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05.06.2013 03:22
the reigning snappily said antworten

> Sanjiang Court voting, seeking votes legend seeking support ...... top can get into the Imperial Academy of Sanjiang, Sanjiang channels can be reserved in two months ........................ Chen Li also admire these three girls, put was open also a skill ah, cynicism is an attitude ah ...... When Amy saw the alarm clock has been propped up a small tent pants when he suddenly awoke, fearing alarm will be too deep for Zhao Qing entirely his right concept really did not understand the feelings of alarm. wwW, QUaNBEN, cOm alarm clock is certainly really like Zhao Qing, but he was also really like any of a beautiful woman smiling at ...... Xiaomei Chen said, "This guy is very lonely yeah, as I then told friends out together play slightly. "She then told dozens Alarm anxious beauty out, hastened with a nod that good. Chen said quickly, "No no,Oakley Store, you play, and I still do." "Cut -" Alarm knew he lied, middle finger contempt. Finally said, "it would meet in the evening at the Shangri-La." Chen Li Leng Liaoleng ...... Shangri-La? Shangri-La? When did they say the evening to be held at the Shangri-La Hotel societies inaugural meeting? Three girls listened, eyes lit up. Alarm clock self-care with them talking and laughing go first. Wang and Bear wood stand in the same spot. Bear pants just slightly elevated tents, quickly wilt ...... or Wang start anything, he whispered asked the sentence. "The Bear, five-star hotel in the evening to eat?" The Bear's face twitched, and immediately after twitched ...... "five star his sister -!" Amy drying natural laugh, Bear is mad . Bear is a man of honor, the immediate situation,Coach Satchels Clearance, but he was willing to face the tank, or do not face? This is a problem. But Amy is not prepared to go along with trouble. He waved decisive. "Good-bye -" The Bear's face veins gas bounce. Wang look laugh bending beneath. "Damn! Bastard sick mind, in order to boast in front of a woman ostentatious mess, my grass, he knows money Nanzhuan ah! Spend money on face is not so spend ah! Hastily hastily ......" The Bear gas the bombing of the lungs, but ahead by three girls around the clock are immersed in the 'rich' enjoyment among Daohai forget to look back at this time a real gold master. "Hey! Brisk walking, and also froze doing?" The Bear Wang draped over the shoulders, whispered a sentence "you say, I should not flash people?" "What a fool! One would find an excuse to say things at night can not take them to not have to, must go to Shangri-La? "The Bear think this idea really wonderful! Wang could not help a heavy shot in the shoulder, excited praised "grass! So fast hardware approaches have been you want out!" Wang is very chic, exaggerated forehead with the palm bomb the bomb before the hair on his back overturned do melancholy like Tao "natural wisdom, do nothing, do nothing? regrettable -" When he finished, open your eyes to see, and found him pulling away from Big Bear has put three meters. "Grass, every normal!" Wang disapproval and gently Bouncing hair, said with a sigh, "vulgar, vulgar." Then he found with his eyes glanced at his alarm clock always aim smiled, could not help catching excitement flying steps the clamor said "grass! smile is mine, you do not hit her alarm clock idea -" He seems to have quite vulgar ...... Amy walk first. Three beautiful women certainly make him look seductive, but he knows how to think their hearts. So when they do not want the eyes of the 'sperm on the brain idiot' role. The most important thing is that he is too stingy, that is so kind of girl to spend those hard-earned money, how to think how not worth it, or that he is not willing. Evening community meeting from there over three hours. Chen Li wondering how to use his pocket the eighteen thousand. Just meeting, originally planned to spend some Bear says money to buy two cars. However, considering the way Amy and alarm clock did not license; secondly, the car not only bad long face, but also shame; vehicles good, make societies more financial pressure. He therefore suggested that everyone with thousands of available funds to buy a good point of motorcycles, low maintenance costs, the face also, and consistent with the ideal image of many punks, because of who plays it cool for everything. Amy was listening after pondering in his heart open. In calculating the average time a taxi thirty, three thousand one hundred times, a thousand times thirty thousand. With his travel these days with alarm situation, the taxi a few times a day is commonplace. Such calculations, buy a motorcycle practical and convenient, but also saves transportation costs. But, he was not sure the price. Li Fei Chen dialed the phone. Although I think that would disturb the mother together with Li Fei. Fei Li as saying over the phone. Riding a motorcycle to the airport, the mother received at home. Her mother's body well maintained, body with Li Fei as a mold carved out of the same. Appearance is also obvious that the facial features, face similar. Just wearing a big difference. Her mother hi white, black with Li Fei, cool colors, diametrically opposite. Quarters into Li Fei, Li Fei's mother standing in the doorway looked for a while. At the end, sigh of relief, said, "You live here?" "Well!" Li Fei salute her mother away, and turned to see her mother also pestle in the door, still half in a pathetic, sympathetic,oakley sunglasses outlet, distressed, mixed disdain for her residence complex dissatisfied eyeing, the reigning snappily said, "Lee silent beauties! goalkeeper when are you going to do?" Li Fei's mother name Lee silent, with Li Fei's father said it is still distant. She closed the door, take off shoes son, Zi is not in the big house walking around, carefully looked at it again. "Is that your bedroom layout looked a little taste." "Well, well! I'm such a small teacher's quarters you do not judge, and certainly not your eye into the evening to find a hotel you lived, certainly not willing wronged you. "Li Fei said, the end of the tea over. "Even the hotel. Place is small, wronged people point it is my daughter who told you? Fly all the way over not in order to live in hotels a full three years, your dad finally agreed to let me take a trip to stay a few days, and then a small place I can live it out. wait to go back you want to see more of glances can not see. "Li Fei could not help listening to sad past three years, she also did not miss their parents do? But her away, angered her father. When she had to go, leaving a 'what can not hold me when the teacher's determination! ', Carrying a box salute and left. His father Infuriated threatened 'I'll be without you this daughter! '. Thieves old-fashioned plot. Fei Li was called a walking erect and proud self-confidence and never look back! I did not expect, did not take long to begin to miss their parents, especially his childhood special understanding of her mother Lee speechless. "You are so annoying! I despise people a place to live, one would say these people cry sweet words!" Li Fei took a deep breath, put his eyes back tears forbearance. "I know want to father and mother, and returned to Beijing." Lee wordless gesture charge of the mouth gently serene tea. Li Fei one to move the gas. "I had to say, if you do not when lobbyists came ......" "Hear me out!" Lee wordless tone becomes serious, Li Fei live help restrain anger. "Chen said, you do not go back this year if they break off an engagement." C <

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