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when just still drunk asleep Tang antworten

> Amy read a book in the car when Chen Yuanyuan was shocked to see the photos. wWW, QUANben, cOM Song Yuyang see him staring, drunken laughs. "This is good, good, is a good player! That is played once were, and I have fond memories of it, do not know her real name ......" photo below records the date, a month ago, at the seaside encounter . Song Yuyang drunk staring at the photos of Chen Yuanyuan looked array. "...... I especially want to do things this woman pulled the company, she is a cash cow trees is definitely a cash cow! I counted more than women read it? Saw her was at the beach one time, agonistic, really rushed past crimes impulses have a! you say, this woman if done PR, is not a cash cow? "Amy could not help stared. Song Yuyang, then reminded him deeply. Yes, ah, ah ...... Chen Yuanyuan is a cash cow trees occasion he stared trance, Song Yuyang suddenly one draped over his shoulder, alcohol spray Chen face. "Tang boss ...... want to get married." "Ah?" Amy mind, immediately surfaced that secretary for many years with the Tang boss woman. "Tell him that secretary?" "I mean, Don boss actually want to get married early, he would have had enough of playing a woman, age is not the same, no matter how he even looks like to play, in fact, as early as had enough I observed a long time, he came out to play not to play a woman, just sent alone .. I have leaned over lipped, he was considered unacceptable Bear, so never mentioned. "Song Yuyang said, slammed the Amy shoulder, hand according to the woman's side of the trunk thighs. Toulian leaned Chen Li, the name of the wine belch. "You talk about it with Bear. Bear is now an adult, Chengri not at home, he should also know how to think about the situation of the Tang boss, the boss Don busy business day,Air Jordan 10 Sale, facing the empty house and that was what it's like? in the past there is always at home in Big Bear, now Don boss one, but why have to worry about Big Bear feelings. afraid to put a woman to take home. "This is a problem, there is no possibility of considering Chen said through Bear. "Don Boss The secretary is a good woman! I have a friend, Municipal son doing jewelry business. Even without Tang boss money that far. And the young man, told me about; and handsome, also told me about the same. he was out to dinner with me that day, to see the boss's secretary Don, later told me that understanding. was chasing her for two years, did not even hand holding distracted, it begged to marry three times! Why? Why do you say ? So ...... help persuade Bear. Do not be paranoid. "Amy is quite moving, he told the boss's secretary Don unfamiliar, never seen a few times. But Song Yuyang remarks. Indeed subversion of the original impression. "I try." "The Bear will listen to you should persuade." Amy can only muse 'I hope so ......' front of their car. Tang boss's car. Tang boss on the car, passed out in his secretary lap. Bear saw the woman skilled Hey Don boss drink hangover medicine. And prepared a hot towel to wipe her face boss Don, towels. He felt emotionally unpleasant. "How much?" The Bear grabbed the collar, try to use a tone of contempt, and asked Don boss's secretary - Betty Sun. Sun Li indifferent faint contingent said, "Master, I am not short of money." This woman has never been angry with Bear, always a panic looks like. "...... Oh, yes, it is that you do not just want touched my dad one day can become Ms. Tang? Yes ah, to the time my dad's half of the property is yours, and that was how much money ah Of course, much more than I give. "Betty Sun light natural smile, self-care untie Tang boss shirt buttons, as he wiped the body. "Master would have read my mind,oakley sunglasses store, I thought so." "I can see through, do you think my dad did not understand? Chance you did not succeed! I advise you to think for themselves soon find someone to marry it. this year you are twenty-six, and do not think for themselves, in the future is difficult to marry well - when old! "Sun Li is still faint natural tone and attitude, gas Bear can not wait to strangle her. "Yuandufushu, wealth is not is to fight out of it? Successfully become the Phoenix, failed I think it wants to." Bear speechless and smoking a cigar, deliberately do not open the window, smoke in the car intentionally. He knew that this woman can not stand the taste of a cigar, so he always deliberately choking her in the car. Sure enough, no one will, Betty Sun straight on choking cough, but she did not open the window. Bear sit staring at her. Betty Sun accustomed to his hostile indifference, disapproval endured the choking smell, while coughing, while continuing to Tang boss brush. "You in the end what plans! Ah?" The Bear roaring shout. The driver drove straight to the front wheel missed a bit scared. "Master Just do not say? I figure the money." Bear a hand on his trouser pockets. In their pockets, clenched up a surgery alone, and release, and clenched, and release. He never took out. "The day before yesterday you spend the night at my house? '" Boss fever the night before, for fear