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> Red Do not face looking out the window, go along with the crowd like, gently smiling. WWw. qUanBen. COm (updated latest chapter book) "This guy really have a handle Helenians, not three months, it is expected a positive father ... these days to see some change in his attitude,Air Jordan 11 UK, expect to leave so that he is AVENT very lonely emptiness , add a little dose give him some color sè, even for long-term cooperation partner is also worth ... when deep can be a lot of rich handsome, wonderful life Yeah, seeing waving it in front of me, who is worthy of the promises of the dark horse does ...... "Chen silent reading red mind, secretly sneer. "You have to se it, it narcissism, self-righteous or how long it will know how powerful their wrong! Calculations in front of me playing play performances, you're down eight life moldy" Alarm Zi frequently steal attention in red xiōng Department The tall, slender and her skirt down, white nèn of tuǐ. Every time he did not dare to stare too long, lest they be found Amy. He secretly envious jealousy, and hate not his own Chen. One after another, all coveted beauty. AVENT things already spread. After taking a dip in her alarm clock that Chen Li, the original heart of the resentment is gone. His only complaint was originally hoping to Yee on, and it was him. Results, and finally put on the AVENT, but it is Chen. Car stopped in the deep Dali. Amy got out of them, many exchange students immediately become the focus of attention. Bear Wear pairs of sunglasses, the sun shining, his first line of a brand, but also show distinct superiority lining. TRIUMPH stature, leaving many people looked terrified. In contrast, alarm clock, it is very tacky. This guy, even with a thick gold necklace of thumb, fingers on the sets of three diamond rings, ear studded with three small diamond earrings. Wang said in the car, waiting to see what time the alarm was earrings ear ripped off a piece of meat down! Originally this tacky enough, the alarm happens also left tucked root Cuban cigars, right hand holding the fear that others do not see the V8088 phone. Alarm arrogance, looked after those men and women concerned about their. "Oh, there is a lot of beautiful women!" Bear in the alarm clock and the full enjoyment of being concerned about the superiority when sè a red sports car, into the school, open to Big Bear Mercedes ago when sideways stopped, then , the person driving, side head glanced Bear car, smiled, and then reversing, Mercedes parked in Big Bear right, stop the others concern of sight. "Grass ......" The Bear is very angry. "Paralysis, Ferrari amazing ah!" Alarm see a sign that car when the sentence could not help but curse blanket, can not wait to buy a car drove up to mention. Sè Ferrari red door open, come out one, tall, thin, handsome young man. Short hair, the face, the word goes national, long eyelashes under the bright big eyes, casual, passing Amy their disapproval, the last in a red body, briefly looked at two seconds, fixed in red in the face. He lù a brilliant smile, a friendly gesture. And red, but keeping the original faint smile, not a special response. The man nodded and turned to leave before the eyes of the second passing Amy. He stood between the red and Chen Li distance, determine their relationship particularly close. "Amy, this is too Diao hair pulled! Gaosi him!" Alarm uneven swore angrily turned away, and then he found that Chen had gone. "Hey! That guy seduce your woman ah!" "First, she is not my woman: a second, I have something finished reports go, no time to waste time here." Amy said, very impatient to say " interesting? with these students naughty, you really think of myself as a student ah? "Alarm did not uninteresting words. Wang not want the alarm to be reprimanded too embarrassing, to smooth things over chimed in, "Hey, have you been doing? For several days but no one, until now did not meet with a few words, also for Li Li and AVENT things bother?" The Bear It Jack could not help but ask when the sentence "Really, what have you been doing?" Alarm suddenly frequently people with close ties to the white trail, the bureau, the bureau: This hospital, the hospital! Meet all of which are official. Although the alarm clock that recognize the child accidentally hit the jackpot, deputy director of the bureau, and because the bureau's deputy director met a lot of white people who trail. But this argument Bear skeptical. Chen and do not know what the busy, many days without lù surface. This can not let Bear suspicion, alarm clock suddenly knew Bai Daoguan member, will not be doing things behind Amy. "Alarm hit the jackpot met Land Bureau, I help RBI relations." Amy finished, reluctantly smiled and said, "You know this man's alarm clock, hit the jackpot met Deputy Secretary of Homeland on triumphantly, pull on the day. Where will think how the use of resources of people get to know more White Road? he can not think to do this, but I have to think, not just busy these last slightly. Societies if so knit up a white road network of relationships, worry not last long foothold. "Bear drying natural laugh, turned Chong Hong said," Xu Hong, ah, this man is now very anxious, to calm him the great task by a man will