt her. And other people like ratio, Ouyang Jing hate the most, is Zhao hai. It is because the heart can be higher than with the day of hate, let her have the courage to face

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