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Do not talk like you antworten

> Although he liked the Taoist doctrine, but a modern city, was to Taoist priests to shout, to be more surprised how strange, how have there how nondescript nondescript! Unfortunately, his opposition did not work. Www, quanBEn, cOM friend when seeing the alarm clock, alarm proud as if 'priests' This word is equal to' none 'shing', he air into the palm of their hands, heavy patting the shoulder Chen Introduction and said, "my best brother, called priests, Maoshan Taoist priests he really telling ah -" "your sister ......" Chen teeth "dare to take a stand on East Gate Street loudspeakers shout! dare? "" Taoist sounds good ah, you are so big reaction why? "Alarm absolutely no guilt, no remorse insisted. Private room, those people end up glass to King. "Brother priests, we drink a cup, you are brothers alarm clock is our brother, something despite opening!" Amy woodenly toast. He knew he was a tragedy, the nickname can not escape it. Private room for a girl this time inserted a sentence, let Amy know his tragedy is just beginning. "Hey! Priests guy, you will not catch Zombie Road Act ah?" This problem will only be the beginning, Chen clearly read, the private room of the girl's mind at the moment several have prepared a lot of problems ...... About fortune, about love, about life,Jordan Take Flight Shoes, about zombies, about immortality, about the fly or ...... Amy really hope this time savior, he does not like to say too much crap happens with the alarm clock has been said too much crap , seeing will say more nonsense. Package room door was suddenly opened. Alarm stunned, and then indifferent to arms on the back of the couch launched a lazy gesture to show his nonchalant attitude. Chen saw the people coming in, you know, really come savior, but also a bane. 'Not so scary now ...... the alarm ex-girlfriend with Chan Chao how this woman came ...... Could I have broken the iron mouth of God can? 'They come indeed, there are six men followed behind them, filed into the room. Already has a dozen of the private rooms as they enter becomes more crowded. Which also witnessed the clock hands on the dance floor just those two men, eyeing them an alarm clock, it is approaching ferocious over curse blanket, "You bastard! Together!" Alarm Changshenerqi outdone, grabbed beer bottles on the table, shouted "go nuts ah? fight is not!" Amy this time he already knew, this is not a coincidence. He did not stand up, because he knows that some be unlikely. But also because there was a cold murderous as the surging waves rolling towards him to. Long-haired girl stared at him coldly, eyes without blinking. As long as she is not mentally, this moment will immediately understand that she had just been fooled. Package room at the moment the master clock of the brothers Bear this time hand stopped in the middle. "Do not! Alarm clock, sit down, sit down first while the two of you and I come Jiao Qing, is to be a peacemaker. Ye to face, heard me out." That two ruthless men the alarm is a hard stare, two steps back. Alarm clock also sat down again, outdone stare back past. Bear to both factions took root Furong Wang cigarette, turned on the alarm clock in all earnestness, said "We are brothers, so I would say you two. A chime with the feelings of your questions, and outsiders can not say right or wrong, but the man beat a woman , it plunges! you say to yourself, is not it? "alarm clock did not say anything, but looked clearly showing how weak ashamed. Big Bear Road, turn right A chime "He hit you wrong, but you did not hurt, that he played when he wanted to scare you, you do not really want to wounded, not to mention he was also hit, but you dumped him? Emotionally,Nike Jordan SC 1 UK Sale, he himself is wounded man this thing on when you give me a face, on this end. later when my friends are still not good, but not enemies, you are my friend, my brother alarm ye feud fight to call,Coach Classic, is to make me difficult! "A chime seems well idea, Big Bear had finished talking barely consider responded. "If you say so, and that this matter so forget." She said the state, Bear Road, turn punch clock "Alarm! A chime a woman say forget, if you have to go downtown, it is too Not a man, ah! "" forget it slightly. "alarm clock does not matter Tanshou, nonchalant look fully demonstrated his insincere. Having an A chime even bother to look at the appearance of a deliberately seek Amy says irrelevant gossip. Bear satisfied with big smiles "Well! That's all. Things so settled ......" "A chime things settled, but there are things I do not like taking this bastard!" Phrase as cold as the arctic cold All of a sudden the whole package, then the temperature dropped to freezing point between. Bear saw the long-haired girl talking a cold stare without blinking eye Chen, hesitated for a moment, decided to peacemaker when in the end. "The beauty how to call? Did not know you tell me what the brothers feast?" Bear a long-haired girl without looking, cool, "I told you not familiar with the things I do not need you to intervene. "The Bear some anger when the A chime smooth things over" Do not talk like you, Big Bear is my very good friends. "Finally, another busy right Bear," You do not mind, she was this man so you should have heard of Her name, he is the Experimental High School YY. "Bear's eyes are amazing colors, original unhappiness dispel the half. "So is a pick thirteen experimental secondary Y sister, lack of manners." Bear finished, turn wise to ask A chime say "my brother how offended Y sister?" Was originally Bear did not want to hit a snag, wondering YY A chime will make things open face, behold A chime is not clear about the details, and YY have no intention of selling his face. YY cold stare Amy, Amy looked unchanged meet her gaze. Amy knew this time would let the other one opening on the potential immediately launch an attack. Chen has said that can not wait, YY and finally do not want to continue such a delay dry eye to eye. "You own choice, let me off the hook your head, or respectfully apology." Clock this time some tears, he did not think people would just beat him is YY. Although in the past he had heard A chime spoken of, but not seen. YY is not out of the mix, and rarely come out to play. Home environment is good, because they were in high school bully entangled, creating a pick thirteen myth. A chime past brought this friend is always very proud. Said YY practicing martial arts since childhood, is a master martial arts association. Very play, rich and powerful family, punks make her equal to court death. YY nickname Y sister, not because she is a big sister, but she has created a miracle for her famous, punks call her so called half envious awe of her fighting the other half jokingly. This of course is a troublesome person, alarm clock brains thinking of how reconciliation. Chen also think, but more than the alarm clock early to start thinking about countermeasures. <

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