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that must be met Even antworten

> Police did not say anything, nodded, and went out. wwW, QUanbEN, coM {. first. sent} he understands the difficulties of the doctor, no way to force, another hospital to no avail. Trail of people do not care about repeat again, the doctor still is really able to speak. If you run into a greaseball, dead duck fooling flicker play with him, it was trouble, let alone seven days, months Dugan alarm clock lying sick chuáng, drinking coffee. His only complaint is that the room no air conditioning inside. But he's not satisfied quickly disappeared. Because his men henchmen, through doctors to turn the ward name, sent him ViP ward. So alarm leisurely watching TV, drinking coffee. Two policemen speechless. So also in the ward cable xìng sitting on the couch. A policeman saw the alarm clock watching TV while laughing happy, could not help but simply said. "I see you tǐng good spirit, as a statement from it." "Oh" Alarm bumbling, also installed special leave of her head, frowning. "Heard a statement from three words, my head on Kanla." The policeman snappily shook his head. "You just install it, pride will not last long anyway." Alarm disapproval by lying chuáng head, lit a cigar roots, but also readily give that two police officers who lost a past one. "Everyone must die at least alive proud over this ward most people can not afford to live in a lifetime, this cigar a one thousand, how many people from the pits?" Alarm saw that the two police officers face sè ugly, tone casual smile. "Pumping it. Polite even reed? I'm not interested in you laugh. Morals so do not you? Everyone has different living law and the pursuit, I was afraid of the poor, as long as ever scenery too, life is short do not care. "One of the police first, then less lit a cigar, side to persuade my colleagues from the right side. "Pumping it. Also no hatred, try the eleven hundred cigars in the end what is the difference. Had it a few days in this duty, downtown enemies like too boring." Also the police listened, not said anything to fight fire, lit a cigar ...... Alarm smoking a cigar, but mind drifted very far beyond ...... base. Amy sleep Masaka. Xu Lei Wen Zhu is responsible for observing and monitoring devices. Xu Hong accompany Chen side, she appeared in holding that the Department of bizarre bowl of mobile phones, worse, there is no record of any call, and no telephone numbers stored information. This of course would not be who lost the phone. Even the most careless reckless starting temperature Zhu, certainly not think so. Xu situation has yet to appear. And this in the words appeared. What does it mean? Xu Hong, playing with the phone, waiting for the phone rang, and she is thinking along the same Chen, Xu base situation will not come up. At least not based on the way they expect. Generation Lei this time back. "Sister-in-law, around the base of the mountain are inspected, and a person is not found." He could feel tired smelling odor. Xu Hong did not frown, nodded his head. "Take a shower, eat sleep and if there is fighting, you need plenty of energy." Generation Lei promised, through the avenue from the alloy to go. Xu Hong lie down, close their eyes attentively, waiting time quietly ticking. A little time goes by. Time until seven pm. That phone finally rang a Zhiailisi piano in the room melodious symphony. Let Xu Hong felt more terror. Yes, this is Amy using a ring tone, then she also used. This inexplicable telephone set this tone, is nothing to say, they are very understanding of each other, Xu Hong hesitated, afraid to answer the phone. Not a last resort, she really would not want to be dragged into it. Amy woke eyes, watching the slogan of the phone, very calm hand picked, watched with concern in the eyes of Xu Hong, press the answer key. "Xu Love?" Amy straight to the point. Over the phone, came a melodious voice. "I think you should slept, revitalized the spirit of it." Amy smiled, the more he felt that the other is a powerful person. "Order méng care, sleep well." "Not worth mentioning, because I believe that you will not be bad state of mind when talking to me about important things." Amy holding a phone, close to Xu red, so she can hear. Almost the first meet of the individual and then listening to the phone with the sound. "I am also very curious, what would you interesting offer and I believe it will not be boring topic capitulate what it?" "Of course not, if I even this point are not clear, it would be too inadequate to prepare a frank, I You really need to read minds, even more unusual is that you not only have to read minds but also have a certain degree of combat, as well as other special ability. "Xu Hong, frowning, lest Xu Chen threat intelligence intentionally do anything. Amy did not she kind of overly sensitive. "Go." "I need a man like you to play another person, this is not a task, so you do not have to join Security Council, which is co-operation, of course, to put it nicely, is a citizen for the country's security, voluntary contribute to a force: that's not nice point, that is what they need, based on cooperation, you can ask, if possible, I will be