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05.06.2013 02:58
only the occurrence of sealed antworten

> since it is a secret, of course, someone will be in the side. Www, quanBEn, cOM when the Shimen appeared, to found will be guarded in the monks. The news immediately returned a day Xuanxian Union. After receiving the news of that a moment, high order day Xuanxian Union, have put aside the hands of the matter, to the secret to. Even the fairy purport of breath, they were put aside. Can imagine this secret to important x ì ng. Tianxuan hidden inside is a very big space. Here the mountains and rivers, Lake Basin, can be said to have everything that one expects to find. This is the day Xuan xianmeng monks blocked six thousand years of secret, is in a narrow canyon. Canyon had no name, that heaven Hyun fam any place, there is no name. Because after the monk came here, just to name a everywhere. Because there is a central valley where hundreds of feet around the area, according to the earliest discovered the monks say, on this piece of open space has become immortal. It is precisely because of this, the canyon is known as Wang Xian xia. The collapsed half of Shimen, it is appear in fairy gorge is at the center of the clearing. When the earth's brother had just moved into the day Xuan fam, once because of the clearing, and there was a bloody battle. It is because of this space, which leads to the day Xuan FAM is sealed for six thousand years. Six thousand years ago the area have? At that time appeared in the courtyard, and not a rundown Shimen, but a large number of magic, Dan medicine, law etc.. Almost everything, can let the brother is crazy. Moreover,Oakley Hijinx, at that time, it is the aura R ì increasing shortage of time. After seeing these things, there is no master to control myself. Want to obtain Wangxian gap among the treasures, only by personal battle, is far from enough. When first discovered the monks, think that as long as the occupy the lookout fairy gorge, will take forcible possession of inside. But in the powerful pay a heavy price, occupy the lookout fairy gorge, after breaking open the protective space above found, that vacant land on treasure, only a small part can be removed. In addition to those, all is in another space. Before they can see, only the image artifacts. With the passage of time, appeared in the courtyard of a little lost treasures. Tianxuan fam among the monks also reached a consensus. The friars, formed a day Xuanxian Union, will Wang Xian gorge listed in box. All of the power and the use of a fairy alliance, investigation and Wang Xian Xia, who hopes to find the treasure room. It is precisely because of this, only the occurrence of sealed Tianxuan fam entrance of things. No one thought, six thousand years, Tianxuan fam monks, struggling to keep Wang Xian xia. Across the centuries, from Wang Xian gorge area, flying is not weak not strong treasures, let a person not to forget, no one can unlock the secret Wangxian gorge. No one to find those existing treasure space. Perhaps feel unable to unlock the secrets of Wang Xian Xia,Jordan Big Ups Shoes, and coincides with the earth Reiki recovery, Tianxuan xianmeng high-rise,Coach Handbags Sale, end

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