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05.06.2013 03:08
Chen did not think antworten

> Three hundred and eighth chapter he was political director ...... Xu Chen love snappily stare eye. WwW, QunabEN, coM / .com first. Issued "qe associations also have rules, right? As the Security Service, the rules of course,Oakley Juliet, much more. Safety Authority is doing what? Internal members of the loyalty, the line to is of course very important if even internally managed mismanagement, dare not expect to play a large role here? do not complain, and quickly left yesterday gdf whereabouts are clear so far, all the memories again. "Amy helpless. This can be something made up - his dark vision Security Agency's rules too much trouble, too Renxian. But ...... unless he improperly members of the special operations group, otherwise, you have to comply with. 'Superfluous records, fabrications you know? 'This idea allows Chen Li secretly suspicious ...... he suddenly remembered the autumn fall Chen. Evil is that numerous attempts to Xu Hong start with spider abilities villain. That villain Security Agency had killed people do not know why, his whereabouts finally exposed. If the Security Council members have no way to prepare a formal record of the arguments, then why bother it? 'There must be something ...... Could work documents to hide something? 'Chen recalled last night, the places, truthfully say, merely conceal do, for the specific time you forget to take the way smoothed over. "Miss Xu Qing, today I will remember the time, but before today, I do not know who are the so-called innocent thing. How could I go to a place to look at every time? You barely let me recall the time, really is a difficult one. "Xu feeling helpless sigh. "Try memories, psychological well being reprimanded by the Secretary to prepare it -" Amy disapproval to the extreme. Reprimanded? Cut - he grew up reading was teacher, political director reprimanded enough. He could not care ...... Amy walked into the office of the Secretary for Security. He was very nonchalant expression, sitting behind the desk in seeing the security when the Secretary. A hint of astonishment. This is a forty-year-old middle-aged man. Slightly fat. Quartet's face,Coach Purses Sale, a pair of eyes, sharp as a knife - really sharp knife! When eye contact with him, I can not help, most people want to avoid. Chen involuntary avoid his gaze, but soon, and met his gaze looking over - 'outrageous, how to scare loading by others fled eyes! 'Secretary Chen peering staring eyes. Heart in meditation. 'He is the political director, he is the political director ...... that looks fierce,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, fierce appearance in addition to what he can do? Kill me ah? What are they afraid? There is no reason to be afraid - do not be intimidated by the political director of the ferocious appearance, it is a paper tiger, paper tiger! 'With this meditation confidence, Chen gradually adapted to the Secretary's attention. "The report - is how is it?" "Simply because they do not know, so do not pay attention, so remember ......" 'snapped -' Security Secretary thick palm suddenly shot down on the table, I heard a big sound! As if the whole house shook. 'You shot put, hard shot! Anyway, bad beat tables do not spend my money - real water, is entirely political director of the ways that a scary thing! 'Amy looked indifferent. "Do not think you made contributions for the country, will be able to enjoy special treatment! Special operations group is the NSA's elite, is exemplary! Anything waiting for someone to tell you how to do it? Ah? You did not go orthodox Gifted , or even know anything about the affairs of the Security Council - should be more understanding of spontaneously active learning! "Amy ear and out. Learn ass! He was not directed to the effectiveness of the Security Council, he spent enough time in Taipei will immediately go, I did not come here to listen to his interest in meddling. If you are interested when he stuck to the safety of members of the Board had also set up what early societies, obediently reading good. He then obedient, in front of the Secretary does not fall, and certainly fail to get someone else to take his place, obey decades, to hear the uncle retired chance to compete position, this input disproportionate harvest serious matter, Amy did not even have the slightest interest. Chen said with a faint natural response. "Secretary, I very carefully. Early to memorize rules and regulations of the bureau, especially serious violation of discipline, they would be dismissed and condemn the regulations -" "So, you go out." Face of indifference ordered the expulsion of the Secretary . "I thank the Secretary." Amy left. The Secretary or so he was very unexpected. First, he has the same situation with Xu, Chen obviously read his thoughts, but those thoughts is simply false; Second, he did not continue unnecessary rebuke Chen. Chen was originally a gas, then his. He memorized the rules and regulations, especially those of a serious breach of discipline. That is, he will not do the things that they would be dismissed, in addition to other rules, he do not care Amy! However, Chen did not think the Secretary has actually really be so wise as he would expect to respond. Let him go, obviously he would not ignore his thing. Only if he does not exist meaning. 'Uncle was quite a straightforward thing ......' Amy very happy out of the Secretary's office, just turned, saw the face of personal. His opinion is about as big around the age of forty, thin stature, slender. A pair of fine eyes eye looks bright in particular, have the impression safe and sound, the feeling of goodness and mercy. This is of course incredible. NSA uncle, there are several safe and harmless? "You are Amy, right?" He asked, with a smile. "Yes I ask you ......" "Oh, I was promised love mentor." "So is the deputy director." Amy understood why. This man is one of NSA's deputy director, Xu love most trusted people, but also has been the most highly valued for who promised love. Deputy director laughed. "Always wanted to talk to you, just say you love promise Secretary Aixun here, I did not expect one to hit you out. How about? Secretary pound the table yet?" Amy grinned. "True shot rang - Even more interesting is that the table also really resistant to shoot. Looking wood, Leng Shimo bad." Deputy Secretary can not help but laugh and then drying. "He is not willing to shoot bad, Hainan yellow pear on the table, every time ah - are thunder and Zhang Li small." For a time, the Deputy Secretary for even more approachable, affable. "Go, another place we two talk." Amy obediently him, curious what he meant. The deputy director of the generation is not easy, just by his love and the Secretary has promised that fear the ability to read minds, let Chen can not be underestimated. However, many conditions, another deputy Secretary of the apparent lack of this ability, however, also very concerned about Amy. If they are in daily harmless little things do not take disguise, I do not have a big thing, when Chen Liping did not realize - his mind reading them invalid. Why do they not do so? <

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