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Amy face is not red does not antworten

> One hundred and ninetieth chapters focus on the good people will be listening to the inside shore of the dialogue. wwW, QUaNBEN, cOm while the inside of Tsing Yi, in Big Bear finished telling the whole story, the long remained silent. Over the past year, she always felt that she was wrong. Then, wrong is Bear. Today, Big Bear kneeling on the ground, telling her that she was not wrong, is he! Wrong and only him. If it is a year ago, she knew this thing, and my heart will feel better. But now, she is not felt better. Because it does not matter, really no longer valid. Who is right is good, and now that she is not in the past - to the trail "mix" as happy, proud of "female" "mixed" "mixed." Now, she knows to do a more real, more willing to do yourself. "In fact ...... that time, I'm really sorry you had to the fact that guilt, self-blame, but then let me stand up firmly reasons, not because of damage suffered to escape rebirth so choose to use that experience. Instead because, I think, and I took that road, I encountered the kind of damage is caused by the root causes of today, you tell me the truth, I really appreciate, because I think all of this fault, really not in our ,Air Jordan Superfly UK, but that I was the wrong way. "Bear kneeling on the ground, head high, tearfully watched her. Tsing Yi, gently "touch" with his short hair. She is like a sister, and bear-like figure of Big Bear, this time was like a child. "The Bear, I never hated you. Really, because I have loved to love you, then, you again have I truly hope that I refused again and again, but each time rejected, I have With childish, contradictory feelings and I will always be afraid, you are not really like me? How long would you like me? we will not get married ...... such questions because I obviously willing to put their love to you, but also because of the uncertainty and fear ourselves to you. "Bear Listen, remember to love each other once with the Tsing those happy times together, remorse" diplomacy "plus, and hate not time again! "Because no matter what, then, should you hate me and I should not because of an error and mistake again,Jordan 10 Shoes, my thinking is very conservative, and I was always felt, anyway, my first since given Muzi, it can only lifetime when his "female" person, even if know nothing about him, even if it had hoped to give you. "Bear and then could not help but heart guilt, and grief for the past and the tangled, broke down in tears. He kept asking, why, why is it so ...... "So when you then it is time for me I'm sorry your ruthless, but not a bit hate you always feel that they are supposed to repay your . "" Yi! our ...... "The Bear blood on the Bay, desperate longing heart will say the idea. Yi did hold his mouth, smiling, gently shook his head. "The Bear, who was once, it is now, the future is the future, because once considered to be present and the future should be what kind of ideas, it is absurd for me, once I'm not naive, naive," fans "" confusion "ignorance now, maybe I still do not sensible, still naive, still ignorant! However, I do not" fans "" confused. "I know very well what they are, what is wanted, what is the future of desire . "" Yi ...... "The Bear speechless, he felt, than direct reject his words have come led to his despair! "The Bear, you are my first love, so far the only boyfriend and I will never forget you, but I would not love you, love you again can not be our way, really not the same, not the same pursuit of you is not my favorite kind of person you do not want things to heart in the past, I hope you got what they wanted to complete my heart has been eager to realize the dream ...... Goodbye - "Yi waved, smiled, and turned. Turned the moment, her hair fluttering fly. Her dress, slightly floating "swing." Fragrant hair, clothing incense, body fragrance, "mixed" in together. Bear watching. He believed, will never forget the moment Tsing Yi gorgeous, and her sporadic, unique fragrance. At first, he fell in love Tsing Yi, Yi smile turned from that moment begins. Today, they are among the real end, but also turned to smile at the moment. Just today, more than past, more gorgeous, more attractive ...... Tsing Yi in the library "door" mouth of the table, Chen Chong slight bend. "Thank you, thank you once again to help me." "I should thank you for Bear." Shore station opened the library's "door", calm gaze Tsing Yi, gently asked. "If you have come to an end, please allow me to accompany you to leave." "Thank you." Yi move through the library's "door." "Door" closed, the bank had followed the Tsing Yi to go. Amy sighed, corner shelves come to an end, crouched still kneeling on the ground, in front of Big Bear. The latter totally disregard face, painful, remorse "pumping" weep with. "Why, you say, why is this ......" Chen sigh, Youran openings. "Every day people in the world suffer misfortune, accident, robbery, theft, damage, etc. ...... people