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05.06.2013 02:34
originally stood talking in the doorframe antworten

Strong flavor > Ye Feng who comes out of the Wang Wei choking. WWw,Coach Handbags Sale, quaNBen, COm originally stood talking in the doorframe he, being shaken to fly to go out, until it hit the wall stopped. He was attached to the wall and sit down on the floor, we couldn't even stand up. "What man in what?" Ye Feng asked. At the same time, the breathing on his body began to gather, let Wang Weisong relieved. If Ye Feng has been imposing have pressure, I am afraid that Wang Weihuo will not be long before. "The stone park the clock there." Wang Wei gasped. Ye Feng without demur, direct jumped out of the window, quick facing stone park. After Wang Wei see leaf maple leaves, only tremulous stand up. Looking at the open window, Wang Wei sent for a quite while, only to go downstairs. He walked side also took out his mobile phone to call. "To see the play, has to see the play. Qianshou man will surely die. Get the high-powered telescope on the roof." Wang Wei also regardless of he encountered in the corridor, the side run,Air Jordan SC 1 Sale, side of the phone call. To get the phone that people think Wang Wei is it right? J ī ng God is not normal. Wang Wei is certainly not normal, just leaf maple that strong atmosphere has been thoroughly shocked him. Although he had not seen the mind realm of the master, but he has had the privilege of meeting Yun Ling later. Ye Feng let out of breath, not pregnant later able to match the spirit. While the man was just a Yun Ling - late master, even if there is a helper, also may not is the mind realm. Wang Wei to Ye Feng's judgment, this Qianshou man is dead. Even the helper must die in the stone park. So in the end,Air Jordan UK, Wang Weigen what Ye Feng said, that the leaves of maple so angry. It is what makes the person up, said the morning of Ye Feng forced Wang Wei to find Ye Feng? This is all because the Thousand-hand man is doing. It not only disturbed the Wangs, Wang Haicheng greatly small Xiuxian forces, all this is to disturb. "Thousand-hand man said, begins at six o'clock, he will kill ten people. After an hour, killing twenty people. One hour later killed forty people. If after three hours of leaf maple does not appear, he will kill the monks at Haicheng. And a thousand people magic along with two people, they are all killed ten people. And those who have been caught. As long as the time is up, you still don't appear, immediately they will kill." After Wang Wei leaves of maple door open, is said to Ye Feng. It is these words thoroughly incensed the leaf maple. The passage of time. There is a fifteen meters high building stone park, building at the top of a clock. At this point in the clock under the ground, there are three black s è robed monk stood. In their body, with thirty bloody bodies. And behind the three of them, a simple method, dozens of people were shivering squatting on the ground. As long as the above refers to the time clock at seven o'clock, there will be sixty fresh life disappear here. In the park surrounding high-rise buildings top, there are a lot of people are watching

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