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05.06.2013 02:55
last time AVENT yao yao suddenly antworten

> Xu love slow breath, watching the scene on the screen to continue talking. "Because there are a number of national institutions darkness, and refused to accept it if you want reactionary? Destruction - and then build, than the efforts to build and not destroy changed more efficient? Impossible - do not let the darkness engulfed the light, in the presence of dark state institutions to adhere uprightness, efforts to combat the proliferation and spread of utmost darkness, this is what we should be doing. doomsday mutants before the crisis does not exist, the total gate continue to exist, we can do as a soldier What? catch criminals? chivalric? "Xu feeling tone suddenly improved. Amy looked on, only to find Xu situation completely changed into a similar, too. She had terrible, at this moment, Amy's eyes, suddenly have become filled with glorious ...... "Together, we continue with the tender to uprightness of faith. Together in the presence of national institutions in the dark, with the actions and efforts to make possible to eliminate the darkness, as a tribute to the light, which is justice, when the nation's institutions exist to bear more and more people from the country's real responsibilities, is to enter them for the benefit of that tender place in the tradition of uprightness, In the spread - "Amy looked at the screen on the reaction of those who enter. Wondering whether they will really be so easy to surrender - he felt Xu love capitulate rhetoric seems somewhat weak. However. There into surrender, there are a lot into - not the former soldiers door, but Lieyang the entry. Those weapons were all thrown to the ground. This is no surprise, was originally not know Lieyang these into the true face, but did not know he took his aspirations to the pinnacle of political power motives. Today Lieyang dead, they can not find any reason to lay down their arms - "is to continue to move forward uprightness, or continue paranoid that only total gate only on behalf of justice? If you still think so, in fact,Classic Coach Cheap, has become damaged social stability, affecting the national security of 'terrorism', and if so, I - Wife will destroy you! "screen inside. Those with the former door startled soldiers door, head down, face. A silence, and had suddenly there into the opening. "Maybe ...... maybe we are too fit in the past. Should not only total doors on behalf of justice, right? Affectionate than our brave choice to change the darkness, change is difficult, but this is not exactly a total gate past beliefs? Change difficult If so, is not it will benefit countless into it? - I think, I am willing to work to that end. ye do? "His position, Lieyang aspects into horses have lost arms move - perhaps infected with other income, Maybe it confused the other, much the same impact in the mind think. In short, they one by one, raised their right arm, right arm clenched fist - that was fighting stance. Yes, they are not holding hands in surrender gesture - because they choose to, as a continuation of the concept of fighting ...... hilltop Xu heart left. Before she leaves, gdf department members have retreated. The last ring of fire extinguishing too little fanfare. Before leaving, Xu looked back at those who held it up in the heart of boxing arm ...... "I should thank you, if you do not have your phone, I've done a wrong thing." When the phone is hung up when. Xu love deeply remember the sound of the phone. "What's her name? Have a very aberrant beautiful hair." "Xu heart." Amy finished, they do fear shaped, carefully asked the sentence. "I am not a leak state secrets, right? Gdf sector does not cause me any trouble, right?" Xu Love smiled, did not bother phrase posturing joke. "Thank you." She finished, shut down the system secret door on the wall. "Program very well, the results are well worth celebrating, not surprisingly, three tender will be able to win with the flight to the city of shock before departure, the General Office of the Secretary-General Hospital after noon will interview you." "I?" It makes Chen stand very surprised that he, a mere ordinary small fart, plus trail with background, race course will be such a big official interview? "The Security Council special operations group where each member will be interviewed were, and now there were not taken up by the Secretary-General to see you. Yao Ming started you can go around, there will be responsible for the protection into frankly - tonight After the successful operation of your limitations basically not necessary. sleep - "Promised Love is preparing to leave, Chen Li quickly stopped her. "Accompanying protection you can arrange beauty?" Xu love Leng Liaoleng, then smiled. "No problem." Amy relieved, comfortable lying on the bed. There is beauty companionship, certainly better than coming into the side along with a large male fun - 'cause the last time AVENT yao yao suddenly fall from the sky, rescued me sad; This time, what kind of tender so to rescue me ...... 'Amy yourself with such expectations, and finally was able to sleep ...... however, did not sleep much, he was having nightmares line. He made not a nightmare nightmare. Dream inside, Li Fei called him - said again, 'I got married, pregnant for six months ......' Then, followed by telephone remembered, Avent also said to him, 'I'm married, pregnant six months ...... 'him in a dream just hang up the phone, gasping when Xu Hong gave him a phone call. He thinks there is something. Results - Phone,Outlet Coach, Xu Hong said to him, 'I'm ready to get married, just met a real aristocrat! Already pregnant with his child ...... 'Amy snapped hung up the phone. Was breathing heavily when the phone rang, he saw that the number of heart Xu, quickly turned. Xu heart he wanted to know what he might be right in the Security Council? However - the call is connected, Xu heart told him 'I am ready to get married, marry Zhao Zhengming, because pregnant ......' So. Amy woke up. He escaped bedroom, took a bottle from the fridge iced water, gulp two liters - Then he lit the root of small cigars. He did not smoke in the bedroom habits. Chen Lifei quickly dialed a number. Rang for a long time,Nike Air Jordan 4, the other end was connected. "In the busy, how?" "Yee, you are not married? Still pregnant?" Phone, silence ...... Amy course know, this is ridiculous. "I'm really busy, busy'll call you - you are in Taipei? O A, you can not say, into coming!" Hang up the phone. Not surprisingly, Amy. This is the first time he went to Yee phone. Because he knows AVENT may be busy doing things all the time, or inconvenient to answer the phone in the state. So, always call him AVENT. Today is the first tender, and this time, he asked a very nonsense words. Amy smoking a cigarillo big mouth. Looking phone. He wanted to dial a number. However, they felt that such a ridiculous thing once too many, really should not do it again - <

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