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> Two hundred and fifty fifth chapter I was little for Today, Xu heart watching that information displayed on the screen, the saying, Zhao Zhengming This is NSA people, starting with his parents met, sworn on but a well-designed task link. & *. "3Z Chinese net net." com fastest UPDATE ** while killing the murderer of her parents, but also his! "Zhao Zhengming I Erdie, with you a stranger and took me to a place so strange to me to see these items can make me believe? System is your story like how knitting can be ......" "No people ask you to promise anything, what to believe. "Amy smiled kindly, fingers door directions. "You can leave at any time, no one will make things difficult, the only condition is only and can not be revealed tonight to see everything." "Why should I commit?" "Gratitude. Repay my kindness save your life." Amy confident and calmly said, Duanzhaochabei, leisurely sipping. Xu heart Zhengzhu moment. This is her undeniable truth. Fragrant Hills in the North, she has been found. Later, she also know that the moon and stars in the mercenary group, there were a few sniper rifle has been aimed at her. If it is not a cover in front of the old man, ignorant I do not know, she will certainly be back at gunpoint - Xu heart stared in silence, Chen Li can only guess her thoughts. "Gainer, both the murderer, which is easy to analyze and never accepted norms. Whether Li Duoli less, are likely to be consistently behind while Zhao Zhengming, it is in addition to outside Martial Law will benefit most. Xu mind, the He, Gone with the Wind God, Tang boss, everyone abandoned, four individuals have the suspect. believe this, you know very well. "Xu heart speechless. Yes, she has had similar doubts. When she decided to secretly investigate the time, it decided to hide from others - including looks very reliable anyway did not dare give up. Because of her parents' money, everyone abandoned holds. How many, in addition to her parents only knew who did abandon. So he suspects exist, despite the findings today Xu heart no point did not dare give up, but cautious, she still did not dare to reveal things. Because she was allowed to make mistakes, if wrong, they lose the whole game. Clues along,Air Jordan Outlet, in no more harvest stage. The only way, it seems that only the body from the moon and stars mercenary group to proceed to investigate who the hire them. However, Xu heart again and again boarded the North Xiangshan, and again did not reach the summit. Because she did not have sufficient grasp, she felt hands grasp the power head may not be enough. "With you a man, not kill Zhao Zhengming. (Baidu search for" 3Z Chinese net net ", watch the book the latest updates) we have a common enemy, and you are leading Xu remember, it should cooperate." "Do you like a reliable old ...... Sorry, Have I told you there is enough sense of trust. "Xu heart altogether when rebuffed. Let Amy wanted to laugh. "One day when you need it, you can come back." Amy said, slowly closed his eyes. Xu mind alert, a step by step walk door. There are not aware of the old man behind insincere transaction. She assured a little, and then go back. "There are things that would like to ask - they say what Dieyi door?" "Oh, a division of the total sector organizations." Amy kindly smile, although he felt so laugh can not let him feel like Xu heart ' good '. "...... Why Xingyue mercenary group captain will mistakenly think I Die dress door man?" "Because you are using is Dieyi door dodge - Splendour step." "...... I think it was a misunderstanding." Xu heart silent for a moment, he simply said. Her dodge, martial arts are learned from her master - Wang. "I think you should ask your master." Xu Xin said "thank you", to open the door to go out. After her out. Chen hastened kneading cheeks muscles. "I am the grass, old equipment amiable old man smiling, the whole muscle ache - Ah this old man in the past can not be installed pout seriousness it? Old so kindly smiling installed, this old man tired ah -" CHEN Li-gang relaxed kneading sore facial muscles, the door of the screen lights up, showing a woman's figure. Chen busy correct the attitude, continue to maintain the appearance of smiling. He knew that sooner or later come back in front of a woman. She is the star gate warrior, called wind. In the top of the hill, when Chen on the adoption of a mind reader to know, for the first time the wind was taken away from the former main gate. But after a night, never call her. Chen opened the door. Wind close, entered the room, slightly head down face. "Total main door ...... you remember me?" "That night the wind to shy face, can never forget." Said Amy bumbling, read minds, the wind my heart also think back to the scene that night. She suddenly looked up, stared watching Amy. She was surprised, always thought that she is always the main door is one of many women hunting, too, and that is forgotten. Unexpectedly, he remembers. "Total main door really remember the wind?" But CHEN Li-gang was then die two edges can be, she thought further confirmation. "...... That the wind came to ask me, could not have been followed around, the wind still remember what I said to you?" The wind to help