asleep at night and repeated it did not go. "Betty Sun for Tang boss dressed, holding Tang Fu boss's head in her lap. She coughed, choking eyes red. "I said, you always so interesting you toss? Not small, approaching Rulangsihu age, a person to sleep every night do not feel lonely? Early married -" The Bear for a deputy tone, sounding Ku Quan. "Thank you, Master concern, I am now too well." "Stop!" Bear called out, the driver not neglect to pull over, Bear of the car, slammed the door heavily rejection 'bang' bang hit on. Driver in the car stiff, until Sun Li said the sound. "Come on." Driver before starting the car. Turned the corner of the car, when just still drunk asleep Tang boss, eyes open, awake. "This child ...... I did not expect the greater the prejudice of your deeper - wronged you." "Nothing, Master does not like me very normal." Sun Li flatly, leaning Tang boss sat. Tang boss touched her skirt under the white thighs, silent for a moment. "Tomorrow with your name, to open a bank account and I will turn three hundred million in the past." Sun Li's face slightly stiff. "You want me to go?" "The Bear on your attitude is his right, but he had little to say yes, you almost full twenty-six years old, told me how long? '" Decade. "" years. told me, in order to not eat the bread of idleness, you self-accounting. reading Yeda, test undergraduate learning English. PubMed ...... Fast forward ten years and I have long Quanguo you should plan for their future in the past you said also Young, do not worry. now the time to consider it? "Tang boss said self-care. Apathy. Sun Li looked at him. Long while, asked the sentence. "Perhaps I also work in the company do?" "You're willing, I certainly would not drive you away I just want you to think for themselves, to find a good home." "I know, and since you do not want to because I troubled at Big Bear pregnant, tomorrow I will not be your woman, just your employees. As for other things do not have to worry about me, if you need not be afraid of Big Bear not be advantageous,Outlet Oakley Fast Jacket, although he hated me, but not to wait for me to die the point. "said Sun Li tone very plain, no trace of expression change. Tang boss gently close your eyes, Kuiranchangtan. "Forgive me of the young and frivolous. Simply vivre, selfish occupied you when I just want to casually nurturing a beautiful woman, if I had known you were such a person, I would never harm you." "I do not blame you, but do not hate you. "cars on the road in the dark speeding. Roadside, Song Yuyang's car stopped. "Song boss go back, I told Bear ride back bent Yuan." Song Yuyang did not pointless polite. Chen Li off, both hands holding the railing to see Big Bear, look dignified. Chen ranging opening, he asked the sentence. "You're a man bent on Yuan's house, it will not feel very empty." "Anyway, do not feel like home." "Me too, Saturday and Sunday only Asha come to live with me, I just do not feel empty . "laughing Chen took the Bear's shoulders. "I did not kind. Since figured out, why not just say that?" The Bear exhaled a long, turned back against the roadside railing, his back looking at the sky. His hands on his trouser pockets, holding a group crumpled surgery alone, and gave Chen Li. This is a ligation surgery alone. "Today, I ask somebody to help Chen Yuanyuan alarm clock went to the hospital to check the files in the past there is no abortion when the man saw this thing, specially called to ask me, this is not my dad around sunli operative time was six years ago. These things My dad does not know. "Amy hears is silence. He felt really misjudge the Sun Li. "She'll install it? For so many years, what nasty vicious words I scolded her, she cried alone, even angry face changed too! I said she was a prostitute bitch, she would faint nod and say , yes, she is a bitch bondage to my dad and I said she was dead for money shameless slut, she nodded and said natural light, yes, she is for my dad's money shameless woman ...... no matter I said she what she is pair attitude - I always asked her, in the end figure what! "Amy fold over the sheet, Bear stuffed back trouser pocket. "He even speaks the truth, you would not believe, and I know you can not believe, so all of your self-righteous altogether admit." "Opinionated ......" The Bear mantra twice, laughing. "...... Really apt ah -" He stared and then was silent. "In fact, I had for my dad thought about it, so for him to play a woman thing, I never cared about my previous thought, anyway, playing outside his woman, not lonely. Past year I feel that is not the case, outside The woman with the family of a woman does not the same. outside woman vacancies only ever meet the physical, but can not meet the spirit of the vacancy. "Bear goes on his trouser pockets and pulled out a single, stared staring. "Tonight I asked her figure what she wanted to say the truth, say, I flew to fulfill her! But she chose not to say." "Neuropathy." Amy snappily rebuke Bear. "Brains burned out? She knows what you thought? She knows you suddenly find her ligation six things? How could suddenly told you the truth." <

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