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carrying three of them leaving antworten

> Zhao Zhengming realized that he did not dare abandon the practice has aroused the attention, and if he continues this trend continues, everyone will most likely become suspicious abandoned. wwW. qUanbEN. cOm did not dare abandon because clearly, he Zhao Qing requirements are very strict, never indulged. He is good at camouflage, Xu heart for many years even parents are not aware of his sinister, because at the moment would never get carried away in the gutter capsize. So he put on a frown contemplative, serious reflection looks like. Nodded slowly. "Third Brother, you're right. This matter indeed I consider too thoughtful, always thinking Zhengxintai brother and sister-in-law did not care, I think of the kindness of her brother and sister-in-law, can not wait to take care of the Sacred Hearts as a princess protection! "Zhao Zhengming did not dare abandon patting shoulders, sigh and said," Sandi Do not worry, I will deal with these issues as soon as possible and we brothers work together, we must allow Zhengxintai become like brother and sister-in-law as The amazing character! "" My brother never too many words like, the eldest brother also to be considered. "" Nothing, nothing! brothers say such kind words why! Zhengxintai back. "Zhao Zhengming secretly regulator future plans, he confidently, even Xu's parents have been his heart removed, he did not think one can not dare abandon the heart than Xu's parents together make up tough. As Xu heart, did not consider him to be intractable problems. Tang boss smoking, recovered thoughts. He is hoping to help Xu heart, but he is very clear, it is not an easy thing. The company of people think that Xu's parents are heart attack enemies killed at sea. But the company's big brother, is actually very suspect that there is a ghost. Though because there is no evidence, no one mention, but who secretly prepare for the observer. The company's deep water, with the situation if the matter is not good, even endless disasters. He did not want Bear's trip muddy water, but he also clearly Bear opened their own societies, equally fraught with danger. "Dad! You'd say ah!" Bear getting impatient, could not resist urge. Tang said of his boss This two conditions. "First, as much as possible to meet the future free, multi-contact my case, you know, maybe it buried in the day or into the Bureau of Child, you go black, maybe that day has gone. Goods are in peace time to meet more , multi-contact when the father is not any other requirements, in fact, hope we can see their children safe, talk, eat dinner, no matter what will do, to see the heart is happy. then regret not wait see him again, and that late! Second, early to engage in a big belly woman born child, born a few more, if you buried again, and I look forward to have a good living, our family heritage incense can I make great whether you How many women in the stomach, anyway, you have to be born out big and you can not feed my support! "In a sit in the Qin Yang Chen and alarm clock, and three long stared, never seen such a father and son, Never seen such a child's education Dad ...... "...... then you will say how much their few women engage in large belly ......" The Bear mouth, so to speak, but in fact he has become a very natural look, apparently because of his father's words and moved, guilt. Tang boss another slap hit his head. "Engaged ass! Those women who know whom to go to bed the next day, I did not do out of a sub-species but also to your estate you happy?" Don boss finished, stood up, casual like a natural impulse as a friend Amy smiled and said three of them "simply teach the brats, put you out in the cold and ye are a good brother Bear, along with a good brother experienced life and death, it is not an outsider. subsequent regular contacts, I go to the sauna ah nothing to find , singing ah, drinking what can be called the girl,Outlet Coach Bags, do not see outside! "Amy three, only nodded promised. "Too tight ah you, this performance certainly will not find me." Yuehua Jian, Tang boss handed three cards in the past, has asked Amy their three names. Then he threw a bunch of keys Bear. "Early to send your car in college do not bother to ask me." He finished and left, took the key chasing Bear shouted "Fuck ah! Gave me old? I want a new car!" Tang boss head is also cried not back the "old ass! before buying three months." "Who knows how many women you hold to play in the car car shock ah! think and disgusting!" Nobita Buyiburao chasing shouting . "I did a few, each clean up." "No! I want a new car!" Bear fast to catch up when the boss's two bodyguards followed Don stopped him. Bear was about to attack, walked ahead of Don boss shouted impatiently, "trekking trip! Have some days free to give you buy a new car, the car you first open it." Bear That give up, but he still whispered, why two familiar, people will protect his father stopped him. Tang boss got into the car, the front of the driver handed him a tissue, he went on, wiped tears from his face. Concern that the driver said, "Boss, you do not worry too much about the young master, Yoshihito own day phase." Tang boss took a deep breath, choking back tears, said, "What is the use worry! Thirties, I have this little bastard he His mother was dying I must also ask him to take care of! ...... Well, do not say, go, so please come forward Missy trip Longbon. "Tang boss's car drove off. Another left a black Mercedes car was Bear running, carrying three of them leaving Amy to the hospital. "Brothers! Say, want to go?" Amy where not to go, but at this time. He was the boss Don touched,Oakley Holbrook, this time suddenly wanted to go home. "Home?" The Bear surprised back, almost forgot he was driving. "Qe agency established wedding day, do not find a place to celebrate your home? ...... Altogether go girl!" "You go, I trapped to death, just want to sleep." Amy said as he yawned. A battle, he forces nearly exhausted, upper and lower body muscles feel sore. "Tired of the open rooms give you sleep, what back home ah!" Alarm and Qin Yang is also the side to persuade. Amy remembered his father's temper and temperament, and the urge to give up the home. "Okay." Bear's father to let him help but realize that treason in fact, because people have their own ideas and ideals, and many parents will always put their children's autonomy completely rejected, not seriously. Thus, the children if you want to stand up for yourself, you can only treason. Xu scattered mind the company's general meeting. Xu heart in the Lord of the company, accompanied by her brother,Air Jordan Take Flight, out of the hotel entrance. She saw the outside of the car drove away one after another. Only vaguely understand the company's business is large. There are mostly dressed in the cloak of smugglers transport transport company ...... operating a bar, an underground casino, control pornography market, the traditional vice-business. There are hotels, restaurants, auto repair shops, processing plants, shopping malls, etc. appear to be legitimate, in fact, are mostly used for money laundering 'legitimate business'. There offshore fishing, but in reality most are doing at sea smuggling. There's even doing waste oil processing, as well as the size of various food processing workshop. C <

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