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when Chen an elbow knocked antworten

> Alarm is attentive, whispered words to say, determined to avoid being followed by the Qin Yang hear. wWW! Quanben! CoM finished, they turned Chong Qin Yang smiled and said, "your brother is on the woman relented, too emotional, but you follow him right, he'll protect you." Amy's heart took a hit, He found himself seems to be a soft heart. More importantly, he seemed to not understand how out to mix should be mixed. Alarm clock as he seems smart, but, alarm clock in the score, sense of reality, and I'm afraid than he matured. "Qin Yang, you want to let the alarm continue to look wonderful brother to take you back to see." Alarm heard that, immediately hauled Qin Yang ran back. "Run faster run quickly! Should not over yet ......" Chen Li back, watching them quickly got into the house door back, smiling. He laughed his childish laugh at myself not as alarm clock awake. If he is not a mind reader, now or have died, or are being closed. On charges of rape and murder of a drunken YY. Alarm clock, then let him suddenly, he means Zhao Qing nature, in fact, with Bear now essentially the same. 'Anyway, too late to stop now back on when watching live AV show, Qin Yang even dare to look, I still can not up? Yi kick stand and then consoled consoled the poor girl wounded hearts, are also considered best of both worlds, good all done ...... 'Amy decisive turn. But God did not give him the chance to see AV show. When he went to the third floor when he heard voices. Bear and alarm clock, Qin Yang down. See him, Bear confusing. Amy smiled and said something nonsense, "I thought, that this woman is too hateful, or would like to come back to see her the way deserve." Bear's smile suddenly bright again. "You've missed wonderful! Suddenly felt her dirty disgusting, I suddenly wonder how the fuck did she will like? Then had no interest it. Walk, others have come." Alarm clock with a lively discussion Qin Yang with just seen the wonderful, originally scared to speak because he was nervous this time Qin Yang face flushed, excited tone again and again to speak. Say so see very quickly, look very Jiehen, see very **, this woman ...... Bear in respect of retaliation is the cell phone, his home is indeed very rich. As he said, people have come to the Qi. Than the number expected to more than a hundred people twenty-three. Bear busy as the one on cigarettes, to send soda, thanks. Finally, take the initiative to plead to each alarm aggregation underground gauntlet. No one will, alarm clock ran back and said, "they did more than fifty individuals,Classic Coach Outlet, no one has come, just over it." Bear with confidence gearing up, shouted "Brothers! Go." Over a number of people , all of them holding an empty Coke bottle, with the protagonist behind the Bear,Coach Online Outlet, a mighty move forward. Did not walk one hundred meters, I saw a group of people he came down. The two sides stood a few meters across. Amy saw that touches Muzi looks very handsome, just looks domineering, hard-edged look very annoying. "You are Muzi ah?" Bear with his arms chest, unashamedly speak. Muzi Bear Huitouchong pointing triumphantly behind the brothers smiled and said, "to tell you, this is ** too, Ma likes to be with me on my big bear." Bear to explode, and then made a unexpected things. His pants off, before bulging lower body, insolent clamor shouted "pants see who little ah! Dare than ah? Grass!" Amy invisible, but the other end sound Muzi men are all gone apparently Bear model indeed extraordinary. Bear back the face, again put on pants, red Muzi shouted "Tsing Ma is now on your right?" Muzi contemptuous answer saying "For ah, so what?" Bear blew the whistle. Had been hiding waiting for the signal to a dozen female punks wearing only underpants underwear carried out in Tsing Yi. 'Snapped' of her fall on the ground. "You Ma ah well you Mazi Gang just blew my cool ...... but unfortunately was a bad lot, dry up quickly!" Bear clamor. "Now I put your horse son did, you say how ah!" "Fuck you!" Muzi took root from behind iron pipes, rush toward the Bear. World War II was launched, two men rushed toward the other side! "Damn it, they have a guy!" Bear unprepared guy, he probably did not expect the other side are not afraid of sudden events,Nike Air Jordan 12 UK Sale, even prepared a lot of iron pipes, as well as a dozen of the melon. But had made ready to fly, the number of advantages to people here still retain Bear fighting courage. Chen Li flawless say, flushed the edge told Qin Yang said, "follow me." This Qunjia really is not red on the back. Those body bone is weak, little more, and did not resist the easy to be collisions fell to the ground, face more bad luck upon immediately trod many footprints, then that is an iron or glass bottles according to head, according to the arm smashing! The Collide burst after Qunjia began to expand the scope of the battlefield, taking it every goal in each of the parties from fighting. In the red, when Chen an elbow knocked over the individual, sudden snatch took superimpose Qin Yang with an iron bar, and feitui attack kicked a man, and took away the stick, but not yet handed clock hands , he was a bully received in the past, no one even thank you. Alarm bitterly looked happy guy holding an iron bar fight, could not help but curse blanket the sentence. "Fuck!" Fortunately wins stick is not difficult. Chen Li through mind reading ability, each person face to face attacks aim can learn that each other's arms just swing, it was a short foot kicked Chen dizzy points. Alarm Clock With weapons, morale earthquake, while cursing blanket with self-stick side from Meng Hui thwarted. Chen Li knocked out five successive individual, Qin Yang found only along with a stick, even if it is not attacked again. So a person's arm to the front of grasp, and a man's throat, strangling him, and caught him Jianjing Xue, the man suddenly half numb, unable to move. "Hit him!" Qin Yang holding a stick, the delay can not start. "Hit him ah!" Amy snapped him again, and finally the Xinyi Heng Qin Yang, hybrid iron bar hit his head on the people that step. Amy looked after, let's stick Qin Yang hit the key man head, his mouth straight urging said, "resort, opened his eyes and looked at him fight!" Qin Yang Yigun pick Yigun, smashing it head, The man hit his arm, smashing the man legs, and hit it head ...... finally start Shihai timid, very afraid. Finally adapted slowly over the hand grip stick becomes calm, waving a stick also become more powerful. Chen This release that poor hapless. In fact, he did not see any major injuries, just faint and disoriented, forget yourself where. Qin Yang's strength is limited, and not too lethal. "Well! It's that beat." Muzi that side of the people because of the number of disadvantages, take a stick of soon to be killed in siege weapon, fell to the ground. Only that a dozen knife, so Bear this side who fear being chased traveling. In fact, only those who dare sudden event, to scare the majority component, even if the catch is kicking the hands of the knife does not really cut out. <

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