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05.06.2013 03:34
other opening speech for the antworten

> In this cemetery among Raymond anywhere maintains a high degree of vigilance, then suddenly felt a chill behind the strange air flow, are not immediately sword out going turn around protection. wWW, QUanbEN, cOM but turned to stone except for those outside the hall, it is no matter, where there is a single soul? "Is it your own too nervous?" Raymond heart to have doubts, his brow furrowed, secretly thought. Suddenly, the Raymond eyes flash Limang! "No! That the hall seems to have something weird!" Raymond suddenly found the hall as if something was wrong in general, but your breath Xiqiao, except those stone outside, no other thing, ah! "Stone?!" Raymond eyes suddenly light up, eyes on the stone from the hall swept past eleven,Satchels Coach Sale, sudden heart hesitated! "When did this out of a stone?" Raymond hearts amazing thought! Originally just felt some strange within the hall, but did not see in the end what is the difference, this time only to find Uiwang Ground stone center, left and right sides each Xiashou five stone, but now the right-hand side of Ground stone , even accounting for the six stone! Get nothing out of a stone! Raymond eyes of coldness flash, in the hands of silver water sword grip tighter, subconsciously even move the foot to avoid the third ear chamber, here is the tomb, and who knows what will happen? Or not to his back left an empty house is good. Raymond confident not mistaken, before the hall is only eleven stone absolute, so simple math problem naturally not make mistakes! Nothing out of a stone, certainly not ran himself stood, and that the only possibility is someone to do the? This tomb, there are other people besides yourself do not? Just enter the cemetery at the time, but readily Raymond planted a small prohibition is to prevent their being in the tomb, when people come in, if prohibition is broken, unless the other party a number higher than their own realm, otherwise he must be found! However, he was not the slightest awareness, and faint among the tombs at the entrance of the ban is still in! That is to say, this person was originally inside the tomb, or the entrance there is another? Whether that possibility, Raymond felt a threat! Find this talent is currently the most important thing, otherwise he could only fall into a passive being! Fighting an invisible enemy, after all, not a good thing, right! A thought to this, Raymond looked back again a third ear chamber, where empty, there is no one thing. Do not hesitate, Raymond foot quick shake, agility mentioned speed, instantly Luedao ear chamber between the first entrance! I saw the first inter-ear chamber, only a stone table quietly standing in the middle ear chamber, in addition, then there are other things? Not to stay, Raymond immediately jump to the second ear chamber before! Empty, except for a stone table, the empty can only be used to describe! Three ear chamber, all did not see anything unusual! In probing three ear chamber when Raymond Ling Yuan extroverted always maintained a whole ear chamber hall and three changes in this period, with no abnormal fluctuations! In other words, check it out during the existence of the secret, and not from an ear chamber went to another one ear chamber to go! This is strange,Coach Online Bags, hall plus ear chamber is so big, but did not find anyone, is it really there underground passage tombs or not the existence of the class trapdoor? Raymond Shen Things face, his eyes flashed faint lines in Murder. Secret tricks, obviously not good class, on their own, it may not be safe what kind! Qi Lu Yi is the soul of the state's existence, can not perceive the danger of the outside world and, therefore, only anxious, but can not do anything to help Raymond. When is the time,New Arrivals Coach Cheap, being caught up in a cemetery hall very strange scene. Twelve lifelike stone, then re Raymond's eyes, but it is seems very strange! "Do not find out the secret hidden ones, after all, is subject to the risk of fatal!" Raymond mind clear, the moment we do not hesitate to release the body Ling Yuan, and instantly wrap the entire hall and three ear chamber! "You, are, looking, me?" At this time, the empty hall buzzed among a person's voice! Just sounds obscure, tone extremely incoherent, under ye smell, like a long time never to speak of the people began to speak again generally! "You're willing to show up just fine!" Raymond heart sneer, in front of the enemy is better than secret hiding much better! But since the other'm coming out, have relied on the natural, Raymond lightly, mouth and asked: "Who are you?" Questioning at the same time, Raymond carefully sensing the spiritual element of the change, you want the other side to answer their questions when the location of where to find each other! "I, who is? So many years, I have, fast and forget that he, who is." That voice again thought, still not very coherent, but compared to the first speech, already a lot better. However, from voice among Raymond is not even hear the person speaking is male or female, but added a bit strange. Fortunately, in the other opening speech for the first time, the Spirit of dollars while Raymond fluctuations, have found each other's lies. "Even here?" Raymond learned of each other's lies, could not help laughing, underground passage own sloppy careless. Raymond has been plagued by a mysterious secret who had been standing in front of their own, there really is a joke! Alas Raymond himself has also been around to look, mind is the idea flashed numerous, which know, people stood in front of their own! Twelfth stone! Do not know what to use Arcane stone, covered fluctuations emanating life extremely weak, although before Raymond Ling Yuan swept through the hall and ear chamber, there is not even found the stone body with a touch of life fluctuations! This also indirectly shows, Raymond carelessness and low skill. If Raymond carefully some, life will certainly find stone fluctuations, if the repair is more intensive Raymond words, even if based on just the way, the same can perceive stone exception! Unfortunately, both of Raymond do not have. In fact, it is no wonder that Raymond, Raymond, after a short practice time, not full-term, but just seeing stone, Raymond has been thought that the stone was placed here, but did not think this sculpture is the man! Antan out "ashamed", Raymond hearts secretly resolved, after all must be careful, but to seize improve their cultivation! However, it is not like these things, since it has been found Raymond each other's existence, immediately shot to sharp vision of the past, while the mouth coldly: "You in the end is what people? Why Zhuangshennonggui? What attempts?" Ps : Just saw Recommend to 9000 + on the ticket, I was very pleased with this writing there are two months of the recommended ticket has been very little, shadowless was very depressing to say. But seeing to over ten thousand mark, do not know whether the efforts of my friends about? If recommended before ten o'clock tomorrow to break ten thousand votes, shadowless assure you that tomorrow updated at least ten thousand words! <

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