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the characteristics of antworten

> Avent certainly not a depressed person, otherwise she would not come today. wWW. QUanbeN. Com starting  So, her heart, very much agree with Chen's remarks. She picked up a set of clothes, went to the bathroom to change. Chen Li Li Li left to clean up the clothes, thinking about the past. "It's like, really like the look of love, it is the reality can be manipulated, can not grasp what it is not mysterious mystery of existence ......, Amy knew AVENT has been his series of planned performance impressed from the start right He doubts into his guard, and then into a new understanding of him until now, AVENT him, already has a very special favor. thought he was one of the feelings seriously, kind, loving not obsessed by money, positive, mature, thoughtful man. a woman if a man feel so much better understanding, then distance is captured hearts and minds, but also how far gone. AVENT change Li Li on clothes, very similar statue, originally their height, figure very close to her also the dress wet wash. "dehydration with washing machine can do? "Sorry Amy shook his head." She has been hand dry, dormitories, it would fit a washing machine. "AVENT the wet underwear ku and skirts drying outside the hostel, came in, helped Chen Li Li Li clothes to pack." She really great, have a good background, but also to the pursuit of noble ideals, stand diametrically different living conditions. "Amy has a calm, recalling the tone of Li Li pretending arbitrary rate of Syrian intelligence, he remembered, love the Raiders before, people are very easy to put yourself into the likes, longing to enjoy those stories, and would be particularly easy to put yourself into the protagonist in the story, so some women talk about once beautiful, touching love stories that will make it easy for some women subconsciously think of myself as the heroine of the story, will not perception among , the story of the actor produces special feelings. Chen Yee based on understanding, suggesting that this move will be very effective for her. AVENT past heart without being completely opened, because her heart was blockaded her vigilant, not to try to open people have the opportunity to close, there is plenty of time, however, Chen's intention to Avent without loss of consciousness between vigilance, but also in non-perception, the blockade was opened heart. gradually put bright color day time. AVENT already brought to the role of Li Li, in my heart, as she is experiencing a lot of Li Li, Chen fell in love with the story of Amy sat beside her, pointing to the clock on the wall. "to the airport, we hugged and sitting together and looking at the table, watching the seconds passed before breaking up last minute ......" Chen's hand, resting on the AVENT waist, The latter looked at the wall clock, imagine the prevailing mood Li Li, Chen Li prevailing mood, as well as their look, oblivious to her waist Chen had to catch the clutches ...... only, ........., she , after twelve, forget her, ............... "Yee Chen's arm encircling the waist. The latter are still not aware of, but looked to one side, staring at close proximity, Chen's eyes, subconsciously, eagerly questioning "What ever forget it?" "Forget I put her deep seal Cangzaixinli , will bring this once vowed to love life seriously, seriously cherished future love. Mou such as "Yee mood very unusual,Air Jordan Flight The Power UK Sale, she felt very nervous, very ji moving, and very unexpected. Amy looked into her eyes and gently asked the sentence "may, gently, kissed the do ..." as if to ask, but when asked, he has a little bit nearer AVENT. Threatens to kiss when the AVENT one against his chest, scared and nervous to stop him close. At this moment, she realized that her waist, Chen has long been holding up. "Only just romance, think of me as her substitute, right? We just have a little understanding of each other, it is impossible to become, becoming, becoming the kind of relationship ... " I had, I would be very careful treat future life, will not forget the past, it will not wallow in the past. No one can replace each other, especially one from the inside from the outside are so beautiful and sacred "Amy was, suddenly Coushang before AVENT snout, but only a brief touch, he was Avent force of the push, he did not continue to try to close, as it has had enough. continue anxious but will be counterproductive. AVENT some confusion in his arms, watching Chen Li,Oakley Juliet Outlet, Chen did not dare look at her fretting , the moment there is no way to clear your mind. "I think we should calm down ......" She was so, but in fact she has been impossible to calm her by the waist holding Amy, I do not know how long hug, and then she by Amy kissed the most important thing is that she did not therefore anger, or disgust that this should not happen, intimate contact, not even suspect Chen Li for her attitude and think Amy frivolous. Chen Li knew it , the characteristics of human nature is that even identical facts, because trust a person does not believe anyone, or because of a person to understand and do not understand, it will produce different thinking and cognitive perspective, perspective and different conclusions, even can be completely contradictory! AVENT have believed Amy's attitude to feelings, so now he can not go bad like this began to be afraid to let her continue to stay, in this room. Chen Li at this time, opening "If you're not sleepy, I would like to drink tea, then, would like to bring a place, I think, should be like. "Yee unnatural smile, still afraid to face Amy's eyes, she terribly upset that she could not just friends with Amy, but dared not tell him so beyond pure friendship relationship she had feelings of things there is no way to treat a real calm, cool appearance, no feelings only perfunctory and camouflage. "is good. "She is now just think, just leave this unsettling, not knowing what will happen beyond the control status of the house, on the line! Riding motorcycle, AVENT hesitation, hesitated for a moment, only to cling to Chen Li waist. Chen went carrying her morning tea. Chen to five hundred tea,Jordan 7 Shoes, tea Biluochun dissipate into the atmosphere when the smell makes him very much. AVENT feel fragrant, but her heart was found in drinking-star hotel Tea is really asking too much. AVENT access to high consumption places a lot, but never someone else please take the time to go, and she usually carried Shoudexia brother who never extravagant spending. every city are cheap to rent house, eating mostly do it yourself, do not empty when the maximum is at the cheaper hotels along AVENT those who are born poor, most of them still being AVENT relief had children. they believe AVENT ideal, and therefore desperate to follow this road though to put them all into a ruthless "warrior" but there is no contamination of their heart. extravagant spending, can help a difficult child, this understanding is rooted in their hearts <

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