satisfied. "direct words to say, that's too beautiful. A cooperative tone and manner, such a person naturally makes Amy emotional rejection abatement. "Need time to think about it?" The voice asked the. But Amy does not. "When military members let me do?" "Oh, please do not joke like that and no one with the right to make an overnight into no man dishonorably discharged military members and I will try to meet the requirements, but it must be possible circumstances. "Amy certainly know that this is not possible, he just wanted to try, whether the other lip, he came forward to flicker. "Let me add a one trillion worth it!" "I'm sorry, the bureau receives annual funding are far not so much, can not possibly satisfy your appetite." Amy drying natural laugh, he felt tempted xì ng joke also opened enough. "Dangerous xìng, cycle, investment in human resources about how much?" "Dangerous xìng ranging disguise your success, I can not predict that if you do good, there will be no danger: If you do well, every second there may be life-threatening. longer than three years, and you have the resources, where possible, the need to invest them. "" such a high return on investment and wind certainly not so low you ...... As of the end, meaning all property companies, need to become legal assets - Chen Li put forward such a request, they trail money laundering, loss of at least 20 percent of this loss on the basis of control, or annually wash not much in the case if the Security Council through concession, then all the money you can not lose a penny becomes legitimate funds, which of course is a great advantage, but also continue to cooperate until the end of the moment. "No problem. Premise is righteous society can not touch drugs and arms, can not participate seriously affected,Oakley Lifestyle Outlet, xìng extremely bad quality activities. Security Agency can allow, is the current state of righteousness societies, not beyond the traditional trail survival mode state. "" Well - 々. Amy was very happy to do what is righteous societies certainly do not rob banks, setting traps huge financial fraud and the like thing. Fuer listening to Xu Hong, not by moving the heart. If her money in a foreign country can become legitimate funds in domestic personal name, it definitely is a gorgeous thing. "The second requirement, I need a long-term effective" Amy would not finish, the phone's voice had interrupted him with a smile. "I'm ready to give you security bureau as a member of the Special Action Group files, but I can not guarantee how long validity, if one day I'll be gone, or trust my boss is gone, this file will not be canceled commitment. Moreover, in exceptional circumstances, you will need to assist the Security Council in the long-term special tasks. totally doing this while holding a work permit is not possible, the bureau will not be approved during the righteous societies have the responsibility and obligation to assist viability within the reach of social security, including the arrest of wanted criminals fled, surveillance and organizations abroad have serious harm xìng go sī items, etc. did not talk about the room, I give, is the minimum requirements that must be met Even the Savior, it is impossible to hold a work permit but no longer so assume any responsibility and obligation. "required by the other party, and not out of Amy's unexpected. These requirements are, frankly, is also able to accept Chen range. "Special operations group identification with the morning -.." "I know your past, so you can understand the need for cooperation in reaching specific content then you will know that it's the absolute value of the minimum to meet your expectations, you do not have to have doubts., Amy would think that the negotiations representations than expected to a lot of easy one, the other is very straightforward, very fully prepared to do. Indeed Safety Authority can give, of course, is the political aspects of special assistance, it is impossible to let him have the right to marshal the governor when the mayor, it is impossible to meet the expectations of his wealth. "third ......". "It would really make me unexpectedly, please say so. "Love seems the phone's Xu Chen did not think there'll be other requirements." Third,Oakley Oil Rig Online, since the task is fraught with danger xìng, then, must be provided to give me enough strength to protect their shape. Say a total original door martial arts Cheats clever, clever gun tips, special weapons and the like. "" Oh, This is my negligence. As a Warrior, the pursuit of power is understandable. - This requirement can fully satisfy you. However,Coach Bags Outlet, some weapons at the end of cooperation at the same time, must be recovered, if lost, you will bear the corresponding responsibility. "" That first month stunt divine door of the law practice to teach me. "Chen Li Xu situation will probably get some Sanjiaomao things to teach him, and he for the door past the total ignorance of those powerful martial arts, just know I do not know the name of effectiveness of the role. Except the divine, the protoss search sector There is mention about the information.! <

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