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05.06.2013 03:13
the palace when the transfer matrix antworten

> 212nd chapter when Ye Feng et al all go into the palace of the earth, in outer space, the original than the peace of the universe, a massive, abnormal old lagoon, sound from the space appears. WwW, qUanbEN, cOm () the shipwreck is like breaking open space barriers, drill out from another space. Wait until the ship large boat completely show body, is Ye Feng, the palace when the transfer matrix. Rapidly away Nama blue s è, leaf maple is very familiar to them, living for many years the home - the earth. Accurate to say not the earth is gone, but the leaf maple they are rapidly away from the earth. To all this, is carrying a leaf maple their. The ship is not from any space drill out of the boat. "This is going on? Don't tell the blue s è sphere is the earth? Don't tell me we're space flight?" Shi Yong startled the call way. The others are very surprised. Who had not thought that can transfer out of the earth, and is rapidly away from the. In these people, I'm afraid only Hoolock and that the man of God,Air Jordan 14, not surprised s è. Oh, and the fox, it can not see the expression. "I'm afraid you don't really, we fly in space. Is not this ship, will take us where to go." While Chen Lin looked at where they are, he said. Ye Feng their place, it is the ancient boat deck. Just a look around, we can recognize them on a ship. After all, leaf maple even if they didn't take the boat, also seen on television every kind of boat. "What are we to do? If this can not go back,Purses Coach Sale, not to die in a strange city?" Shi Yong continued to call said. The rest of the people did not answer him, because everyone is not how to answer him. Ye Feng went to the ship's side, through the protection of the ancient boat cover, toward the planet disappearing blue s è planet look. Others see Ye Feng, also went to the ship's side, looking toward the space. Ancient boat speed in constant speed, that blue s è planet, has already disappeared in the leaf maple their line of sight. But they are still standing on the ship's side, looking at the dark universe, looking for the star they once lived. Long after, leaf maple just turned his gaze. (please remember our site.DukaNkaN.) he will look to the and he looked like chains Man dark space. "Senior, is this what is the matter? The ship will bring us to the place?" Ye Feng asked. Hear Ye Feng's voice,Crossbodys Coach, chain man moved to move body, will look to the leaf maple. Even in the fox not far from the chains of man, also turn, will look to the leaf maple. "I'm sorry, I have not only within the temple will be a transfer matrix. Don't we are brought to this ship. This seat can only guess, all of this is that established the temple person good design. As for the shipwreck will lead us to where, perhaps also only then built the boat people, will." Lock

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