not work, because he engage in group,Coach Outlet Sale, so this great task is given to you the "Bear greeting on the alarm clock and Wang, his trio go first. See Chen Li Hung anxious fast pace, could not help a sigh, catch him shouting saying "how recently become so anxious." Amy Ha laugh sound, then hang a smile, asked, "do I have anxiety? Anxiety? Me such a sunny skies leisurely attitude as dàng clouds floating like a person, you say that I am anxious? "red sun and then chuckled, raising his hand struck a wisp of wind in hair. "Recently efficiency, but also let you discover how many officials are vested in the political arena, several major forces hand, this fact makes you realize that it is difficult to braid big enough, wide enough, close enough. Official big a people crushed to death on the officialdom to understand more, so you better not sure of the future. implement control wins shock city officials are so difficult, let alone out of the city, out of the province, rushed to Taipei it? '"line , and considerate Xu Hong beauty, if you really want the nose is busy, then you collect more and more useful information officer. "Xu Hong, Chen not interested in talking with their minds mood chat chat experience. XU Hong heart because he knows very well, just put him as mutual advantage, long-term cooperation partner. The initial bad impression to red, and almost murdered things, made him completely lost patience to red perfunctory. Especially in recent feelings of anxiety, his feelings are not even loaded. Hate you feel bad temper special man what? Good afternoon, my temper, but limited. "Xu Hong, Chen recently on the attitude she felt very dissatisfied, it seems to be a man tired of losing patience continue to chase a woman when some performance. Chen Li in the mind reader, the clearly see that at the moment the red brain ō ō law suddenly move some disorder that. "..............., is it really with emotions? , Amy these days, many observers conducted to red, red attitude is very stable, so her emotions ō move is not large. So far, for his attitude and commit emotional situation, count only twice today. But again, even if Chen how gallant, just pretend perfunctory red, nor very real pleasure to enjoy too. Thus, Chen observed very limited harvest. Found in the red at the moment with her brain ō mood changes, he certainly would not miss the opportunity. So Peizhuoxiaolian of saying good obedient, one coax her tone said, "I was too anxious mood lately, so busy you do not mind, I must redouble compensate the wronged by you these days I'm so hard, order is not what our future? you this woman, we like the powerful and wealthy man, wants you to willingly from me, of course, have this aspect breakthrough. "Red really good mood a little. Meanwhile, she's brain ō ō move followed the law also returned to normal. Even slightly further than the usual volume increase in terms of the phenomenon. This change allows Amy a very pleasant surprise. "It seems indeed with emotions, emotions better when the brain ō volume will increase, on the contrary tightened disorder that violent ......" first listen to it, "Red smiled, mind and quick care." This is what people, yīn sunny uncertain, and he likes Guiche did not know he really Naju Naju loaded! False to Yan sè are tiring ..............., I really do not know how he is a son of this xìng catch AVENT ......, Chen found that reported actually nothing else to do, he is not in boarding school, there is no need for continued Hao Zhao. Chen out of the school, is seen on a bike red sè red Ferrari sports car. "Homo habilis, ah, so fast just like this idiot to catch the line ......, completed their mouth stopped a taxi, it is very coincidentally saw the other car in the heart of Xu and Zhao Pan. Xu heart saw him, pretended to do seriousness of his face straight ahead, she looks like an iceberg, but so did not intend to bother him Chen changed his mind. So, Amy specializes went to her with a smile said hello, "YY, did not think you also go so early. "YY Toulian continue to swing toward the right side of thirty degrees, making it explicit that do not want to care for him. Chen Li venue and continue to face she said," After all, we have had "" Shut up! "Unequal Chen went on, Xu has been silent heart does not go scold. Only, ........., had experienced adversity friendship, and will not so cold, right?" Amy continued unhurried finish this sentence . Xu heart knew he was deliberate, willful say prattle stop for a while, let her think that he's talking about to be outspoken, that night in her home thing. "Columbia Road, you can not" rogue Chen Xu heart can not stand, is preparing to speak some hard to listen when Amy suddenly raising his hand, waving, decisive crisp said "Goodbye!" Xu heart, then, that he did not go on. "That bastard! Messing with you!" Zhao Pan an angry tone. "When have not seen him, too lazy for such people to sabotage mood." Xu heart vomit. Depressing the gas. Red sè Ferrari,Nike Jordan After Game UK, from the roadside, from in front of them, neither fast nor slow to open in the past. Zhao Pan saw this car, think of her college not a good car tragedy, and my heart is very Wohuo, so the hope on the instigation of Xu heart. ! . <

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