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but the hands condensate antworten

> Li Fei angry and funny. wWw, QuANBEn, Com {. first. sent} "Little bastard, you are telling the truth just now that you are not intentional?" Chen Li Li Fei know what to ask, pretending to be confused. "What?" "Do not fool, I grew more and more felt something!" Li Fei teeth, eyes blazing Hanmang an upcoming episode looks like angry. Chen is not installed, sly smile face, but with an indifferent tone frankly admitted that "was deliberate, you take advantage of it installed on Xiangbao depression, melancholy loaded." "You are too presumptuous!" Li Fei said forward, angry and stood up. Amy grabbed her by the arm, forced the area, the Li Fei pulled down on the bed. "It is said that if a woman feel that man is too presumptuous, it shows a man enough to give him the impression domineering, overbearing men should be more presumptuous some!" Emancipated suppress Li Chen Fei, holding her face and kissed down. Li Fei scold his little bastard, but the curse does not come out. Want to struggle, but struggling not off. Amy hold her tight. Kiss is also very warm. Finally, Li Fei stopped struggling. She did not know because tired, or feel has been unable to change the facts. Chen did not violate her further rude, after a long kiss, Chen Lisong opened her lying beside her, took her in his arms. "I think ...... so you will not feel so lonely." Li Fei mood gradually subsided, her mood is very complex, the immediate situation is very complicated. She knows what is the right way, but she did not do the right way to make your own decisions. Her fragile, was caught in the positive with Amy. She knew, Amy see her eyes, and never was looking at a woman, not a commander. She let Amy hold, quietly, without saying a word ...... Amy woke up, the day long bright. {Quanben / .com starting text} in this sense he slept soundly. Not alone embrace people fascinated, but also make people feel warm. The kind of warm, not hot water bottle can be replaced. He did not know whether this is the flower of love in full bloom. He opened his eyes, Li Fei sat on the bed, his hands and face, looking at him. "What time is it?" Amy sat up and watched the light of the windows, but outside as if it is cloudy, so that he can not determine the approximate time. "OK, ah, you have to se up immediately, please do not have a word, a good one I take for granted that the answer tone." Amy's Bouncing hair, exaggerated to make an Aggressive look, staring eyes . "Of course! Upgrading course may immediately shook the man power and prestige. Ask you if it woman, what time it is!" Li Fei Puchi laugh. "This afternoon four o'clock." Amy dressed, found Li Fei has been prepared to give him a towel and a toothbrush, wash finished, he put Li Fei buy bread and milk a clean sweep. Cazui, found Li Fei has been quietly watching, he asked, "The more I see of handsome, right?" Li Fei did not pick up his joke. Instead floating saying, "I think one day, and think we do not." Amy wave of his hand, put on the leadership of Vice-authoritative tone, said, "This is the organization's decision, personal feelings can not prevail over the will of the organization on! Li Fei comrades, your attitude is not right! "Li Fei anxious, sullen like saying" Amy, I'm telling you seriously talking to! "Amy has had serious tone deputy. "Li Fei, I also talk with you seriously! Bullshit Shut up, boring, my personality, you know, and I pulled those useless, you do not for a while for a West Luanxiang East, and on the front of this , and it certainly is the case in front! frankly face the reality is king. "Li Fei keep our noses to impress. She wanted Amy to talk about this, we want to say that they are not such a relationship, it should be stopped. She was older than he, and so this is detrimental to his words. But now she could not say, and now she felt it would be pointless, because Amy did not listen! "Well, I do not say anything else. Then I ask you, what have you done now?" "If you want to know? Then follow me, so much better to make your own look." Two people down the stairs. Out the door, Li Fei was like a thief opened the door, the probe on the outside looking around a while, dare to go out. Middle of the night out of doors this past Amy, she would not like that. Now her real guilty conscience, and on a sunny afternoon she met other teachers fear. Two people on a motorcycle, went out the back door from school, there was a man staring at them, laughing special YIN cheap! Chen Li and Li Fei very quickly recognized it, This man is that once a small hotel at the school gate, staring at Li Fei hickey on the neck doing all of that wretched uncle. Li Fei Chen ashamed man buried her face back. Chen stopped the car, staring at the wretched uncle shouted words, "See what see? Never seen hotties?" That wretched uncle's eyes shifted immediately fly away, loaded not to hear. This engine throttle Chen, galloped away. King Estate, massage parlor door. Chen stopped the car, his arm Li Fei went inside. A saw Bear, Wang, alarm clock three individuals are. Li Fei stiff stiff, secretly hate teeth,Nike Air Jordan Womens UK, finds Amy is intentional. Wang was supposed to eat cherries, a cherry feeding mouth, paused, eyeball grew bigger. Alarm was ready to throw the cigarette, but the hands condensate in an ashtray at three centimeters above the mouth wider and wider. Amy hugged Li Fei, sat down on the sofa. "King Village One half of the site is the company's, big guy named Bear, my sworn brothers, plus alarm clock, the three of us is the company's director Wang is the company's general manager." Bear did not know Li Fei, At this time straightened appearance, the seriousness of the punch Li Fei said hello, "sister-in-law is good!" But, Bear bruised forehead, two eyes into a black eye, no matter how serious, look also amusing. Wang and Li Fei alarm reaction so embarrassed, very embarrassed, but she did not forget to back up Bear sentence. "Fake it -! This can not be true! Never be true!" Wang cherries also take in hand, people are slowly stood up, and then exaggerated, throwing himself on the ground, raised a fist, then what about the hit the ground. Shouting, "Why, why is this loading! Why goddess like loading! Nosebleeds Why not me last night -!" "Wang Chang psychotic episodes, leave him alone." Chen Li Li Fei finished , and rushed alarm clock said, "Intuit outrageous! not say hello?" Alarm fingers were burned with cigarette burns, a shiver, cigarette butts flying feet, he was wearing slippers, hot feet a shrink, people are jumping up . "Grass ......" he scolded blanket Bale, said "I do not know,Air Jordan 7 UK Sale, or call the teacher called sister-in-law." "What have graduated the same old teacher?" Amy dark sleep alarm clock which does not open the pot which pot. "Sister-in-law is good!" Alarm said,Oakley Glasses Online, laughing, let Li Fei feel even more uncomfortable. Amy know that this is a process, Li Fei Suddenly impossible to adapt. He beheld Bear wearing a wrist block new table alarm clock said things remembered, tear the topic. "The Bear, you the watch, which will not be Rolex, right?" .................................................................. Do not forget to recommend collections, please June's monthly left to read minds. C <

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