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05.06.2013 02:53
very likely to keep a secret antworten

After > Taoist hear Ye Feng words, the pupil contracting slightly,Jordan 14 Sale, apparently Ye Feng's words touched him. WWw, quanbeN, cOM but this monk is not anxious not to rush to Ye Feng said: "since you have the conditions, just say it." "Around the monks are killed, I'll give you something." Ye Feng said. A monk suddenly came the agitated voice, a lot of people in the leaf maple voice down the moment, the curse Ye Feng not tunnel. There are a lot of people laughing at leaf maple too big for her skin. "You when I stupid? Kill the people around, and the whole world is not the enemy. Compared to kill other people, probably kill you is a good choice." The Taoist said slowly. He never encouraged by Ye Feng. Ye Feng did not speak immediately,Oakley Active Sale, but will look from Taoist away, to look around. This monk has many. If these people have died here today, to fix true world must be a not small shake. But the monk's relatives and friends, or Pope door, also can not sit idly by. Even if is the monkey exit friar did, maybe you are not afraid of death jump out of justice. "The way is long how stupid, how would be under my few words, will kill the people around. I just want to the surrounding friends say a few words." At this moment, Ye Feng's voice suddenly increased a lot, only to hear he continued: "Xian Zhi bestowal, colorful gate, Temple of the secret, and the mysterious box. These are the great nature, can not be belittled on any person. The long practice of high-strength, want to kill me, perhaps is not difficult. But this world is the only way long a monkey habitat. Then don't know long got things and secret, will not suffer from other monkey exit friar to kill? Or said long has the confidence not to let this R ì things spread out?" If a, Taoist monkey habitat repair was staring eyes. His face the wrath of the s è, some hate not immediately go to leaf maple crush. Around the monk is different and the priest, after they had heard the words of Ye Feng, can not help a gasp. These people are not stupid, they heard a leaf maple word meaning. That monk after got what you want, very likely to keep a secret, but here people are killed. After all, he is the monkey exit friar, that may not really have any arcane, can place all trapped, then kill one one. The crowd s ā o chaotic sound a little louder,Nike Air Jordan 3 UK, and when the time is right, leaf maple again loudly say: "dear friends, I just want to protect life. If you can guarantee me a x ì ng life, I would like to share the secret and the presence of all the people. Don't know how long ah?" The monks talk suddenly quiet down, all did not expect the leaf maple will say so. Then there is a lot of people eyes urgent looking forward to the priest that monkey habitat repair. The priest in the leaf maple that last sentence interrogative sentence after the export, had been aware of the bad things happen. Feel around monk's eyes gaze, Taoist felt body has a layer of invisible

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