stared, this I believe, always the main door really remember her, even remark that night still remember. So she began. "Total Door Lord said, I am not suitable for long term stay in your side." Amy wanted to laugh. Because wind purpose of this trip is not simple. She took tentative meaning. She confirmed that the main door is always remember her, just to remember that after the confirmation, verification is in front of the main door of the total real body, or avatars. Former main gate past, many avatars, only from the outside, it is impossible to tell. But it is a total substitute for the main door, the door will not refer to the total dye in the female soldiers. Therefore, only the true body know those things, I said, did. "Oh ...... I remember the days when the wind is that the wind is also too small." Wind hesitated to make the hearts of the doubt,Poppy Collection Coach UK, and then bowed forward, the tone of excitement asked the sentence. "Always the main door, the wind is still smaller?" Amy has long wind stature looked over a few times. He did not know the old man is suspected of past wind young, or is it that this sentence when a perfunctory excuse. Anyway, he felt the wind to the little place which is not small. "The wind coming soon grow up." Expect the wind to face, suddenly bleak. "Seventeen jealous, allow the wind to follow you around, it is detrimental to the wind." Amy hypocritically pretending to care for her sake. This sentence, as if played a role. Wind dim apricot eye, suddenly lit up the joy of light. "The wind to understand,Coach Outlet Sale, please rest assured that the total main door, seventeen Mistress is away, the wind to come serve You." Amy looked at the wind coming back out. The door was closed, he was relieved and continue kneading the muscles of his face. "The color of the old man, in the end the scourge of many a woman, ah, hey, let me play this gentleman that Zuohuaibuluan color old man, do not embarrass me?" Amy felt best suited to do this live clock. The wind was gone, did not take long, and one after another to a few former soldiers asked to see the door. Chen busy to cope. But my mind was wondering, Xu heart condition. Xu heart is certainly useful to help, he not bear to see her dead on the Fragrant Hills in the North. A year ago, that night, the first hug, witnessed a woman body quiet, still often emerge Chen mind. Was kind of nervous and excited, contradictory impulses struggling with depression experience like never before. Xu heart back to the residence. She chose to return as one Yuan foothold. Bent Yuan has her estate, in order to facilitate the provision of school sometimes, but, not much time to live. She drank a cup of cold mineral water, sitting on the sofa, remembering what happened just now, and see the information. Do not believe we certainly false. Originally Zhao Zhengming is one of the objects of her doubts, but also one of the main suspect. Tang boss and did not dare abandon the suspects, after a year of observation, basically she completely ruled out. If Tang boss told her parents about the things, then, Tang boss's situation must be changed because the benefits will certainly do so. But this year, Tang boss's business is no different with the past, still Xuji trail things indifferent, never intervene, the situation with the past business expanded almost without exception. Management did not dare abandon her parents' accounts, overtly or covertly through her knowledge, has not found a problem. The rest, only Zhao Zhengming and floating Lord. Xu heart distress your head, painful eyes closed. Her strength is not enough, even though she wanted to kill the moon and stars mercenary group of people, however, her strength was not enough, 'Die dress door' words, leaving her suddenly felt that she and total gate this organization, maybe not There is no relationship; she does not want to get a result Zhao Zhengming, that is her Erdie - from small to large, watching her grow up, pet her, hurt her Erdie! However, everything is just false. Those feelings, those hurt pet, are all false. Zhao Zhengming was a clever disguise who did not even see through her parents, even her heart at the moment Xu already know the truth, do not want to believe in the emotional Zi, Zi is the truth pain! Her strength is not enough. Whether dealing with the moon and stars mercenary group, or Zhao Zhengming, her power is not enough. This past year, despite the conscious mind Xu secretly develop their own strength. But, after all, time is limited, her understanding of the power is not enough. Even - perhaps her own strength is not enough. Xu heart consider a long while, and finally pick up the phone, for the cards, the dialed Carry only kept the numbers. Phone rang eight sound after the turn. Over the phone, came to look old, tired voice. "Zhengxintai ah, there are a few days did not come to the phone." Xu heart listening to the voice of the other end, could not help but worry about the relationship asked. "Master, how do you it? Was doing it again attack you?" "Oh ...... Oh, old people so the young are getting injured cause internal organs function decline fast, inevitable, there is nothing right, you Do not worry. "<

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