just being encountered probability selected, regardless of who the misfortune, do not ask why the can, because you are not selected, is selected I then selected another we will not know or do not know who. "Bear Listen," pumping "sobbing cries gradually away, stared, looking at the profile, overlooking the sky outside, one recalling the tragic poet The entry look like Amy. This passage was originally promised for the shore consoled Chen Yi said when. However, Tsing Yi did not need this extra comfort. Therefore, Chen did not say. He put these words, leaving much-needed comfort to Big Bear. Bear an ass Zuodao the ground, backed by the corner, stared watching the monotonous days 'flower' boards. Long time, he finally spoke. "I have paid the price with Tsing Yi, figure it out, that" mixed "egg Muzi also paid a price. Unique yet to pay the price, they should pay the price, only one person - the meaning but misguided, the next" medicine "waiter, his motive is very good, so I decided according to his situation, to give him a sum of money; But his means very perishable, the result also should let him pay, so I want to him a hand! "Bear slowly stood up. "You're not looking for a vent ...... the object of hatred, there is no way to get salvation of people." Amy does not agree with the practice of Big Bear, too impulsive, anger, revenge "sex" nature too obvious. "Yes! I am such a person, even if doing so might be same mistake again even know, meaningless, but if I do not find someone to retaliate, then I will go crazy -! So you do not discourage, dissuade me too will not listen! "Bear resounding vowed! Look indifferent tone "shock" Ang, an unquestionable real man looks like! Amy was not in any mood to appreciate and emotion. He turned around, walks away from in front, from the mouth, floating fly sentences. "I did not intend to persuade you, I just want to remind you that the bat's money, do not forget -" The Bear moment, then, sad to be watered down, followed by the outbreak of a towering rage! "I am the grass! Have your brother do so when? Few money, so you endless when persistently urge ghost! I will rely on your account?" Amy indifference Bouncing hair, without looking for a Bear Library opened a "door." "Good people do not know, let one person's approach is not quickly fade sad consolation, but the thorn" shock "." Bear hesitated, suddenly awakening. Consciously does without just so sad. Regret not help lower the complain. "Forget I was wrong." "Between the brothers care about anything? Restore some of you are feeling fine." Amy finished, and very casual added a sentence. "Yes, I let Liu set the four bats,Nike Air Jordan 11 UK Sale, how to calculate the price?" The Bear's face muscle "meat", veins, with the "pumping" twitch beating. "...... This sentence is also good for me?" "No. You want to take you for a ride feels guilty, you are willing to when?" Amy face is not red does not jump spitting smoke, laugh damn ...... He laughed very hateful. Happens when Bear willingly taken advantage of this, and when more readily. "All the money on me! One two, this being taken advantage of me when I am willing to accept this, because my conscience is very valuable!" "Today, I like to have a conscience, but conscience worthless person." Amy whistling contentedly next to the first floor. Then see, hold the phone, hold the arm "chest" before his cold stare Xu Hong. "Mr. Chen Li, you seem to forget today at noon to go to your house for dinner thing, are you going to let your family and so how long?" Amy Anjiao the sound bad, pick up the phone to see when found, did not know when electricity. He ran a pulling Xu Hong, hurried busy on a motorcycle, the winds flying school "door." Chen Xu Hong bother to say, all the way to silence in the back seat, holding him, enjoying the head in the sun - in the hot road, automobile exhaust speeding 'so-called fun' ...... when you go upstairs, red out A pair of rings, a necklace. "I am ready for these gifts okay? Should not be too shabby, right?" Amy asked Xu Hong took the jewelry of the invoice, after reading, callous. "The one percent by Nett said." "Why?" "Miss Xu Hong, my family always thought that I work in a small company, although more and more money, but so far the average monthly income of only eight Wan You get more than three hundred thousand of jewelry not let my family restless you? "" tenth also almost. more than three thousand pieces of jewels you can buy? "Xu Hong, did not know that is true, it would have also worried about a gift too light. "You make so much money for the family so stingy?" "Just a sophomore student, tell them I'm a monthly income of sixty million? Thought scared them? Also not doubt in my drug trafficking ah!" Amy did not good gas ask, let Xu Hong straight to his eyes. "Can not be used to make money, earn doing? Come put your dirty money clean okay? If you do not know, I can teach you that can help you." * <

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