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05.06.2013 04:21
As long as close to the mountain antworten

> 297th chapter saved Middle-earth being suddenly peaks, Yinde countless Godsworn attention too. WwW, QUanbEN, coM the distance the mountain near the monk, is all to see. After some mighty close to the mountains, they were surprised, the legendary Sendai Wang, was born. Not those near the mountain monk know at Sendai. But in the mountain side wall, engraved with three red Chinese characters. The three characters, is the look of Sendai. At Sendai three characters, is very eye-catching. As long as close to the mountain, you can see. Those mighty goodbye to those three words, they felt a deep sense of oppression. As if they were to look at those three words, there is a mountain pressure in the body in general. And all saw the three word monk, felt strong bloody flavor. It makes them feel, the three characters, probably written in blood. A monk, soon learned that at Sendai. Swire family also reported a voice at this time. They claim that at Sendai, is their ancestors left behind. Who dare to look near Sendai, is Su Du their ancestors. Swire family, will severely punish near the mountain people. Swire family is indeed very overbearing. Legend Swire family existed sage-king level figures plus. Before a monk very fear Swire family. But look at Sendai,Jordan 4 Shoes, in all of the legend is, is the most famous. And this legend, is about to become immortal road. The monks at the look of Sendai, is to see the immortal Road, where also can calm. Now even if Swire family stood on the peak, can not be stopped them. Moreover, Swire family has not reached the peaks. All the monks, like crazy generally toward the Sendai Wang chung. It is all arrived at the Sendai friars, cannot be too close. No matter how advanced practice, can not do. When the Swire family again that voice, said it was only their family to close. Other people simply can not close. A monk of course not Swire family. Those who have come to the mountain near the monks,Oakley Sunglasses Polarized, there are big Shentong godsworn. In everybody together under study, they,New Arrivals Coach Bags, and not that they can't go near the mountain. But the mountains, has not completely secular. Only need to wait for a long time, when the look of Sendai thoroughly revealed, they could be close to peak. Other monks are flocking to China, Ye Feng and Xu Zhiguo also came up from the depths. Ye Feng certainly will not delay, he immediately back to Chen Lin where to go. Xu Zhiguo also don't rush back to long living a valley, and suggestions and Ye Feng together where Chen Lin is. If there is a need for him to do, he can also help. Xu Zhiguo is kindness, leaf maple will not refuse. The arrangement of the day to escape Shu, with Xu Zhiguo left deep swamp. The Xu Zhiguo after a transfer, immediately to Ye Feng day to escape Shu much praise. Ye Feng just smiled, and Xu Zhiguo did not say much, just use kept out day to escape Shu, will lead to where Chen Lin is. The fairy door is the East, there are nine family, of course they are

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