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05.06.2013 03:30
we can move out from the core antworten

> 261st chapter outside monk into what to send those monks into the fairy door,Air Jordan After Game, seven and nine family of the monks, and some scattered among the mighty,Air Jordan 9 UK Sale, gathered together to discuss. WWw, QUAnbEN, cOM and those not eligible to enter the monk, continue to think of a way, how we can move out from the core region of space. Because Baorui villa core region, it is not a separate space. Just at the moment an explosion, forming a space. And the core region for sucking up. It can be said that this is a special space, if it can be broken, so does not destroy the space. But like a bottle full of water, in the bottle broken, the water will flow out. Simply put, the core region is only a shell to wrap, the shell cracked, can let the core region emerged. This is also the monks to cause the core area to move from the underground. If it is a D ú L ì space, then the space is just a point exists in the form of a place. If this point is dependent on certain items,Oakley Active clearance, so the space can follow moving objects. If it is present in the air, not attached to any object. You cannot move the space. For the seven fairy door and nine family is not much. So, there are many other great powers. Although they are far away from, but if you don't hurry, wait until the other person just came to power, but also be points a cup of soup. The core area, leaf maple with Huanglong man, to map the direction of. Along the way, Huanglong man who did not use teleport with leaf maple. But rely entirely on the flight. Such not only convenient leaf maple remember the landscape around, can also facilitate leaf maple in search of Jin Wanshan et al. Along the way, also encountered some strange place. In these places, leaf maple two people and not to see. This is not to make so much trouble. Secondly, is the Huanglong man who has been a ", as long as they can safely leave here, for the reality, it is a big harvest. As for the leaf maple, he just want peace out of here. According to the map directions, will be close to the time, leaf maple two monks on the ground of figure. The two men are struggling to support a defense, resist a giant bear attack. See the two person, leaf maple immediately face is happy fly down. Huanglong man who is ahead of Ye Feng, down. When the Huanglong man when the breathing on the body is pressed to the giant bear. The big bear immediately gave up the two monks, swiftly escape. "The two of you? Other people?" After Ye Feng came to the two monks before, immediately asked. The two men, Ye Feng and Gao Xuan are separated and ankai. No big bear attacks, has been extremely tired of Gao Xuan and Kai, all breathed a sigh of relief. They removed the defense, first at Huanglong man thanks, then Gao Xuan said to Ye Feng before encountered some trouble, we got rid of, got separated. It is not where they are. I hope they don't like us

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