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05.06.2013 03:25
crazy crazy crazy language antworten

> Associations fundamental forces started a wide variety, such as from a stall Longbang started uncommon. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM update received care costs, but also a tradition, and a stable source of income. In the city that never sleeps shock victory, there are too many unscrupulous street hawking phenomenon exists. Roadside food stalls, stalls, Mala Tang, Fast snack stalls, Station Street, girl, hair salon specializes in providing special services and so on. These are the forces received care fees trail the main target. These people will not alarm, can not the police. Their presence was originally against the law, and these illegal, all belong to the world of darkness. In the darkness of the world, dominated by the power of trail rules. Huanggang Village, located in the District Fuk Street, non-commercial zone, but Huanggang Village is surrounded by many bars, hair salons and clothing stores, restaurants and other shops. Residential building facing the street in the premises. Including including Huanggang Village, near a large residential area, locals built rental buildings, no trace of the property company. Living in this area are basically stream sweet mouth. Such premises, night hawker stall is always a lot. Kebabs, food stalls, face,Jordan Flight The Power Shoes, pink small food stalls, walnuts, raisins, tofu, fried tofu, fruit, etc., and a street filled one. Sidewalk vendors who occupy these ends, the middle leaving only two people barely capacity through channel. These stalls selling food, fruits, etc., the price is very cheap and affordable. Are greatly concerned for the working class, is the ideal consumer premises. Punks are usually also in this place to eat and drink, in addition to the kind of Big Bear too wealthy family, but would not get involved in hundreds of hundreds of regular restaurants. But in fact, many of these small vendors to make money. Business badly, and how much stronger than work. But business is better, the monthly income of more than three thousand very common, that business was very good, and even monthly income can span a twenty thousand. They trail care fees levied object. Such care costs, with the shops that the white facade of shop rents almost, with the company's corporate tax almost. If you do not pay, then there is no way to continue their operations here. Premises for a business, as there is a trail leading forces of darkness rules impose care fees. Nobody closed the premises, either chased strict investigation, simply can not do business; nothing either remote source, be profitable corners. So, as long as they can pay the care fees have income, they will choose to pay, only pay. Chen Li, alarm clock, three people led by Wang, autumn leaves and wood sand behind them. Behind them, one after another twenty-five taxi stopped at a roadside village of Huanggang, where each vehicle are down five people. A total of one hundred and thirty individuals, at the roadside connection became two hundred meters long queue. Taxi drivers do not have to go after our money, guess they have a wealth of experience lively look. Sidewalk vendors were all surprised to see that over a number of uninvited guests. In front of the nearest mountain Liang Chong said that vendors shouting "Put Lidong Chen called out! Said brother to see him!" That vendors Qu Han somewhat frightened and ran away. Wondering the age group of small non-good looks like, why dare come Lidong Chen as ruthless people. Huanggang Village area of ​​thirty-seven Street, a total of thirteen partner in charge of normalization. One of the most daunting is Lidong Chen, said homicide extraordinary. His men much,oakley sunglasses cheap, only thirteen, but the annexation of five street care fees. Originally yore Lidong Chen sell fried rice here, open the file on the first day, when famous Huanggang Village Wood to find his brother who received care fees. Lidong Chen then went into the life of this impasse, Wood brother who threatened not to pay first fee they could not care to do business. Lidong Chen tall and strong, Wood's brother who has problems of his life into such a desperate man pushed one. This intimidation sparked Lidong Chen's boundless anger. So Lidong Chen repressed anger in the state can not fight back. Then with the oppressed, there is a person, the same was the first day stall business, called Wang Yao. Wang Yao's body is very thin, looks very gentle. But it is a worse experience than Lidong Chen crazy person. Then Wang Yao had just been fired by the company,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, six months after the dismissal cohabiting girlfriend and took his money and disappeared. Wang Yao caught in the period of emotional disintegration of the state of madness can not extricate themselves. Until one day have to face livelihood problems, chose pendulum night stalls, selling fried noodles. Wood brother who illnesses provoked Lidong Chen riposte to stimulate a more illnesses at any time shall not extricate themselves into a crazy mood Wang Yao. So Wood lying brother five, two were lying Wang Yao hit after Wang Yao also get crazy fried rice shovel stamp covered dozens injured Tim! Then the vicious Lidong Chen Wang Yao also surprised, saying, "Brothers! We just do not fried rice, and dry lost these son of a bitch! These soft eggs can receive care costs, why should we not?" Word , so that two people led to brother. Wood brother disappeared that night. According to him, one of the men later crazy crazy crazy language revealed, Wood brother was reinforced Wang Yao took his head smashed under the tragic death of over one hundred. However, no one saw Wood brother's body. After that day, Lidong Chen became a street brother, Wang Yao became his heterosexual brothers. Lidong Chen is a hard row to hoe, Wang Yao is not afraid of death even more crazy. Huanggang Village area of ​​the trail forces did not unite with each other. So Amy decided on loose sand, in respect of the most difficult on the first pick to start. Otherwise, the first hit is weak, then strong attack, will produce a strong leadership role in the crisis under pressure, so Sanders brings together unanimously temporary collective. Thirteen forces on the streets of any one, are not associations of such personnel pomp, but if together. Amy certainly not afraid to fight, however, it will make societies Qunjia painful casualties. What these results just graduated high school bully, physical strength, fighting mixed society than those who can not. When running errands hawkers back, next to each other on the street originally, arranged in two rows of vendors have been withdrawn TIPS, let out a way to. "Chen brother said in thirty-seven garbage station." Conscience mountain road, so a large group of people, followed Chen Li, alarm clock and Wang behind mighty, swagger, the murderous surge through the streets, squeezed into the dark, narrow, garbage everywhere visible, moist water walkway between residential buildings. Chen kept that in mind, let Wang go in the back, letting the good mountain riding Huanggang eighteen forty individuals leave with a brigade. Each residential floor walkway Amy are as people around fork in view to avoid being Lidong Chen designed in a narrow aisle containment, it would certainly not be extolled number of advantages result. After reading ........................ forget favorites yet? Forget recommend it? Forget point Sanjiang voted yet? Have not forgotten it, please ignore my talk. Forget it, please go faster! <

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